Malaysians, Registration Required to Sell Stuff Online!

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

MALAYSIA: Do you know that you need to register your online business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)? There are 400 online businessmen who have been charged in court for not registering their business.

…they were charged under Section 12 (1) (a) of the Registration of Businesses Act 1956 (Amendment 2001) which carries a fine of up to RM50,000 or imprisonment not exceeding two years.

[via TheStar]

While I understand that every business has to be registered, I still felt surprised to read the news. There are so many online-seller-wannabes around us. They made a simple site on free hosting (, for example), post a few product photos and, that’s it! They have a so-called “e-commerce” site!

In this case, all of those part-time-online-sellers are required to register to SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) to avoid getting charged.

What do you think about the news? Do you have friend(s) who sell stuff online but yet to register their “business”? Would you warn them after reading this news?

P.S. The SSM website is so Web 0.5.

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  • They must have been making a good sum of money which may have had raised suspicion of their accounts. Which you’ve brought up a valid point as well, because then shouldn’t the government be fair and penalize everyone in Malaysia who has created a blogshop or even, sell on Facebook.

  • Justme

    How about those selling using Ebay, Mudah and Garage section on forum?

  • Izzat Zainol

    Easy la. Just register and you have nothing to worry about. Unless you sell black market stuff :p

  • feicipet

    I suppose those who sell stuff on eBay are included as well?

  • Jerrylee

    I have checked with SSM, and those who got caught was dealing with millions or hundred thousands revenue per year, who did not registered with SSM, for example, gaming industry, online TVs industries etc etc.

    However, one of the guys who work in SSM told us, there is no enforcement to part-time sellers yet, but it is still a NEED to register with SSM based on law.

    There are few inquiries sent to Trosworld and we are helping those who really concern about this issue.

    More genuine and serious sellers. Phasing out the scammers.

    Registration cost is about RM600. 🙁 Who can afford?? Even for a starting online seller who wish to test market online also have to pay!

    • Malaysian

      SSM doesn’t provide value to those register with them – I’m refering to marketers selling online.

      Only if SSM issue certificate to authenticate the identity of geniune seller, only then SSM has created value to encourage people to register with them. Otherwise what value is SSM giving in return for the RM600 – for nothing? 🙁

  • But what draw the lines between so called part-time sellers and those full time sellers? Only those who earn big bucks should be caught? The system could still be manipulated, maybe the same people using different names(within family or friends) to sell products so they can go “undetected” by having not that much profit.

  • Just register using your own name if you think RM60 is high

  • Civic EG

    I don’t mind registering a company for my small online business.

    But can the SSM make things easier AND clearer ?

    Tell me in plain English or Malay of what’s needed, which one is suitable for me and what reports I have to send them at the end of the year.

    People who work online are used to easy registration. We learn that things should be made as clear as possible. And information are laid out in plain language.

    But it seems to me that things on our government sites are made to be as useless as possible to the public.

    For example, most government sites show you their news on the front page. Hey! I don’t care about an opening ceremony officiated by the Prime Minister, just tell me where can I download that goddamn form in your website.


  • for those selling thru eBay, lelong, forum, blogshop, etc, how to SSM know the activities?

  • Is the registration with SSM RM60 or RM600? I supposed if we register as a sole proprietor, the amount should be much lower!

  • Ivy

    I thought Sole proprietor is few bucks only? How come I saw got RM 60 and RM 600? >.<

  • Jerrylee

    I just clarified with Trosworld, they are providing services for those who has no time to register personally at SSM. They only charge fees of RM350 inclusive of the SSM yearly charges of RM60/year.

    If we have time and the know-how, we can go to SSM to register personally.

  • Jobs Forestry

    Thanks for showing such a lovely and meaningful information for those selling thru eBay, lelong, forum, blogshop, etc, how to SSM know the activities?

    • Simply via the payment made….

  • Jerrylee

    They will do random checking, for how they check whether we are SSM Certified or not, we will not know.

  • Maybe they have good set of IT expert to filter the online sellers. t is quite hard but they just did.

  • I wonder if this applies to blogs or forums that want to sell blog/forum related merchandise eg tshirts, stickers, etc. Does anybody know?