Porcupine Baby

Correction: they are hedgehog babies, not porcupine. Sorry for the mistake.

We saw Porcupine hedgehog in the zoo, but have you ever see Porcupine hedgehog’s baby before? Here you are.

Porcupine Baby

Aren’t they cute? Looks like small durian. :P

[ Thanks, Mel ]

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  • Never seen a procupine in a Zoo, but photographed this one in my garden last night

    I think the babies were probably easier to photograph ;-)

  • David Geer

    Porcupine babies? Maybe. But, I’d swear I saw one or two of ’em at a family reunion.

  • wowh, they are super cute!

  • wow..they are cuter than I tought. I saw once while camping…it is pretty cute too…the way it walk is like unstable…but I am not going near one of this thing when it grow up.

  • So cute!

  • Eighty

    Awesome! Don’t the quills shoot out? Or maybe they’re just not developed yet?

  • Colin

    I didn’t realize they were born with the spines… so… how does that affect the mother?

  • colin

    Wow. Those must have hurt coming out.

  • Strangely, they are way cuter than the picture of the baby panda CNN had a picture of the other day.

  • Luna_C

    I think those are hedghog babies and not porcupine babies.



  • are those porcupines or hedgehogs?

  • Marasmus

    Those aren’t porcupines – they’re HEDGEHOGS ;)

  • batwrangler

    I’m willing to be that these cuties are actually family Erinaceidae (probably specifically Atelerix frontalis (southern African hedgehog) or Echinops telfairi (lesser hedgehog tenrec)) rather than family Erethizontidae (the New World porcupines).

  • LcF

    Yes, they are hedgehogs. Sorry for the mistake.

  • hehe…biongbiong still also writes porcupine

  • arr…wth I wrote….i mean boing boing also uses porcupine to describe it.

    I think blog will have very high influence power later in the future…even if you wrote it wrongly, people may just believe it…:)

  • I once played in a band called Tres Buddas. This would have made a cool cover for the CD.

  • LcF

    It is my fault. I did not check carefully and follow the forwarded email subject. :)

  • Elena

    I read somewhere that the spikes on baby hedgehogs are actually quite soft. Thus it won’t hurt the mother during birth

  • Bibi

    Super cute! Hey, say that they look like durina wasn’t nice. :D

  • sozin

    I added your pic to the wikipedia page on hedgehogs.


    hope thats ok

  • Jeff

    Those don’t look very fast…..

  • Those are not porcupines, they are baby hedgehogs.

  • I love hedgehogs- this is a brilliant photo

  • hyper cute!
    I wonder if they are soft

  • Jenna

    Adorable! :)

  • Brad

    Those aren’t porcupines, they are hedgehogs.

  • christina

    well cute regardless although if those are hedgehogs then I REALLY REALLY want to now see what baby porcupines look like

  • They are tooo cute!!

  • Cindy

    Don’t get any ideas from this photo.
    Cute yes, good pets – NO!
    These animals are not friendly to humans and are nocturnal.

  • Kelvin

    this is AMAZING!! whish I could I have one for keeps!

  • It’s 4.30 AM here in Turkey and a grown up version of these cute critters is descimating my garden! Wot wiv the porcupine and the wild pigs I’m lucky to have an garden left at all!

  • I thought hedgehogs were supposed to be pointy. Maybe with them being so light, they don’t hurt much. What did the mommy hedgehog think?

  • congrats on the boingboing traffic

  • I ended up drawing a hedgehog for illustration friday


    – probably seeing the photo earlier in the week triggered the idea.

  • MW de Jager

    Those are Hedgehogs, NOT porcupines.

  • nice side but hard to find:(

  • these would look very cute . . . in my belly

  • mr.eims

    hedgehog have ability to roll into a tight ball., these tiny hedgehog are very cute but they need to learn how to roll from their mom first………

    sonic the hedgehog you know..

  • Amy

    Ok…those are baby hedgehogs as I breed them. You can see pics of them from their first day of birth at photoshop.com user: TenshisQuills.
    Those hedgies look to be about 2 weeks old. Very cute stage.
    They also DO make good pets. NO they can’t shoot quills (neither can porcupines but that’s another story). And finally they are very cute.

  • Emily

    I can’t find ANYTHING cuter than those baby hedgehogs!


  • Lola

    Porcupines are the ones who are born with quills – they’re very soft at birth and begin to harden immediately afterward, on contact with air. Hedgehogs, like these, are actually born without quills exposed – just little bumps that look like pimples where the quills start erupting from the skin within hours after they are born.

  • Marianne

    They look more like chestnut burrs than durian fruit. ;-)http://www.answers.com/topic/chestnut?method=22

  • these are hoglets (baby hedgehogs). they are born with the quills but since its wet, they are soft. when it dries, they will harden but the texture is like a brush. and it wont shoot out.

    how i know? i’m a hog breeder.

  • Wahlau .NET

    those are cute..but the middle looks geli

  • That was so cute. But I really cant make out if what I am seeing is the underside or something else of the animal..

  • bethany

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute

  • Raianda

    their so cute i wish i can hold one

  • Ashley

    OMG!!! i want one!!!! those r sooooooo cute!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!! THOSE ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!

  • Hadi

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Iwant one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are SO CUTE!!!!!

  • autumn johnson

    they r so sute wat r there names send me more and more pictures every day and how much r they and i love them is there only three well got to go i will check my msn every day for hose pictures and if u want to talk add me at pinklipgloss_9 at yahoo dot com

  • Allie Caruso

    tere sooooooo

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