Mermaid found in Malaysia?

Mermaid found in Teluk Pahang, Malaysia?

Mermaid found in Malaysia?
The UGLY mermaid.

In the news (google translated version) [Thanks, Alan Goh]

Update: Opps! I forgot to include to link to more mermaid pics.

More information:

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  • That surely is one ugly mermaid.. lol .. X(

  • it’s fake lah

  • aMer

    Doesnt matter la, ugly or cantik..Is that really a mermaid??!! lol..Someone must be pulling our legs..Hmm..Now im confused..What the heck is that creature? Could it be another type of alien..? Yea who knows..amphibious alien!

  • yoke

    like to think it’s possible but cannot understand why no maggots and flies
    swarming around the dead mermaid.

  • tariq

    very scary…..:x

  • photoshopped :P

  • A friend of mine noted that the camera watermark in the bottom right corner of each photo is similar to the ones found on ebay. Perhaps someone who is better at looking for stuff on ebay can get to the bottom of this. ;)

    Whoever made it did a nice piece of work!

  • yup…so the fisherman in pahang wants to sell the mermaid at ebay?

    anyway it looks like an mermaid of devil

  • pinolobu

    this is one for the cryptozoologists.

    i didnt see this in any mainstream newspapers in malaysia.

    but on 10th july 2006, another mermaid made the news in The Star:

    after the bigfoot fiasco, i am inclined to think this is yet another fake.

    unmuseum has a galleryful of FAKE animals including mermaids.

  • well,i don’t know if this is true,or not,but al i can say is taht i have to see it
    alive to believe it,otherwise,i think is just another “fiasco”,just like the chupa cabra and bigfoot,etc……..

  • pinolobu

    confirmed fake – it was an item sold on ebay *before* it was reportedly seen in Malaysian waters. On Ebay, the place mentioned was Florida.

  • Heyy…Never found this one on Digg!!

  • dee

    saw this same photo on was said that this so call mermaid was found in haiti.

  • Al

    How many of these were seen? It must be fake. I heard it was found on land in Haiti.

  • dz

    i think it mus b tru coz there iz not marks of being made by a person

  • Yoshi

    Hey, I think this is so cool. I have done studies on the ocean and have discovered that in myth mermaids were made to protect the ocean. They were not meant to be beautiful or handsome. They were made in fact that if any sailor were to trespass their domain the mermaids would lure them to their lier to be killed, so that the sailors could not get back to land and tell of their secrets. If any sailor escaped to tell the tale no one would believe him and consider him insane. I believe in the inevitable and that we really don’t know what is out there unless we go and find out for ourselves. If it is real I would love to know more about it, however if it is fake then it would be the closest thing to the truth of what mythical mermaids looked like. Awesome



  • I believe it’s real!!! I was born in Haiti but left at a very early age so I have not got the chance to actually see one in person. I remember my parents telling my other siblings and I stories (trust me they were not pleasant stories) about mermaids and voodoo priests and how their friends got to see mermaids or met a person that died that was brought back to life. Also, if you ask any haitian that was actually born in Haiti and lived there long enough, they will all tell you “Pa jan’m soti deyo a swe”, means don’t ever go outside at night. Scary, huh? My point is who has time on their hands to be making up stories and I speak for my people in Haiti. And for everyone that think it’s fake, how about going to Haiti yourself, camp by the ocean by YOURSELF, no damn cameras, no damn videotapes, and watch out to see if you see a mermaid. When you do see one you can think twice about what you believe and don’t belive BUT that’s if you make it through the night without them “so called fake” mermaids keeping you hostage. Ya ppl just urk my nerves! If only it happened to you, you’ll realize how dumb you’ll feel!

    • orchestratedchaos

      sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but its done by a taxidermist, and its not the only one. he does them out of animal bones and skin, and there are other oddities he does as an art form. its really cool still even though its fake.

  • Denys Ruiz

    wat the hell is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Total fake. Why would an highly adapted aquatic animal have a nasal passage??? or for that matter such a non aquatic shaped head. Eyes should be on the side of the face not on the front. All aquatic animals have vision that evolved based on the side of the head this is a rule becuase they can see all around for predators. And the tail fin????? all wrong. it would have to be a vertical tail fin not horizontal. I think whoever made this puppet needed to do more research on marine biology. meh. Ive seen 3 year olds make clay monsters more convincing that this one.

  • Mark James

    i think its not true it could be made by an artist,and its obviusly not real because they say that the mermaid is found in othyer country i’d search the internet then i found that picture too and said that it is found in philipines,switserlan,africa etc..

  • Mark James

    i believe in mermaids but think,why would a merman be in that shore and does that mermaid have nostril?? look at it’s skin it looks like a rubber not a fresh scaly fish thing observe the picture.

  • pinolobu

    I can’t believe this is still attracting comments. I mentioned months ago that this has been confirmed to be fake.

  • DJ_Alert

    2 things…..true and not.
    i think is true because haitien really does do freaky voodoo stuff there.
    i met many haitiens and i still do..and they are tellein me that these things really exist,(bringin dead ppl back to life but they wont be the same as they where before they died ,lots of black magic,and turning ppl in too animals.but MERMAID, damn they gettin better and better every time…
    and second i dont think its true because the media did’nt react to this artical… so its totaly fake.

  • Asa Macfee

    well i don’t really know what to say about this.. I always wanted to believe that Mermaids were real but there wasn’t really any proof. I think this picture here his a Fake but I do believe they exsist somewere.

  • Jeremy

    I think its fake…and if mermaids are real..they better look like freaken Darryl Hannah in Splash or Ariel…not like that ugly lookinh thing.

  • wat duh hell?!

  • Samantha

    O gawd r u serious!?!? Somebody has been watching like the “secret” version of The Little Mermaid! O gawd, Im gonna go kill myself now…o gawd!

  • kaluhjausrasogigi

    its fake its fake i tell u dont belive this okay this is jdksjfejrwernidjnmdfjsjjaaaa okay dont belive it this i repeat this is hdhshahhahhhhaaaagagigiiiiiiiiijdkshaduiaskaaa

  • Illusion

    OMG How sutpid can you get this is sooo *censored* fake you can even see where the fish used for the tail was cut open!!!!! Oh and Yoshi if u had done a true study of ocean creatures you would realize that all marine biologists agree that ths is sooo fake it was made by a fan of the celebrated taxidermy artist Juan Cabana!!!! i also think that Verco is right look at how other fish and marine mamals are shaped the head is not streamlined enough

  • luap

    karut habis


    This is a creature made by an Ebay seller named SEAMYSTERY. This creature is made from Real bones & Real skin. I remember him selling this item on Ebay about a year ago. He is on my favorite sellers list and I check on his items periodically. He always has some pretty cool handmade creatures on there & right now he has a mummy on there (buy it now $900). For those of you who say it looks fake, if you see some closeups, you will eat your words

    BEWARE OF PAPA SHANGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • is this a real photo ?

  • freak a zoid

    It is fake, fake and fake.

  • freak a zoid

    I always wanted to see mermaids and if this true, I thank the Almighty father and the person who made it possible for me to see. I dont care how beutiful or ugly as long as it exist. But if is not true damn the person who is trying to be GOD. Pathetic.

  • john

    is that mermaid real?

  • Atalie Belluzzi

    This mermaid is freaken scary.I wonder how it died?its also disgusting.

  • phytree

    i’m so suprised!!!!but i believe it’s real,,but that mermaid is so ugly
    if i see at the television like Little Mermaid movie mermaid is beautiful,,,i believe that’s real,,,,

  • Vanessa

    i think it’s a mutated fish!!! (Joking)

  • santosh kumar

    God’s creation is great man could not invent many more still. I would like to know what researchers explanation in this, so far they did not concentrated?
    I read stories in my childwood. I really want to see it, if it is true it should preserve.

  • Indika

    No felas! Can’t beleive this! I have a strong feeling that this is a fake one!

  • shemz

    well… for starters… thats one butt ugly thing. second of all. mermaids dont look like aliens. i hope mermaids are real because 2 be honest. i think there is. think about it. who made up the myth mermaids? they must have seen 1 to know what it looks lyk. and if they did make it up. how the f*** did it get around all over the world and still be known today. mermaids HAVE to be real. but this one is a total fake… even a 2 year old wouldn’t be convinced. the artist who tried to design this sucks and needs to find the REAL THING. another thing. how did it die. if it was attacked where are the marks? if they’re so secretive what killed it? and if they’ve been known for billions of years. they’re still out there and that one above doesnt look very old to die of old age. honestly… they am real but this artist is one dumb f**ker.

  • Dj Gothika

    I think an alien came on earth and raped a fish……i think it may be the same thing which happend in the Us..the found a Baby Dragon..and discovered it was fake long after. ..But if it’s true then alle my excuses for those who believes.Nature is not an exact science..we have been doing mistakes and misunderstand many things for years..This maybe true or…….for you to see…

  • yyyikkk! this is really ugly and scary, i bet this must be a freak clone and outcast creature who got into an accident. looks like a buffalo head cross with a large leather jacket fish by chance, also reminds me of jar jar binks in the star wars prequel, i hope this is the one and only, can you imagine when a diver swims in and see this , it will sure blast anyone into the twilights!

  • Liew, it’s Teluk Bahang in Penang, NOT Teluk Pahang.. ;)

    Let’s check the place out… hehe…

  • ash

    sorry to say but that is the most but tugly mermaid i’ve ever seen.

  • whatever

    that’s so fake!!!!!!!

  • mica

    they are real. in the deepest parts of the ocean where we cannot reach due to air pressure are creatures that survive on carbon like we survive on oxygen. we don’t know for sure whats down there but there is evidence. it’s funny how people can believe things that are written in magazines but can’t believe things cause we can’t see them… just cause we can’t see air doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
    if you don’t believe me go on google and type in mermaid then go to images and have a look. there is enough evidence and i don’t know why scientist haven’t payed attention.

  • ayesha

    omfg is tht real?!?!?! lool x i personally believe in mermaids coz the person who said go on google or woteva i did nd theyre nasty creatures when theyre dead lmaoo!!

  • leopard

    by the looks of that thing it must have starved to may have got lost when it was looking for food or some thing and got to near land and the tide pulled it in so it got hurt by the rocks or a coral reef or something like that,then it must of got washed up and died of lack of water!!!

  • amy

    OOOOOOOOR it’s real and we are being blinded into believing it’s fake by the under cover agent people. you just dont know!

  • I think it’s fake. if it was real, i don’t think it would be kept quiet.

  • Waterman

    Thats a fake. The eyes should be on the side of his head like every other creature that lives in water. Now im not gonna say that mermaids etc. aren’t real… I don’t know. The sea is still a big secret to us, we dont know what kind of creatures do live in the deepest places of the seas…
    I mean, do you remember when those enourmous squids came up from the sea? We dont know anything about the sea.

  • KLOW


  • Rebecca

    u would think they be cuter than that. fisherman clam to see them and they never say thier ugly. so i think its fake

  • tamueru

    i think this mermaid is true, maybe this is the reall appearance of a mermaid, well i am not really sure but from where i come from some of the fishermen have seem something like mermaid but they are not really sure whether it really excist or not. maybe they do.

  • Do you guys believe in destiny???? Well I think that this mermaid is for real…if you guys don’t think its true then how come movies and those stuff do act mermaid..mermaid was not invent but I think there were lots in the past where human gets the idea of mermaid,..Weo I am from the island of Tonga and we were suprised to heard this news because we never seen such things but I think that it is true….but who is the one who take pics of this mermaid…if he touch the mermaid that it is real than I think that it is true….

  • Rinaldo


  • Jamie

    People, people, people…Did any of you go to school–EVER? Gosh; As “cool” as the idea is, did you take care to notice the way the MerMAN (No, it does not have breasts people, it is not a “MAID”//FEMALE!) is formed? Take a look yourself…Check out its ribs. It appears as “if it had lungs”. No gills…it’s nose-oh wait! Sea creatures don’t have noses like humans! Neither do they have nostril passages leading to lungs. Have fun taking a better look at the photograph…Btw; Gullable is written on your ceiling.

  • Samuel Dimitri

    erk.. when exactly this mermaid found in malaysia? i never heard any reports about it lol

  • acidburn

    i think that is a fake’s seams like it had been made by som1.from plaster or somthing

  • Mimimi

    FAKE, and here’s why…

    1- The media would have responded if there was sufficient proof of this “merman” being real.

    2- Look at its body. It’s like…completely rotting. Fine, but the skin would easily have looked more torn, and less in one, smooth peice than it does.

    3- Its eyes haven’t rotted away. And, compared to the rest of its body—they should have by now…

    4- It’s the only sighting like…EVER…

  • shuanshuan


    I got curious about this picture, that i had received by mail. So I decided to send a email to the ”NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC” to see if i could get any information. I was exited to know they emailed me back, others were curious like me. This is their email they sended back>

    > From: [email protected]
    > To: –
    > Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 08:33:34 -0500
    > Thank you for contacting the National Geographic Society.
    > We are generally unable to comment on electronic photos or the vast amount
    > of information that circulates via email, unless it relates directly to our
    > own work. With regards to pictures and information circulated on the
    > Internet, it has been our experience that if it looks unbelievable, it is
    > probably a hoax.
    > We’ve heard from so many people regarding the siren or mermaid included in
    > your email that we decided to investigate. The photographs depict the work
    > of artist Juan Cabana. His art depicts other strange creatures, such as
    > aliens, and can be found on online auction sites such as Ebay. For more
    > information please visit the following website:
    > I hope this information is helpful.
    > Best wishes,
    > Julie Crain
    > National Geographic Society

    *So i guess you can get your awnser there ;)

  • Nigerian

    “If you see mammy water oo!, never,never you run away ” lyic from an old folk song by the Great Sir Victor Uwaifo of Benin city,Nigeria

  • kum hia faker

    so if this is a fake ill sue the person who brought this thing up. btw the tails reminded me of the fried ‘ikan masin’. the face looks uhmm creepy as usual but that (fake) mermaid sgud use braceses.

  • Just

    That’s the better joke joke I’ve never seen!!!XD

  • Thalie

    this pic is scary and ont that humanic looking, but I say it’s a mermaid alright!!

  • shen

    these people need to make up their mind…they used the same lame picture and claimed that they found a dead mermaid on Haitis’ beach……that is so lame……lollollolo

  • TT

    well, since there is no new evidence regarding this “ugly” mermaid, its probably just a hoax.
    It would have been exciting if it was a real mermaid though.. lol ;)

  • Anonymous

    Genetic experement…

  • thinkingforU

    I can’t see how National Geographic can say this is “fake?” This is obviously the long lost sister of Paris Hilton! It’s a cover-up! or it should be.

  • i think its real cause i saw a real life picture of a baby mermaid and i saw one with blonde hai curly orange tail one my selfshe was by a rock. but she didn’t se me cause i was hiding. i thaght if i got to close it would run away

  • ashley

    very ugly y is it called the UGLY mermaid for!

  • i beleive in mermaids.

    ugh you should see the detailed pics. It’s teeth gives me a nightmare.

  • Kayko

    ok……. dude that thing looks like it was made outta effing rubber i mean look at the hands!!! and what is that thing in it’s mouth. pssh. people are trying to get so much attention theese days. but i still belive in mermaids even though they are a myth.also where are the scales?( if there are any…) but dude i think it is fake.

  • Someone

    It may be made out of real bones and skin but it was’nt ever alive,I’ve been on the site and I think they make put them in papers for students to write articles and see if people beleive it…

  • aishah

    i am not sure if this is real they might have mistaken it with a big fish they havent discovered well maybe

  • Mae

    Ok. This thing REALLY scars me… It looks real and fake.. I can’t decide. and for the people saying “It’s not real because it was kept quite…?” I mean, the media seems sorta busy w/ celebs and ailens… anyways, It looks exactly like how I would picture the real version ( non disney ) of a mer person, but no gills? yah I don’t know… So creepy…

  • rose

    i dont belive i think is jt bein made out by a actist

  • Jessree

    Jess: Ok, so thats one fugly mermaid!
    Like OMG, if someone made it, wouldnt they make it a little prettier? Like come’on ppl! Its so real!
    ree: but if it looked pretty then it would be more unbelievable, n y does it have nostrils? epescially that big! won’t fish get in there, oh, and y is it not near any water? hmmm
    jess thats so fake.
    Jess: Yer i kow, i just gettin ppls hopes up, it doesnt even have gills, it has lungs for mushrooms sake! Fish dont have lungs, wake up to yourselves! it is sooooooooooooo F.A.K.E!
    ree: thank you, u agree, plus it looks like plaster
    Jess: I know aye?! Not like scales. stupid mermaid!
    ree: i’d believe it more if it had red hair n a green tale lol ITS SO FAKE.
    Jess: Yup , fake as!
    ree: lets go to haiti for a campout at the beach
    Jess: Totally!

  • Jessree


  • jake

    i think it’s half mermaid and a half _______,that’s wat i think.
    from neg.occ silay city…many people here are confuse to that mermaid or something..i don’t know..
    it’s better to play computer games like FLYFF….”joke”
    u people have no concerned to that mermaid or something i don’t know

  • jake

    is that really true????but i really think it’s not true that’s what i think….

  • secret

    i think it’s half mermaid and half ______,that’s what i think….you what do you think????it is really true or not???
    luv u rozelle

  • jessree

    YER, :d

  • Russell From bangladesh

    I think whom ever has created it done a great job. Its too scary . Who has posted it? he could lot of cash making by exhibit it.

    logically its a fake thing. but great creation

  • Chamaine

    Wot is goin on guys? wot’s wit da mermaid thang? i thot they were supposed to be pretty, u no like, Ariel is like gorgeous n ol, wot happened to that one.that is like hideous

  • vinK

    Fake……..very good fake

  • Beto

    Lol, this is in brazil, BAHIA! really real!

  • shaili

    i yhink its tru…

  • iman

    this is a mermaid??????? is it real??????it is so weird and weird really,really weird and ugly …….lol……….:D

  • Art

    hey look… a mermaid. a real mermaid

  • JeromeEvard

    ok seriously its obviously fake not only has this already been confirmed but just look at it withought being on drugs and think…. nasal pasages… the chances of such a creature evolving nasal pasages is slim at best and even then by the time it takes the “nose” to completly decompose youll have decomposition all over the body…. why are the eyes still in the skull being one of the first things to decompose..especialy if they are open…. the jaw size on the creature is not nearly large enough to acomidate such large teeth and still adequetly open enough to…… the list goes on and on just look and think about it sheesh

  • token

    wow. several people have said this is fake. yet everyone is still trying to figure out if its real or not. please learn to read.

  • Sabactnai

    WOW! OMG! that is so cool! ive never seen a real mermaid before! how can you guys say its not real? you only have a short time to live so dont suppress your imagination! have a little bit’o fun wile you can. And get off your computer and do something worth your time!!!!!!!

  • Sami

    umm…where is its reproductive system?

  • Max

    wau, it is observable, see look at following web,

    it’s not real, it’s fake, I don’t believe it!!!

  • EmCR

    70% percent of the earth is water, so we can never really tell what other creatures may live deep in the ocean. Whether the picture is real or a fake, we’ll just have to respect the fact that aside from the creations we’re used to seeing everyday or even in pictures, there really just might be others we haven’t seen, like from other planets, because the earth is just 1 planet in a solar system that’s within a vast galaxy among many other galaxies in the universe. That’s one of the mysteries that God can only reveal.

  • ewwwh.
    thats so fake.

  • Eric khaidem

    That look like a real one………but i know that cannot be the truth. coz mermaid doesnt exist………who ever hav done it has a good creation………….****STILL WONDERING TO BELIVE IT OR NOT**** HAHAHAHA

  • see all

    i belive it’s a fake because there is no such thing as mermaid and JeromeEvard made a good explanation about the decomposition

  • Arlanda

    It is so strange i thought that mermaid was just fairytale But that thing is so wow ugly!!!!!!!!

  • Its true!!

  • UeKi

    cool! now i belive its got mermaid in this world!!!!!



  • javier

    we’ll i do belife in mermaids and if this one is real not nesesary have to have the fin vertical or orizontal or whatever lilke we human we cros gene black and white chinese and what ever hu? do yo belife in god yes? well yo haven’t seen him right, so why so hart to belife in somthing tha we never haven’t seen……..get the point .sight


  • JessRee

    Dear Javier,

    Belife is actually spelt believe, orizontal? Well i think there is meant to be a ‘H’ in there somewhere.
    Yo? Shouldn’t that be You? And Dude, just everything is so wrong and SHIT!
    Get Your Dictionary out because you got a problem!
    No Pressure or anything, just learn to spell!!!!!!!!!!
    Luv JessRee

    P.S. And who’s on the computer at 5:04 am anyway?! Get a life!

  • javier




  • faiz

    what!!! is that thing real

  • jules

    I cant say if this is real or fake but i believe that merpeople are real it might be insane to believe but growing up where i grew up i was told stories all the time about it and there was the old man where i lived that happen to see what he believe was one at night while swimming he did mention that was one of the most scariest moments in his life , my mom used to tell me all the time that back in her days before everything became so bright mermaids would come up rives when it over flow and you would hear bells ringing so you knew they were passing by weird i grew up swimming a lot and people used to tell me am a mermaids child because inside my ears there are a lot of holes and i use to stay in water for hours which was weird but sometimes i tell myself i would love to see one .



  • JessRee

    Dear Javier,
    No it was just the spelling that pissed us off.
    And i think you will find it’s Boss, not Boos…
    Again you need to learn to spell. What school did you go to?!
    And why would you be looking for mermaids on google anyway?! We found it while searching for Malaysia, so it doesn’t count. WEIRD!
    Just joking, we have nothing against you. Believe what you want, We don’t care.
    Luv JessRee

  • javier

    Hi jessreed.
    Sorry guy’s i dind’t mean to be rude.
    Yes im working on it thanks,that a ugly mermaid, lol

    PS.Keep with the good work guys.

  • aisy

    Eeek! That photo sure do scares me! I’m Frustated after seeing this photo. I thought Mermaids is Fascinating, Beautiful, gorgeous. Like the ‘Aquamrine’ movie. And then, it’s the opposite. How Frustating.

  • Jaydeep

    One thing,

    This can not be edited through Photoshop.

    And Not a sculpture, this is truth either Alian or Sea Animal.

  • claire

    right people. i havent read all your comments, but HELLO, its half fish half human, right, thats what a mermaid is, I am a HUMAN i have a NOSE and LUNGS, duh! the top half is human, eg nose lungs, bottom half is fish eg tail!!! OMG you bunch of thickos!

  • It is hard to believe but i think that it is a Mermaid. I think so because there are alot of creatures that live in the ocean that we dont know about. So i think its true.

  • wawwwwwwwwwwww…. unbelievable but it migth be real.waho knows what lies in the deep deep deep ocean……………..

  • Guru

    all creature in earth a beautiful, believe me it’s out there.

  • vivian

    -.- ………….can it be believe??……….it looks fake….n due 2 the techonologie nowadays no1 will believe anything like that anymore……but still it got at least 50% true….

  • AlvinC

    What a fake! Think logically.. Firstly, it’s as clean as a new artpiece, without the mud and dirt. Secondly, if it’s found a few days after the water subsided, so where’s the decomposition? Thirdly, the fins are all situated wrongly… what’s the wierd fin grown at only one side when it’s suppose to be on the back like all aquamarines? It can’t swim for nuts. This prop isn’t good enough to be used for the movies with all the flaws.

  • Mex

    Show me a scientific report, then i’ll believe.

  • Logic

    the arms are too thin\underdeveloped for the webbed hands to be of any use. as was stated the head is not streamlined for swimming and the fins where the ears are supposed to be are just rediculous. as for the chicken skin well we know where the artist got that. what does it eat with those teeth….? hmmm. oh and the skin should be smooth if it’s meant to be a fast swimmer.

  • lexi roig

    i cant belive you people think this is real! you guys are stopid this is not a comment this is a complant

  • sarah




  • megara

    it is a fake in order for it to function properly those side fins would actually be on the back not the sides remember part fish not part whale the ones depicted in harry potter are probably the closest and more believable this one looks like it was made by mixing jar jar binks and a fish completely fake you can even see the teeth they look fake and like some one else posted where are the flies and the evidence of decay and something that bright would easily be seen in the water think about most sea fish predators dark on top light on the bottom this does not fit that at all and if you look around the waist line you can see a line that looks like it was connected i think it is a mix between fish a dead monkey (which are used quite often) and some Halloween decor namely the teeth ad the ribs don’t even fit properly they are unlined up if you look at all other ribs on animals they are parallel these are not how ever i will say they did a nice job to try to get some money some people are very stupid and for those they would fall for something like this. but over all this just doesn’t fit with the laws of nature in most cases though there have been some exceptions

  • fergs

    this is sooo fake. firstly wots with the tounge sticking out? and wots with the ears? has anyone actually noticed that there are no coller bones, nipples or scales on the tale? and if you look carefully, on its right shoulder it looks like it has been moulded with plaster. and i should no i do plaster and clay work all the time. and it’s right are is to curved to have bones. there is no elbow, has any1 noticed that? judging by the nose it looks like it has started to decay, but the reast of the body hasn’t and if it was decaying the skin would have a green tinge not a plaster white colour with added brown to the ears and mouth and there would be no eyes just holes.

  • eeewww!!!yuckie!it looks like stuff used for halloween.hahaha!!!

  • Malaysian

    Hey! This picture comes out first in Google.Com for the search term “Malaysia”

    Yakss! Hopefully, It don’t spoil our tourism campaign….

    “Weird and disgusting-look mermaid found in Malaysia” – World News ;-)

  • Random

    that is so not real that thing is amde of paper mache i bet chu

  • nildyx

    eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww , what the ffff is that, ive alwys liked mermaids but that thing is dam uglyyyyyyy, is it real?
    if thrers sceintific proof that , that thing is a real mermaid then ill believe everything exists, ill even believe in the tooth fairy SERIOUSLY.

  • Oh my …. i’m more than choc
    i always thought that a mermaid would be beautiful and sexy but like this…
    i’m so desapointed
    ” this THING is so ‘beautiful’ “

  • kristal

    I think that this picture is cool I had never ever seen a live picture of a mermaid befor can you send me some live mermaid pictures because I think that its cool?(!)

  • codename longhorn

    guys, check out the full image of this posted mermaid at Its quite a facinating website for realscifi believers.

    One of the post includes a found dead faery.

  • natahsa

    this picture looks like my friendscarlen
    she’s that f**king ugly
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah

  • Aqua

    Oh is that real !!

    Whats its age then? Its only recently that it has been found, so this seems flue. Is it a Mermen or Mermaid ?

  • dj_mcredz

    whatever is your comment! then go….
    bt for me, I do bliv in “memmaid” they are really existing somewhere out there…and thats my mission!
    wel, I wnt to see a real mermaid,live!

    so….I dnt care the physical appearnce…
    bt I jst wnt to see..thats it!
    how bowt u? r u also weird like me?]
    common guys! lets go out,travel…and find paranormal things…
    hehehe…”ADVENTOROUS” yes! I am…

  • barney

    well i don’t think the shit is real…cause now there are rumours that say’s one was found on my island but its the same photo…bullshit!!!

  • benjamin

    I know of a not yet published book which speaks about the ‘merpeople’ and this is a merguard.The merpeople used them to guard their island from actually fits…the description of the fingers ,the teeth,the overall colour,etc…i was surprised to note they exist…it’s still so surprising to me.

  • JessRee

    Hey, Hey, Hey!
    That mermaid is really fake, and if you can’t tell then we’re sorry but you have a problem. OBTW (Oh By The Way) Hi Javier!
    Good luck with your spelling, you seem to be doing better already! Thank you for listening to Me and Ree, we appreciate you understanding that we were only trying to help you! ;)
    Thanx everyone for reading! have fun with you imagination, and keep posted, because we will write more later!

  • Mermaids are real.It’s totaly real!!!
    My teacher said that….. (THIS IS A TRUE STORY)
    Once, when a fisherman goes fishing, he saw a MERMAID!!! He can’t believe his eyes. Then, he throw his net where the MERMAID was…. and he really catch the MERMAID!!!

    Now, the MERMAID is in a musuem. But…. I don’t now what is the musuem!

    I hope I can see it.

    If the MERMAID is fake, I will bunuh diri!!!

  • JessRee

    Luv JessRee

  • girlie;)

    this piece of shi! is so fake and besides i don/t know nothing about thgat marine crap but it looks fake to me so to me someone did a sorry asss job with it.

  • Daniel
  • alpe

    i think its real bcause wala lang!!!

  • ronaldhino

    it ‘s fake:if you view it in hexadecimal mode you will see the photoshop signature in the JPEG header

  • dat is one ugly mermaid, dont you guys agree with me, and totally fake, hey im looking to make friends, check my email adress, im me.

  • ROmermic

    Good work in Photoshop.


    I am 11 and all i have to say is stop acting life some dang SCIENTIFIC NERDS looking the stuff up either you believe or not.not that hard of a choice people but i do agree that thang does look UGLY,FAKE AND NASTY

  • Unicorn

    This is ironic coming from me….However, pict subject “mermaid” : A categorical lie. Proof: Entire form is made of the same material.

    Case Closed

  • Fantasy

    It looks like a mutant hammerhead shark! Totally EWWWWWW!

  • a0000000k

    hahaah this what if a guy have sex with shark with out condom… lol it is so fake … I have done so many studies and for a mermaid to be in this shape is totally impassable. However i think there are some creatures out in our world were not discovered yet becz i saw one in front of me ” here is the story “there was that tv show in my country which is teaching you how to relax your body by doing Self – Hypnosis in order to get a clean mind and stuff . Anyway i start doing it with a partner. but i couldn’t remember what were the steps very well so i tried to came up with something that is so familiar to it. in the middle of our experience we herd a manly spooky voice saying how nukes my door ” then you both look to each other and then we looked around us and there was nothing ” since then we thought my big brother whose room is next to ours might did that voice ” we ignored after that we started to finish our steps next we herd the voice again this time the light were exploded and then behind my back we saw a really scary looking guy or thing . it has face look like a big to and with one horn in his head and hairy body ewe oh my god also he has stink smell … any way he ask us why did you nukes my door what do you from I am trying to sleep … i was christen
    so i said by the name of Jazzes leave us alone holding the my nickels Jesus’s cross and then my friend who is Muslim start ed reading something from al-Quern suddenly the thing were burned. My friend says these thing called jenny in there believes and we should never contact with them becaz they will destroy the person’s life
    and that was an experience i will never forget …please don’t send me emails about that thing i am still having bad dreams of him ” and I don’t care if you believe me or not ”. thank you
    so i said by the name of jesse leave us alone and the my friend who is amoslem start reading something from alqran sudnlly the thing were burnd
    and that was an experins i will never forget …please don’t send any email about that thing i am still having bad dreams of him. thank you

  • Ali

    nice art project

  • Ahmed

    lol thats not a mermaid look next to its right hand ull find a pic of a little man thats a photoshop feature

  • Kerstin

    Now thats creepy, photoshopped or not thats hella scary!

  • Rach

    Clean it, bread it, and fry it up, I’m hungry!!!

  • Fraz

    Haha, it’s like Jar Jar Binks after his waterwings burst.

  • No affence but I cant belive most of you peapole actully belive in mermaids. I mean I think they are pretty in all like in (The little mermaid)is cute but come on!!!its a cartoon you dumbos and no affence again. wella if your parents told you that mermaids exist liyers… sorry to burst your bubble. but I belive in the bible and in the bible says their is no mesion of mermaids and if you go around looking at or looking up(real life mermaids)and it looks life like ok they either just do trick photography or they just put a fake tail on and then near the waist wheir the tail starts they put your skin color on it so it looks like the tail is connected to the waist and viola and again sorry to burst youy bubble.

  • Ariel Tai



  • hotgal

    whatever!! this is so fake

  • Nadya Hristova

    Hey,people! Look this! This is the one of all lost humans from Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean!
    Some day they will come to us…
    Yes! I know it :)

  • amrs


  • Nadya Hristova

    This is a real civilization which really live in the ocean! And this discovery is amazing!

  • xxaaxx

    If that is fake, I will not be supprised, but if it is real, god damn it is freaky!

  • rish

    This ugly thing you get when a lonely horny fisherman rapes a dolphin that got stuck in his net and after that lets the dolphin go. I know for sure that fishermen do these nasty tings because it happens in my country at sea, but if there would be an outcome I wasn’t sure of. After seeing this picture it may just be possible……..

  • larkspur

    lmao!!!!!looks like an alien with a tail fin

  • lobow

    woy itu gambar apa’an??????lo semua ngasih penjelasaan pake b.inggris gw jadi bingung…………..SMAN 10 Tangerang/////// di Indonesia { Asia Tenggara}

  • Ali

    make a more beautiful one please

  • kavitha

    i am really shocked,i have read all these thinks in story books only

  • someone sent me this picture claiming that this was codfish and if i had not search for mermaids i would not have known that they were trying to mislead me. Thanks for posting this with the correct information

  • M.H.J (of London)

    I believe in mermaids too. but with all that comments i should say it is made by FAKE!

  • meemoop

    hey i think its a real mermaid cuz it has a tail and its not scaley cuz its dry duuuh!!!!!!!!!! hey i think its a woman or man? it looks like a woman win fin fin hair

  • andea

    you will see

  • 1987 girl

    Ewwwwww! Dat shyt look like a fxxx dried up alien LMAO but i think its true cuz who wastes thier fuckin time 2 do dat. I wouldnt SO ITS REAL HATERZZZZ!!!! LOL :)

  • Hey I know that real or fake mermaid died because a ship banged him on his head so thats how it died so a ship orboat baneged him on his head and then he was so weak to go back to the sea that he found a shore and slowly died ;) fairies and mermaids are real i you have to beleive easy :)

  • this is an artwork made by someone and placed it there and let unknown photographers take pictures and then stories came pouring down…that it was a real merman saw at “(put a country or city here)” now this has been a the trend…
    i saw a blog this same picture few years back and the entry was “a merman found in cebu”
    then i saw this page “mermaid in malaysia”

    if it were real the real beach was in mexico ^_^
    it’s a fake mermaid though at the beach in mexico…
    a human skeleton fitted wth real fish skin, fins and fangs..^_^

  • tars

    is it really real?


    I think that its real .. because the eyes and teeth look very lifelike .. lmao :P

  • davia

    To tell the truth i do believe it but still i would like to see it for myself
    Someone told me that saltfish is made from this , if so i will never eat
    it again .

  • Nena

    I believe it is true… i have seen them in Ecuador- Quito….

  • Kizzle DeVue

    This mermaid is in fact a sculpture by Juan Cabana. As said at,

    “I created this 5 foot long mermaid using a human skeleton and covering the entire corpse with real fish skin. The fins and teeth are also authentic and derived from fish. Unknown persons took my photos and used them to create stories of finding this mermaid in various locations around the world. A newsreporter in Mexico sent me the actual newspaper reports (shown below) of my mermaid being discovered off the coast of Campeche.”

    I still think it’s wicked awesome, though!!! Very cool. You can see some of Cabana’s other work at

  • meghan


  • joy

    I thought mermaid is not real!!!coz i saw in the television

  • sherylee

    that is so UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J.

    hahaha, I can’t believe that there realy are people who believe in this kind of bullshit xD

  • Seyna

    I made my own research on this and found out how fake this whole story is!! I think mermaids exist but surely this one does not
    the artist (Juan Cabana) who made it did not want to publish the pictures of his creation. I found this:

    I created this 5 foot long mermaid using a human skeleton and covering the entire corpse with real fish skin. The fins and teeth are also authentic and derived from fish. Unknown persons took my photos and used them to create stories of finding this mermaid in various locations around the world. A newsreporter in Mexico sent me the actual newspaper reports (shown below) of my mermaid being discovered off the coast of Campeche.
    You can see by yourself on this website: + there are other pictures of this mermaid

  • mg

    ,,nice mermaid it really do exist,,!

  • dezzie

    All i can say is


  • yujiro


  • thats totaly fake DA!!!!were not dumd

  • stephani like dont really like this mermaid because it is really so ugly but eny ways r.i.p 4 ever i wish i could be a mermaid plz show another mermaid

  • Merman

    We are real! However, people or land creatures have the notion that we look like that. Just like how humans portray alien life forms with big head and big eyes, all wrong! Good try though.

  • pinky

    oh my god! is this real why this world has a freaky animal??????????????????? malaysia isa scary place

  • fyna

    its ugly.
    is it a fake one?

  • it looks more like a dracula then a mermaid=.=

  • I.dOnT.kNoW.hOw.I.gOt.HeRe

    Oh my god, they found Jar jar binx XD
    This looks like some Harry Potter shit or something, and after my opinion, this looks pretty FAKE..
    But thats not a problem, unless someone claims to have actually found this creature, and are trying to squeese money out of people by telling this is real stuff, which it could be for all I know, but to keep myself on the safe side, I wouldn’t buy this.

  • bhamsaa

    where his gender symbol gone its totaly fake or may be he is wearing a special kind of skin!!!
    to escape his sex .
    (too shy mermaid …..)

  • Kashif Ahmad

    It is not true picture

  • Elphaba

    You know, if dinosaurs existed, and mountain lions, and all other animals in fact, why can’t a mermaid exist? What is the definition of “made up” … SOMETHING TO PONDER, ALL YOU NON BELIEVERS!!!

  • khai

    hahahaha………… crazy scary

  • I had seen the photo (not exactly similar) elsewhere before….

  • Stacy-Ann

    i dont know wat to believe is it real i heard that is the saltfish which we eat is that so cause we never see the head of the saltfish

  • Stacy-Ann

    if this is real why is it not on exhibition or something i dont know wat to believe hmmm

  • Dadrian

    Dude i’ve seen ugly shits before but this beats them by far i wonder who found it?!! But one thing is for certain if this shit was found in J.A. we would be making some big money off all you other feaky experimental countries But seriously Dudes All you peoples are really F**Ked up see you freaks in the next life

  • Joran van der Sloot

    This is definitly Natalee Holloway

  • goldy007

    its fake

  • lol:D
    they said that its a real one and some one was found that and he take it to ebay lol now if some one want to bay him he can:)but i dont think so that some one gonna bay this ugly Mermaid …..
    and i toght that Mermaid in the story are beautiful but there are so ugly:DDD
    if kids going to se that they gonna have a headak XD

  • jan alvin cataluna

    its definitely fake… duh?!… how?!… bohooo?!….

  • jan alvin cataluna

    I changed my mind… he?/she? definitely it (i like the word definitely) is real or in philippines totoo. i like the face of this beAutiful creature he/she captured my definitely heart

  • that’s not true because i don’t belive in mermaids

  • patolahi

    i beleive that’s true………..have you’ve seen the mermaid in peter pan movies???????? it’s exactly the same with this one. CHILL OUT FELLAS……….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!take the chill bill.

  • NyiOr_93

    SubhanaAllah!!Allahuakbar!!!Allah is almighty!Only Allah knows what He had created.

  • bel

    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….. Who said mermaid/man has no lungs or a nose? they don’t need scales neither. does an octopus have scales?? does frogs and aligaters have lungs?? but they do go into water. ya.. the picture looks fake but you can’t say mermaids/man don’t exist. let me tell you a short story of a legend on the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, about a girl who turned into a mermaid. ENJOY: A girl name “Sirena” loved to swim. she neglected her chores and sneaks down to the beach everyday. her mother was very angry at her for her laziness that she cursed her and wished she would turn into a fish. Sirenas godmother heard the curse that the mother made. she cannot undo the curse so she told the mother that Sirena is her daughter too and made a wish on Sirena. she wished Sirena will stay half girl. The next day the curse was made. Sirenas waist on down was a fish, waist on up was Sirena. Siena was happy and sad. She told her mother to watch over her sisters and brothers and that she loves them. And told her mother this will be the last time you’ll ever see me. So she waved and swam away into the deep blue ocean of the Pacific. And that was the last time they ever saw Sirena. this legend has passed down so many generations. and fishermen say that they’ve seen a mermaid figure when they’re out in the ocean fishing. some say they’ve caught her but manage to escape the nets. some say their nets are torn up and their caught has got away. but wether the legend was true or not, NOONE knows for sure about mermaids/man, what they look like or if they exist or not.

  • emz

    hey guys, i do believe in mermaids…. but the one in the pics here is not the real one… the true mermaid, as my grandpa says is maybe 15inches to 20inches long… and mermaids really exists….. just really dont know where?

  • it’s true there are mermaids, we just do see them the way we want to, but they are real.
    somehow, mermaids are waters figured as a woman.
    also, mermaids don’t actualy appear as we think they are beautiful, they may be ugly, but they are beautiful creatures in their own world.
    wether you believe it or not, it still depends on your understanding about the existence of these “mysterious” creatures, could be fairies, ghost, or mermaids and other “supernatural” whatever.

  • Jenny

    Well…..does everybody here knows the spelling of MERMAID….I have seen all the posts and sum of them have spelled it MARMAID….etc etc….lol

  • i agree with emz. they really exist.. not really the type of mermaid on the picture, but i know somewhere, they exist.

  • Ameena

    i thought mermaid were suppost to be pretty.. im 12 you just ruined the rest of my life…
    im jokking you i will forgot about this in a few seconds… HAHAHAH

  • james

    i dont believe in mermaids but i think that creature is something it might be a mermaid it could be an evolved fish or a new species research it lol

  • Anna

    I study stuff like this even tho I am only 9 I sooo know that this is fake you can even tell.I watched a show about how to make fake bones and this thing is fake you can’t fool me!

  • Debra


    That looks so weird………look at his/her(I don’t know if this mermaid has a gender) teeth they are so weird………………

    shucks………that is really grossssss……

    I know this is just fake………not at all real……..

  • Sumitha

    This… hmm.. i dunno what type of mermaid is this but it is sure ugly… BUT IS IT TRUE???!!! There are such things as mermaid but its very difficult to find like that.. IMPOSSIBLE!!! maybe its fake

  • Cozy

    Yes its real …….I ve seen one with my own eyes….

  • Micayla

    It is a very ugly mermaid i say and and i don’t think that’s real anyway that is going to give me night mares that is one boney thing that could be made out of clay who knows so i don’t want to touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scaRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! i would not want to be that thing at all i don’t want to die im only 9!!!!!!

  • micayla

    That could be a realask me i am one i am telling the truth realy it is kinda like H2Owith me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glaze

    oh Ghost…
    you all believe that ugly is real mermaid..gimme a break..
    mermaid is cuter than that…

  • Ngeeeeee…………
    oh my god….how nonsense of these matter..????i cannot imagine how suck if i found it first……’s must something hidden beside this event…so takes its as our lesson kay…….

  • billy

    bloody hell very ugly fish with horn dis is not true believe me

  • mang

    To have a prosthetic like that made costs thousands of dollars. Show me a Malaysian fisherman with that much extra cash lying around.

  • juancito

    It is an hoax. It is a art work of Juan Cabana. If you wanna make sure of that, just google it.

  • AsTranZz?

    ok .. this is creepy .. yes .. im having thoughts of it … but .. there are many different cultures out there… some choose to believe and some not to… if this is proven to be a fake.. it doesnt mean that it doesnt really exist for other people… myths are myths and yet supernatural stuffs happen all the time rite ? and if haitiens believe in these, then it is to our respect that we should just listen, believe or not. there is plainly nothing to argue about … the story about mermaid .. it varies, as in the little mermaid and also in different versions, where when a mermaid encounters someone who is trespassing, she will lure him into her lair and kills him in a seductive way… in another case, mermaids that are “beautiful” as in the little mermaid, thats a totally different story. but they are just stories… to believe or not… one may nid to think twice… but it is not a necessity to believe nor to not believe … so for people who are born in haiti, there is no nid for u to prove that this is real… let people choose to see to it that it is real or fake in their eyes… and on cssandra’s perspective, i think that is the best… u dun see what u think is existing… something is definitely out there…. this may just be a fake.. but u noe that something of this sort is out there somewhere, but not known to us. this is one of the better perspectives. Many things are left to be revealed…but sometimes “curiousity kills” …

    “i am however, afraid of this diagram … it is unpleasant to my sights and gives me horror especially the eyes and the tongue sticking out.”

  • ziz

    tak usah diminda lah!!

  • layosha


  • sarah

    that was so true so go to hawiie and go to the beach and find it.

  • sarah

    it’s true

  • Nakagawa

    So……mermaids believed to be exist, but that pic is an art work

    isn’t it? :-p

  • tisu ying

    omg~~what the hell is this????really a mermaid?so scary~~causes i cant sleep at night~~~yucks

  • Hell Guardian’s fake…………………………………………………………………..

  • Yas

    I don’t thing so. This is real photo. This is published in polish magazine “Nieznany Å›wiat” (ang. Don’t Known World”). Fish is cath in Russia. Yas

  • Guadalupe

    i dont think it a mermaid

  • lissylynn92

    I don’t think for a minutet that this is real, but i do think mermaids are real. I mean, there is so much ocean that has never been seen, plus they’re discovering new spiecies of fish everyday, so why can’t there be mermaids or something like it out there that hasn’t been found? I also think there’s something in space, something like aliens (but not little green men) i mean we can’t be the only ones in the entire universe, I feel like that’s just ignorant.

  • Nom De Guerre

    Why does it have a nose if it lives in water?
    I bet it only lives in water, since we never see it.

  • fiona

    This is so not true .i mean that thing is just can also be a hoax it is just eeeeeeeeeeeeew.what ever according to my research mermaids have long hairand anormal face.mermans are never bold their hair grows rntil the shouldersand it is o dont think this is a mermaid it looks so evil ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  • stephanie

    the mermaid is so ugle i mean when you see it on t.v its not. but to think that i mite be won

  • Alex

    100% falso!! FALSISIMO SEÑORES!

  • reality

    if u people didn’t notice that mermaid is a MERMAN!! gosh people can be not really smart sometimes

  • dees

    fish species found in the long island soundfound in Malaysia?

  • Nekoboys001

    Don’t say it’s fake! The truth of mermaid is really ugly and not beautiful at all. Some people think that mermaid is beautiful and such, NO! That is only a cartoon and mermaid costume.

    Wow, mermaid was found in Malaysia? This is my first time I’ve seen the most ugliest mermaid. This picture is 100% true and not fake at all. It’s face looks like an alien type. ALIEN + mermaid 0_o ??? Well I guess Allah can create anything even strange creatures.

    You can also visit to and watch the proof of mermaids video.

    Don’t listen to people who say mermaid doesn’t exist, they’re just an idiot who doesn’t know about it, faggot >:(

  • Luciah99

    A mermaid? I don’t think so. Mermaids are half woman, half fish. It’s fake for sure -.-

    I believe in mermaids, I’m even writing a story about one (I’m not yet a published author, but I hope to be) right now, but that’s just not real.

  • hey whats that……………are you sure that is mermaid………..or just kidding…….i think they just kidding duhhhhhh…….its very imposible…………

  • Stupid Asian Malaysian Oh God Help Them

    Oh God, please help these stupid people. It is not a mermaid. It is a photograph of a sculpture. You post a photo like this, and so many Malaysian comment… USE YOUR BRAIN, PEOPLE!!!!

  • shauniestrawberryjam

    it’s soooooooooo real like i believe they are real (Y) :)

    if not y would some on do that

    come on it has 2 be true

  • OMG I was drunk when they took the shot! ;o

    LMAO ppl for real, it’s like if mermaids unicorns and all that kind of crap were real, don’t you think that someone will have a REAL proof, like the fossil or something like that.

  • MARK


  • cute

    huwat da!!!!that’s a scary one!

  • Xynna21

    .,w0oh., i don’t think that it is a real mermaid., hmm., but i always wanted to see a reaL mermaid…

  • cj

    i think they r real i wish icould see one if do please discibe on this website on ur reply

  • Robo T.K.

    How do these animals reproduce? I can’t see any genital organs.
    How do they give birth? How do they feed their babies? – There’s no hint on the picture about that.
    Why is there only one picture?

    So, my decision is: FAKE!

  • Allamur

    FAKE, only Fake..!

  • Lauren

    This “mermaid” is just a sculpture, made by Jaun Cabana. Look it up.

  • Lauren

    There is more than just one picture.

  • Ali


  • mary ros


  • Baby B

    mermaid shermaid~
    i dont think its real… i think some one made it up as a project and took this photo… :S
    that is my comment and opinion on this mermaid matter.

  • Mohannad

    Relax guys……..This is a sculpture for an American Artist called Juan Cabana…….just google it and enjoy :)

  • Somebody

    I don’t think that’s a mermaid, it looks so fake, like plastic or something… xD

  • opa

    a person who beleve this is a fool, am working in this project, and am a scientist

  • kenniskolala

    I think if thats true i would have seen it on CNN in africa.ITS FAKE!!!

  • shana

    according to the comments it is not true,is it?but i believe it’s not true!!

  • shahriar

    Why do we have to believe this? isn’t it better we think mermaids are much more beautiful?? that will attract us to the ocean!

  • ali

    i m from malaysia
    not true,.. this is super impose or CGI efect,…or dolls dont belived,..

  • jongjalou

    Yayy,,,,,,,,,,this is really Scared…,i didn’t imagine this kind of creatures,,,,,weeeewww,,is this really true??

  • Malaysian

    tbh i dont know wether it is fake or not…

    but i think its real tho…


  • Ay

    I think it’s kinda cool
    but really ugly lah XC

  • Pete
  • missintelligent

    damn that is the most uglyess creature that i have ever seen in my hold live…wow

  • miss royalrelty

    mermaid does not exist so stop talking bold shit because this is not a mermaid some haitian people is trying to make people believe that mermaid is exist

  • real but thats a merman

  • all mermaids were found in 2006

  • samuel

    if that freakin looking thing is MERMAID then i am SUPERMAN…..believe me its true…. THE thing is this that this guy who posted this ugly thing happens to be a crackpot….mentally ill n thats the reason y he made some of u fool as u believed in this ugliness of art….

    and if u askd me wat the hell it can be???? i will tell you wat it is in reality….
    actually the guy who posted this came to meet me in my house late at nite and as i was sitting in my corrider pool he askd me wat was my opinion toward his ugliness and as usual i replied him in action… i dipped him in our swimming pool with his neck tied to a huge rock (for 315 days approx) and i brought him out and dried him in the sun (for 350 days approx) then the next day he was all over in the news (mermaid found in malaysia?,haiti?, indonesia?)

    and also u make sure that u may see another memaid found in the backyard drain…..

  • wtwolf

    its fake. that is a relic from the star wars movies.

  • Apik

    i feel their using adobe fotoshop lah..

  • myra

    this is FAKE! you can so tell on the close-up’s of the tail/finn thing. the scales would not have still been on the mermaid had it been real!! and it would not look like that! its fake.. very fake

  • israel

    hello its really shocking news or me coz i dint see such kind of think will i want to know more about this and really still i have a question saying they exist ? or not

  • glen

    first they say that thaey found it in venezuela and now is in malaysia???????

  • Bubbles

    DUDES!! Its a sculpture!! For those non sculptors… Which is probaly most of you… Look on the torso, the texture, its plaster of paris strips!! And for those gullible people, when flesh is mummified or rots its a dark brown or black. NOT WHITE!! jees xD

  • wakanz7y

    is that true? i dont think,so its freacking me out

  • VedaLove

    There is no way this could be real. There would be huge scientist researching into it. It would be in some museum or laboratory. It would be all over the media and there would be documentaries and such made about it.
    Think about it.
    I’m not saying there aren’t mermaids in Malaysia because I know about the stories, but this is not a mermaid.

  • Martyka PHILLIPEa

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FRIKIN LYF……BUT WOW!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE MERMAIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT TO STUDY THIS!!!!!!!!!
    HAVE THERE OWN LYF FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • orchestratedchaos

    i dunno if my last message posted so here goes.

    IT is a fake. a taxidermist did it out of animal skin and bone and its not the only fake one he’s done. he does it as an art form. this picture has been out for at least a year and ive seen alot of his work on his official website. Im sorry to burst your bubble, not to say that merpeople don’t exist or anything, just dont think its going to be that easy to find one. if they are real, they know how to keep it a secret and after this long i dont think luck is really a factor. be realistic and dont be pulled into these sorts of things just because you WANT to believe.
    keep an open mind but dont be gulible.

  • Is this for real?

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