Microsoft: This copy of Windows is not genuine

windows warning message
Windows XP showing warning message at login window.

Apart from the fact that you won’t get fancy graphics for pirated Windows Vista, Microsoft decided to add something extra for pirated Windows XP users. Users from United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia will get the priority by April 26, 2006.

Current users of PCs running pirated Windows will find their machines “tattooed” the next time they update the operating system.

Basically, a message stating “This copy of Windows is not genuine …” will be permanently affixed to the operating system’s login screen, and a similar message will randomly pop up on the desktop whenever the machine is in use.

The anti-piracy move is being kicked off in five countries tomorrow – the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

[Read Windows warning]

How does it affect pirated Windows user?

  • Windows can embarrass you now.
  • You will get annoying message (not only during login) to remind you that you are using pirated Windows. However, you can temporary close the message by using Remind me later option.
  • You can still receive Windows security updates but you won’t be able to download Microsoft free softwares such as IE7 and Windows Defender.

What can pirated Windows user do?

  • If, and only if, you are innocent. You can report the vendor to Microsoft. Perhaps, Microsoft will give you some discount for original license?
  • Buy original Windows XP license (about USD$ 100).
  • You can TRY to uninstall Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. Hopefully the uninstallation will get rid of the embarrassing message.
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More information available at Description of the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications application

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