Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

My dad bought a new mouse for my younger brother. It was Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000, a wireless optical mouse. Price: $99MYR (compare prices)

Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000
Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

It is more expensive than other mice, but it comes with 5 years warranty! My dad bought another wireless mouse and only get three months warranty…

Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (side)
Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (side)

Installing the wireless mouse is as easy as 123. Simply plug the receiver to your computer’s USB port and press the “Connect” button on the mouse. Done.

One of the nice feature about MS Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 is the snap-in receiver. The mouse receiver can be snapped in to the back of the mouse and the mouse will be automatically turned off.

Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (back)
Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (back)

Microsoft claimed that the MS Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 has a longer battery life that could last for 3+ months. Unlike other wireless mice, MS Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 only use single AA battery(included).

Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (inside)
Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (inside)

My two cents

I am currently using a cheap Microsoft mouse with my Apple iBook (ironic?). I found that Microsoft mice are good, though Microsoft is known as software giant. I would get a wireless mouse next time! :)

Which mouse are you using now?

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  • I’m only using the RM8+ A4 Tech mouse. My other mouse is not working, so I have no choice. :(

  • Less wireless laser mouse hor? last time i own a wireless ms mouse, but broke down, now using a ms laser mouse, excellent

  • Currently I have got a cheap USB microsoft mouse for my future laptop which is expected to delivered any time. For my desktop I am using a samsung wired mouse, when you compare Microsoft to Samsung, the microsoft is much better. :)

  • LcF

    @Nicholas: laser mouse is Expensive.
    @Shivaranjan: Yup, I used cheap Samsung mouse before. It was quite good and last for a few years.

  • A mice bought from Giant that I don’t know what brand it is? :lol: But I can feel that mice is really nice to hold eh?! By the way, what do you think about Bluetooth mouse? :P

  • The mouse looks great, but I don’t know if a 5-year warranty with a mouse will help. Like, in five years, technology in mouse would have changed,and also mouse is something cheap enough to actually buy every year or, I have always gone for the cheaper ones( of the sort of INR 300) which do work good enough.

  • Malaysian Food Review

    wireless mouse could be a pain in the a** sometimes as battery can go off suddendly, especially if it is rechargable, the battery life gets shorter and shorter, therefore changing the battery often is required. I used to use a wireless mouse and keyboard by logitech…but now just the keyboard is use because wireless mouse can go off suddendly while playing game…and finding replacement is indeed very crucial…haha

  • Chapree Da Grande

    Many actually didn’t know the great performance of Microsoft hardwares. Example like their old skool IntelliMouse 3.0 (which were recently reproduced to great demand) was hailed by many gamer as the best optical mouse out there although it’s only 400dpi compared with the current gen of lazer mouse which goes up till 3200dpi.

    Not to forget their keyboards as well. Personally, I dare to say no other keyboard can match Microsoft keyboards in terms of key comfort and overall performance.

    Well, since I’m a gamer, other type of users might have different opinion. Btw, I’m using Logitech G5, before that I own a Logitech MX700, wireless gaming grade mouse. ^_^

  • danilo

    i love this mouse
    is mine!!! xD

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