Photos Album: Ayumi Kinoshita (18SX)

Ayumi Kinoshita photo album

Warning! 18SX rated.

Uploaded new photo album of Ayumi Kinoshita. I don’t know who is this pretty girl. I have saw her photos before but didn’t keep in mind.

My friend is her fan. He searched and downloaded all these high quality high resolution photos, and movies as well! I wonder how much time he spend on these stuff. :roll:

P/S: Photos copyrighted to original *unknown* author(s). Do not use them in any commercial purposes.

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  • Jerry

    I’m her big fan too. Mind to ask your friend to share the ways to get the videos? please…

    Thanks in advance.

  • LcF

    He downloads via P2P network.

  • Jerry

    woah… quick reply. which p2p program? i used limewire but found nill.

  • guy

    i read ur blog for the tech reviews but damn.. u sure know how to post pics of babes too!!
    now i go to ur blog for tech and babes 😛

  • LcF

    @Jerry: I think he was using Kazaa. But, please beware of fake files(read: virus) in Kazaa network.

  • Jerry

    ok ok Thanks ALOT!! Keep up the good work. Your tech news rocks. 🙂

  • She’s one of the power rangers in some Japanese power rangers kind of show. Typical model/actress… but she’s DAMN CHUN! @#()$)@#

  • chapree da grande

    Asian chiqs just rox!
    Tech + chiqs = a big smiley face

  • asoshun

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    But the article that does TB is different.
    Please make doing TB the article on “”.

  • LcF

    opps! :p

  • Anonymous

    You can have lots of her photos here. She is really a pretty and cool girl.

  • haku-sama

    hai! so cute! ayumi rocks! check my website, used her in my header image. totally pretty and sexy! ^_^

  • KS

    hi… is the album still accessible?

  • JJ

    Not bad at all, shame the galley is missing I would like to see more of Ayumi.

  • I Like u. so ………………sexey ,and nices buiteful ok.

  • kafanpush

    ilove you

  • jack