New WordPress Red Shirts, International Shipping!

red wordpress shirtWordPress announced the new official WordPress Red t-shirt is available at official with international shipping!

Previously, WordPress Limited Edition T-Shirt is not available outside of the United States.

The WordPress Shop is powered by Indigo Clothing. It uses back the simple design of official WordPress site. A Flickr group called WordPress Apparel has been created for you to show off your official WordPress apparel.

The WordPress Red shirt is short sleeve t-shirt in red, made by American Apparel, screen printed with the WordPress logo on the centre chest. The price is $17 USD or £9.50 GBP for the rest of the world.

The total cost include shipping to Malaysia (Rest of Word) is £14.00 GBP. WordPress Shop accept Credit Card payments only, and the payments are processed by WorldPay.

I ordered one using PB Visa Electron debit card. You?

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  • Ah that’s soo nice. I’ll be joining you too :D Will be ordering it in some time.

  • KennyP

    Wow.. that is RM100, I guess I can get a better shirt with the price.. or make a clone shirt with a lower price

  • LcF

    @KennyP: WordPress logo is copyrighted. Please do not print pirated tshirt. :)

  • I would prefer using Paypal for payment. I hope WordPress can consider it.

  • kenny, 100RM? u sure?

  • KennyP

    malique, sorry, I am wrong, USD17 should be equal to RM58 and GBP9.5 is RM67 at current rates.

  • zaki blogjer

    At RM67, its not that expensive. I’m interested as well. Can we orders in bulk? It can lower down the shipping cost. Does anyone interested?

  • KennyP

    Hmm, including the shipping fee which total cost is GBP14=RM100~

  • not ordering that shirt. but i already have the pb visa electron in the pocket. hehehe.

  • calculated it already around rm 9x … nearly rm 100 for a tshirt.. ? errr…. on second thought, i am thinking of this

    IF my adv income>rm 100 Then
    fast buy and fast get the tshirt
    view the tshirt online only :D
    ENd IF

    easy quote….

  • LcF

    @jason: ya, it is much expensive than other t-shirts in Malaysia… btw, I received mine but haven’t wear it.

  • good then ;)

    will wait and maybe soon will get one (*for viewing purposes onliiii)
    not intend to wear it
    probably will do so during any special ocasion for bloggers only ?

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