Microsoft: This copy of Windows is not genuine

windows warning message
Windows XP showing warning message at login window.

Apart from the fact that you won’t get fancy graphics for pirated Windows Vista, Microsoft decided to add something extra for pirated Windows XP users. Users from United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia will get the priority by April 26, 2006.

Current users of PCs running pirated Windows will find their machines “tattooed” the next time they update the operating system.

Basically, a message stating “This copy of Windows is not genuine …” will be permanently affixed to the operating system’s login screen, and a similar message will randomly pop up on the desktop whenever the machine is in use.

The anti-piracy move is being kicked off in five countries tomorrow – the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

[Read Windows warning]

How does it affect pirated Windows user?

  • Windows can embarrass you now.
  • You will get annoying message (not only during login) to remind you that you are using pirated Windows. However, you can temporary close the message by using Remind me later option.
  • You can still receive Windows security updates but you won’t be able to download Microsoft free softwares such as IE7 and Windows Defender.

What can pirated Windows user do?

  • If, and only if, you are innocent. You can report the vendor to Microsoft. Perhaps, Microsoft will give you some discount for original license?
  • Buy original Windows XP license (about USD$ 100).
  • You can TRY to uninstall Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. Hopefully the uninstallation will get rid of the embarrassing message.
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More information available at Description of the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications application

[Thanks to everyone who send in the tip]

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  • Mr. Bear

    MSWV anyone? I think illegal vista will auto shut down, not limited to no fancy graphics only. hehahehahehaheha….

    Use linux or pay up.

  • What was all the fuss about? Don’t cry over spilled milk. Forget MS and use OOS such as GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.

    I’m not trash-talking about MS but hanging on to one source is dangerous. They’re forcing us to change our hardware and our computing habits. According to Richard Stallman, OS should “obey” the users–nicely said.

    Linux ( the exact term is GNU/Linux according to the open GPL and GPL ) is getting better in terms of hardware supports and software functions.

    Aghori, a friend of mine once said, “If you can’t run it, emu ( emulate ) it” and how true that was. You can un MS core/non-core kernel-made softwares on GNU/Linux by using Wine. Before i type this comment, i just finish playing Counter Strike ( ok, i admit..during work hour is a big NO NO but i was bored ) on my Debian.

    Just last week, i tried running Dreamweaver on my other machine running Utontoo GNU/Linux and it’s working fine ( not that 100% great tho ). And my 3-weeks-old-Fedora-user friend running MS Solitaire!

    Forget about the Solitaire ( default installation of GNU/Linux already have Solitaire ) and get back to the matter. I’m seeing this ( maybe on the bias side ) as invation of freedom.

    From the start, computer always the slave and we ( the users ) are the master. Now, the wheel just turned more often.

    embarrassing ? Yes, LiewCF got that right. So the question is WHY use pirated OS? For me, it will break down to the price of the OS itself. As a buyer, i have all the rights to spend my money base on my budget and needs. Now, scrolling back up, i stated about invation on freedom. Don’t you think forcing users is a part of invading ( denial to be exact ) our freedom? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying lets start writing angry-mail to Gates.

    If ( a strong if i might add ) using Vista is the only last resort, then buy the original OS but if you’re sticking to murah-murah-punya-cd, why not use something free as GNU/Linux?

    Ubuntu, Mandrake ( now it’s Mandriva ), Suse etc is free to download. Ask LCF to burn his copies of Ubuntu :P. If you want to try *BSD flavour OS, why not try DesktopBSD as your desktop OS or dive into FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

    Come on, i know most of you just loooove free stuff right? I know i am.

    I do know that some software and hardware are hard-coded into MS and i don’t deny it. Even at my office, sometimes i have to switch from MS to GNU/Linux. But, i’m seeing a fast growth of GNU/Linux supported hardware and software in making. Wait for another 2-3 months and i’m off to download it.

    Sorry for the long post LcF but i just can’t “tahan” la. When it comes to OS, my fingers are bitchy itchy.

  • Mr. Bear

    hehehehe….. me like wat u said jam loceng.

    I am disgusted at alot of MS supporters who doesn’t pay to use MS windows (Some uni profs included – speaking of scholarly honesty).

    This is a smart move by MS.

  • Mr. Bear

    hehahehahehaheha… alot of ppl in school is pulling cold sweat.. hehahehaheha..

    I think the “nagulator” is working pre-update. :D :)

  • I still love my Windows 2000 with its Netscape 7.2 he he he
    and not to make me embarrased with those notifications … I will keep using win2k :-d won’t upgrade it to vista

    You won’t know whether my win2k is genuine or not ;-)

  • Mr. Bear

    hehehe… MS and BSA might go visit u… hehehe…

  • then they will get confused :D
    As I have already changed laptop 4 times … but keep the OS using “Image” everytime I got new laptop :-) and transfer the whole Data and OS :-)

    Mr. Bear .. you are MS part or BSA one …. ha ha ha

  • Bong

    Hmm.. I wonder if there’ll be some people who take the challenge to crack it or not as that is always the case. ;)

  • LcF

    Er.. actually it has been cracked…

  • Leif

    Er.. cracked already? cool…

  • LcF

    yeah, read it somewhere. MS use DLL file, hacker cracks DLL file…
    I haven’t verify it, though.

  • Mr. Bear

    Bear laugh… tehehehe tehehehehe…

    either way kurniawan, MS is serious. Cracked or not… users got to pay. that is the goal of a team in MS to ensure genuine copy to increase MS revenue. Until such point is reached, the real MS-linux competition will start.

    I recommend everybody stay with ori software.

  • Today just receive two updates, one is for security and another for this genuine check. Alertly I uncheck that one.

  • Neo

    I’m testing it inside my VMWare … Works fine the CR****D version.. Nothing has problem.. Even i’m connected to the net :p

  • Neo

    Oh forget to mention.. i did updates too :D .. 1 lesson i’ve learned in my lifetime is “Nothing is Uncrackable”

  • Mr. Bear

    hehehe.. let’s see how MS react to that.. hehehe…

  • Neo

    Bro that i did for lab testing only “peace”

  • actually i think that Microsoft actually could do that way when windows 98 come out.

    But if you think properly, pirated market actually help MS obtain more market share… that is why after ME, 2000, XP and then Vista they start implementing this….this is because the got the market share and it is hard for a lot of people/business to convert to linux

  • pinolobu

    [Edit: Pls do not ask for crack file information]

  • badik

    please give a a simple way to solve this problem. :)

  • LcF

    @badik: buy MS license. that’s the simple and legal way. :)

  • cariduit

    this is a smart move by microsoft eventhough all my pc are still running fine. no nagging screen what ever. this will result in two things. people will actually pay for the license which i think not or people will move to older version of windows or go to free os such as linux and others. either way microsoft will lose some customers in this way. but who cares. bill gates is already rich as hell. btw i agree with “nothing is uncracable” things :D

  • tqm_z

    Vista name reminds me website which is a website for not soo good team.

  • Mr. Bear

    Bear say use legal software. either pay or go by FOSS. No need argue.

    Bear just got a new laptop with XP Home. Hopefully the vendor sent bear a legal copy else bear report to MS.

    Bear runs a home linux server…


  • Choy

    I am using a genuine copy of Windows.
    However, I managed to help my friend to remove that annoying XP windows pop-up nagging message in her “non-genuine” XP.
    Its simple, just delete a few files before XP system start-up. Go figure yourself, I cann’t reveal it otherwise MS will come after me or LiewCF will censored me.

  • colbert

    the tip to uninstall Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is here

  • sanrica

    sir i have installed this genuine microsoft software and i do not want it.whenever i on the computer it comes resolve now or resolve what should i do?

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