Malaysian Blog Sold for USD$10,000

How much would you sell your blog for? A Malaysian blogger, Bob Jiwakacau, sold his 5 months old but good rankings blog “blog oh blog” for USD$10,000.

Blog Oh! Blog sold for USD$10,000

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How good is the blog?

Blog Oh Blog is young (5 month old) and do not have high traffic (1000+ visitors/day), but it received good rankings such as PageRank 6, Technorati No.44, and Alexa 35,331.

How did the blog ranked so high?

One of the main reasons is because the blog received many incoming links from other blogs. Bob created some popular free WordPress themes. Every blog that uses his theme will link to his blog in the theme footer.

My two cents

It is not easy to have a blog in Technorati Top 50. Bob did that by offering free high quality WordPress themes. He has received the fruit of his hard work now. However, I think USD10,000 for the blog is under priced.

According to Bob, the main reason of blog selling is commitment to his work, and he cannot write in English well. That’s too bad. He probably can sell the blog for a lot more at its 1-year old milestone.

How much would you sell your blog for?

[hat tip: Inside My Frontal Lobe]

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  • what a waste, he could have made more than USD10,000 per year from adsense alone and subsequently more every year.

  • Andrew Ooi

    Yeah. But it’s a good example. If you are a web designer.. just throw in some effort to get up some cool wordpress theme and you have a money maker !!

  • Hm.. Good example for a successful designer.. But, what a waste?

  • Tim

    It’s really a good idea to boost our blog popularity by design free quality wordpress themes.
    But might take longer for me, because design is not my profession πŸ™‚

    –blog for dream–

  • Well, i sold my blogspot blog for RM200. heh not a lot but not bad for a blogspot blog. heh

  • Wow.. USD10,000 for 5 months work! For me I think it is a very good beginning. Its around 2K/month.. not bad.. convert to RM.. around RM6XXX/month. it is more than what a manager can claim to earn every month.

    Good Job for Bob! Anyway.. where he sell out his blog? I mean the promotion part? Thru website or personal?

  • Fahmishah

    if he monetize his blog and friendly SEO i’m sure he will get more than that

  • wow not bad. USD10000 is enough to finance my wedding dinner this dec….sigh

  • Edward Khoo

    USD$10,000 is definitely underrated, if he wait for 6-12 months later I am sure the price will be double

  • Hi Colbert,

    So nice! Congratulations!
    Next month is my wedding to!! hehe!

    If the $10,000 can go into my pocket.. wow! what a fat ang pow!

  • kucau

    thanks for the mention liew. well, personally i believe bob didnt wait longer becoz he couldn’t maintain the blog anymore. beside that, he has another blogs/sites to run , im sure he will sell those sites when the ranking is good.

  • kss

    it is a good site which i wish i could afford to buy. i hope the new owner will update it regularly as the themes are great!

  • Neo

    Liewcf, how much you want to sell yours?

  • english not good is just a minor problem, as long understandable and 1 more important is need to have good content.

    If the grammer not good, don write too much, more picture will do, “PICTURE WORTH THOUSAND WORD”,

    my english not good too, so i rather put more picture for my reader, more easy to understand

  • Yeah I saw the website – I think he priced is a little low lar I think he can get another $5k on top of $10k

    But it’s incredible – his blog is a pr6 blog. I think you can get alot more cash for PR6..

    Probably he just needs the cash..

  • USD$10,000??
    wah awesome….
    someday i can do it so….
    i believe…n_N someday…haha

  • That’s pretty low. The blog rank high in search engine for “wordpress theme”

  • dang..maybe i can make more..hahaha, but true releasing wp themes is a good way to rank high in Technorati πŸ˜‰

  • maybe bob is planning another world domination. even the price is a little bit underrated, that is quite an achievement. still, making EXCELLENT themes seems a good way in boosting someones blog rank, especially Technorati. Put your link inside the themes and watch the rank shoots up.

  • dicky

    Wow, USD10,000. I doubt how his technorati rank so high? how he can get such ranking between 6 months? A lot of things have to learn…….

  • $10,000 is not a good price for a blog with very big potentials because there are so many one-way in-bound links from blogs using BOBÒ€ℒs free WP templates.

    Early this year I sold for a good price. Attractive prices are being offered for and (both bought from auctions) but I donÒ€ℒt think I want to sell them since the domains themselves by the nature of their popular names for online dating and Adsense are getting good traffic without any SEO stuffs at all.

  • i also would like to thanks to BOB because of his template. i also use his template at my money making blog.

    my English is not good also BOB… it takes time to fluent English….

  • eventhough it’s underpriced, still 10 grand in USD is not a small amount..

  • Congratulation to Bob The site owner , its very good idea to gain popularity fast :). I salute you

  • @dicky:

    It’s very possible to climb technorati rank even in 1 month.

  • his idea is great…

  • it’s just awesome work!

    i’m sure more folks will start to give a shot on producing templates…

  • his English is not very good? are u sure?

  • Friedbeef

    good job by him… 10k USD is a lot of cash πŸ™‚

  • fazlee

    still cant believe it… 5 month? well done…

  • Yea the blog costs as much as a Kancil. It’s amazing how one’s digital “residue” could be value as much by those who understand its value.

    Anyhow, it’s strange the blog doesn’t show up in the offcial Technorati top 100 list.

  • At 1220 today I googled “” and observed “8,580 linking to“.
    I visit some of them to see their page source you would see “Designed by Blog Oh Blog
    I’m selling many WP Templates at and observed the templates having many hidden links to the websites belonging to the makers of those templates. A very bad thing to do. So stay away from free and paid WP templates. Still a good buy if you care to look for those hidden links and remove them provided no copyright issue is involved.

  • Andrew Ooi

    What’s wrong with having a link back to the creators of the theme?

    Nothing malicious there.

  • bob

    Hola! thank you all πŸ™‚ $10K? not much la.. lol.. who want the tips to get high rank? just email me.. πŸ™‚ Bob

  • bob

    @gaman – yes, my BOB not in list for top100. (technorati) why? Technorati is supposed to only count links from blog posts content and not from credit links πŸ™‚

    Please check this πŸ™‚

    The best WordPress Themes blog is Small Potato

    The API all same, but technorati had ways to split the TOP100. Technorati top 100 list is a quality blog. All of them not come from credit links but from post links πŸ™‚ So here i’m not proud of my Technorati rank at 44 when it sold. πŸ™‚ But i’m proud coz many people using my WordPress Themes. It boost without 5 month πŸ™‚ Cool bukan? lol


  • Overclock

    First time i heard the blog selling for 10K i think its very waste..But after i think again its one of good long term investment..

    My prediction the new owner can recover his 10K around 8 month from now.. Its only if the new owner have good plan..

    The blog has a good traffic & reader.. IMO its no problem to earn more than 1K a month.

    Anyway congrats to blogohblog because got a new great webmaster..

  • Wow. I know Bob. He has a good deal. Congrat for him.

  • Blogging is a tough way to make money online – the reason why I don’t do much blogging except for linking purposes

    An article “Google Goes after the Everyday Blogger” written by PayPerPost’s CEO Ted Murphy reinforces my view.

    To read it click

  • adyy


    it seem like my favorite wordpress theme blog already went out from malaysian hand… ermm…

    bob, you should hold the blog more longer…
    longer = more money
    just my 2 cents πŸ˜›

    anyway, congrats… πŸ™‚

  • I think he done a good job in a short 5 month with such result. But, selling with that price is too low. he actually can invite people who know english to blog at his site

  • So sad, he can hav partner to do all the writting or blogging. while bob just maintained n do more free theme..

    anyway, since bob can do, i bet he can come up another new blog, with same concept perhaps ?

  • His themes are quite good.