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Google Gears Supports Firefox 3.5, Finally

Google Gears has been updated to version 0.5.32. Available for Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac, Linux and Android. Click here to download latest Gears.

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Firefox 3.5 t-shirt

Firefox 3.5 T-shirt, anyone?

With the release of Firefox 3.5, Mozilla Store has added Firefox 3.5 t-shirt for pre-order.

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Download Firefox 3.5, the fastest ever Firefox web browser

Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 at June 30th, 2009. What’s new about it? Should you upgrade/install?

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Lost of Mozilla Store Order

At June 17th, 2008, I ordered a Firefox 3 t-shirt on Mozilla Store International but it hasn’t yet arrived after 5 months! I think I have lost it…

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WordPress 2.6.3 and Icon Designers Wanted

WordPress 2.6.3 has been released to fix a vulnerability in the Snoopy library. Also, WordPress is looking for icon designers for version 2.7.

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Download Firefox 3.1 Beta 1

Some of the new features in Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 are: Web standards improvements in Gecko layout engine Added support for CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 properties A new tab-switching shortcut that shows previews of the tab you’re switching to Improved control over the Smart Location Bar using special characters to restrict your search Support for new web technologies such as the and elements, the W3C Geolocation API, JavaScript query selectors, web worker threads, SVG transforms and offline applications.

… “Firefox For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))” (Blake Ross) listing at “Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools for Next-Generation Web Browsing (Hacks)” (Nigel McFarlane) listing at

Read full story 2008 – The World is Just Awesome 2008 is Malaysia’s premier Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event. It is purely non-commercial event about FOSS. There will be no marketing/sales talks. The vendors will be encouraged to speak on the FOSS technical aspects of their projects/tools.

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Google Chrome, the Simple and Fast Web Browser by Google

Google Chrome is the open source web browser developed from scratch by Google. Available in beta in more than 40 languages, Google Chrome is a new approach to the browser that’s based on the simplicity and power that users have come to expect from Google products.

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BarCamp Malaysia

BarCamp Malaysia 2008

I will goto KL to attend the BarCamp Malaysia held on 26th and 27th July 2008. It is a group of people gather together and sharing with each others. BarCamp Malaysia is the 1st barcamp in Malaysia.

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Solved: Drupal Cannot Display Chinese Characters (Unicodes)

Solution to fix drupal website does not display chinese characters (or other languages).

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Design Your Own Logo

We know that domain name is a branding, so do logo did. I would like to design a logo that could express my blog’s name and my blog niche. I am not an art guy, so I do not have much experience on how to design a logo. How to design? I know design is […]

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Firefox 3 beta 2 Download Available!

A month after Firefox 3 beta 1, Mozilla has released Firefox 3 beta 2 and available for download here. Firefox 3 Beta 2 has improved location bar that make the search result easier to be identified.

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Firefox 3 Beta 1 and Firefox

I just updated Firefox 2 to version from The minor update fixed 3 bugs to improve the stability of Firefox. No new feature. On the other hand, Mozilla released the 1st beta version of Firefox 3 at November 19, 2007 — Firefox 3 Beta 1. It is the next generation of Firefox web browser with many new and improved features.

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Mozilla Prism

Mozilla Prism – Power Up Your Web Application!

Prism is an application that lets you split web applications out of your web browsers and run directly on your desktop.

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Mozilla Firefox Campus Edition

The Mozilla team released a special edition of Firefox called “Firefox Campus Edition”. It combines the Firefox web browser with additional Firefox addons that give you access to music, cool sites and useful research tools.

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