Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

I got my debit card from Public Bank, it open a new big door for me to spend my money, and perhaps earn more money!

I got my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card yesterday morning, it was send by Pos Laju.

Unlike credit card, you won’t go bankcrupt because of using debit card because you need to have enough money in the debit card before you can purchase something.

In that way, you learned to manage your money better. :)

Why do I apply a card?

I do not shop. I apply it because I want to use it to open new opportunities of online business. Without a card, it is hard to do online sell & buy.

Why not credit card?

No, my salary is over RM1500 per month. :P In fact, I had applied for Citibank credit card once during my first job, but got rejected. Surprised?!

After that, I knew about Public Bank debit card can be used like a credit card online, cheaper annual fee(RM24), low requirements(generally, 18 year old or elder, got money in bank).

Therefore, I decided to get a debit card. I don’t do shopping, anyway. Credit card and debit card are same to me.

How am I going to use the card?

First of all, I added the debit card info to activate my PayPal account. I will use the card to verify my status in other online credit card processing system too. Then, I can fund in the accounts.

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Besides, I can use the card to pay for some fees(e.g.: domain and hosting fee), buy books at Amazon, bid at eBay, etc.

Oh. I can buy PC games on behalf to my brother, too.

Earn money from the card?

This is my main purpose. I apply for debit card is not to spend money but to earn more money (from Internet). I am not going to reveal about my plans, yet. Business secret. :P

My two cents

Though there is limit in debit card, but self-control is still very important. When I got the card, suddenly I feel that I can buy ANYTHING(which is less than my bank account balance)!

That is dangerous. Need to always remind myself before using the debit card. Now I can understand why so many Malaysian cannot clear their credit card(s) debt… :roll:

On the other way, with the card in hand, I really feel that there is a door to online business openning for me. That’s great! :grin:

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  • welcome to the club, lcf! i had been using public bank visa electrondebit card too for years. yes, like you, one of my main purpose in applying for it is to make transactions online. although unlike credit card, which we know for sure is accepted everywhere, every companies, the electron card is limit yes, but still it’s good to know that at least a few major companies like amazon and paypal accept the electron card.

    having an debit card is easier to manage accounts than credit card because we will sure keep track of how much we have in our electron card before we spend.

  • kahsoon

    i dont go and apply citibank but they approach me…so i dont think i will get rejected.

    btw…you said

    Oh. I can buy PC games on behave to my brother, too.

    i think you mean on behalf.

  • LcF

    @kahsoon: keep in mind that “approach” and actually “approve” are different story. I got approached too but still rejected at the end.

    btw, thanks for the correction.

  • eklim

    I submitted my application form as well, now i got to wait for their reply. How long does it take you to get everything settle? Hope it’s not too long :/

  • LcF

    quite long… about one to two months.

  • Leng Chian

    Is it that long? Gosh… I just applied couple weeks ago.
    I hope to get it by this month and then i can shift my blog to us webhost
    and verify my paypal :P

  • hm…debit card to good way to control spending. There’s too many bankrupts in msia already

  • knight

    but dun forget debit card is danger compare to credit card
    for credit card you can stop some vendor which keep bill you
    for debit card you can only stop that card and reapply again to avoid this type of vendor

  • LcF

    dangerous? I think it is safer. Debit card has limited amount inside. Example, I have only RM100 in my debit card. The most ppl can bill is that RM100, no?

  • Not danger ? maybe troublesome ? if every month u meet one thsi kind of merchant.. then u need to change ur debit card every month ..

    lol so u would actually open a bank to put limited $$ for debit card purpose ?
    sound wierd right ? and i not sure for internet transaction is that they can only bill on the amount you have .. maybe double check with the bank betteR?

  • Hafiz

    can someone help me plz ..
    i just receive my debit card today morning
    and i wan verify my paypal account ..
    but … i cant coz got this error

    “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”

    any idea ??

  • LcF

    Haifz: how much money you transfered into the debit card? You need more than RM25(minimum of debit card) in order to activate it in PayPal, because PayPal will credit a small amound(USD1+) from your card.

  • Hafiz

    rm25 ngam

  • LcF

    Haifz: put more money(e.g. RM10) to your debit card and try again at PayPal.

  • Hafiz

    ok .. thx …

  • New User of PayPal

    I too got this error when applying the visa electron for paypal for the first time

    I did enter my name…Visa…16 no’s and the security code 3 no’s.
    I just got my Standard Chartered Debit Card with Visa electron!
    On the card stated valid thru


    Anyway I put the expiry date: 02, 2012

  • taufiq

    I’m just not sure, I have seen a merchant use “MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Visa, and debit cards with a MasterCard or Visa logo (GOOGLE AdWords)” for payment option?

    Is it BSN VISA ELECTRON works for this transaction?
    If true then I will rush to BSN today.

  • taufiq

    I have call BSN, PB Customer service,
    both said cannot use their Visa Electron for internet transaction.

    I mention her if the payment option consist “debit card”, the PB CS says yes.

    Visa Electron website says
    “Looking for a fast, convenient, and safe way to pay for your purchases, even when you are online? With a Visa debit card, you can purchase what you want, when and where you want it. Using your Visa debit card is quicker than making a trip to the bank, more convenient than writing checks, and safer than carrying cash. And shopping at home, online, or at locations around the world has never been easier.”

    Is it your debit card works for ALL transaction?

  • Frustrated Visa Electron user!

    I’m just frustrated with the Debit Card (ATM) Standard Chartered with the visa electron.

    I went to update my Paypal still got the same error…”This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”

    Don’t ask me if I have enough money inside my account more than enough!

    Please anyone can guide us how to apply this stupid visa electron!

  • LcF

    taufiq: visa electron card can be used on most online store, even they do not state that they accept visa electron card. How do we know it accept or not? We know after we tried.

    Frustrated Visa Electron user: have you contact Standard Chartered bank customer support?

  • Frustrated Visa Electron user!

    LcF: I’ve contacted them via email…they ask me about the atm car no.
    The next day I’ve received an email from them. They said my account seems to be fine…whether the merchant accept or not….if there any problem need assist please email….

    I’ve tried again adding my debit card visa electron 16 nos and 3 last nos and expiration date to the paypal website. Still have the ” error denied….same old story…. I can’t wait…tomorrow I’m trying to use western union to make money transfer…

    I went to pos office, they ask me go to
    “Bumiputra Commerce Bank” do the “western union” thing…

  • Frustrated Visa Electron user!

    I’m trying to buy item from
    They have option for Money Order, Bumiputra Commerce Band “Western Union” service, do they provide money order service, because those pos office staff asked me to go there, to make my money transfer….
    Do anyone use it?

  • farhan

    i am a international student and study in malaysia.i just want to ask that is any body guide me perhaps i want to use a debit card but idont know which bank offer this coz i am may bank account holder but they did’t offer this facality..
    and how much time it will be take?
    if any body give me a help do email me,,,
    thanks a lot
    [Edit: no email address will be published ]

  • LcF

    farhan: It is Public Bank. It takes about one month plus.

  • can i see my debit balance online ??
    any idea ?

  • Frustrated Visa Electron user!


    I just want to ask can you verify your debit card (visa electron) with paypal ?

    I’m using standard chartered with visa electron (debit card) still cannot!

  • LcF

    Hafiz, we cannot check the balance online.
    Frustrated Visa Electron user! (use shorter name pls): yes, PayPal accept PB visa electron card. I verified mine.

  • farhan

    thnx more thing in public bank debit card what kind of logo i mean Master or Visa.and as i am may bank account holder,is i need to open a new account in public bank?

  • LcF

    the logo is “Visa Electron”. You do not need a new account in Public Bank. Goto Public Bank, ask for a Visa Electron debit card form, fill in and submit. It takes about one month You will get a notification letter with instructions to activate your debit card.

  • NewUser

    LcF: Then if PayPal can accept Public Bank Debit Card (ATM) Visa Electron.
    I don’t have any account there.
    Is there any conditions & how much to apply the ATM Visa Electron Card?
    Do I need to pay every month…to maintain it for the (card)?


  • NewUser

    I just got an email replied to me from Standard Chartered bank, saying the paypal doesn’t show visa electron logo on its website, only visa credit card…

    So I’m quite confuse now why the public bank visa electron debit card can be verified but not standard chartered visa electron debit card?

    If I sign up for the public bank visa electron, what if the error still comes out? Just like the “Hafiz” problem!

    Confuse by it!

  • LcF

    NewUser: You need to keep at least RM25 in the PB debit card. You do not need to have an existing PB account. You do not need to pay every month. There is a yearly fee for the debit card.

    I repeat, I use PB visa electron debit card to verify my PayPal account. It works for me. if it does not work for you, then I have no clue.

  • yap .. my paypal almost e verify now ..
    just wait for 4-digit Expanded Use Number
    hey .. can i use my PB debit card at shop which not hav visa electron sticker. only visa

  • LcF

    Hafiz: you can try. Some accept PB debit card without displaying the visa electron sticker at their shop. I bought my ibook using PB debit card. :)

  • ok ..
    thx for the information ..
    very usefull ..

  • farhan

    is any bodytold me that what is pay pal?

  • paypal is online bank for me ..
    i dont know about other opinion

  • farhan

    i want to know,is debit card work same like credit i like travilling can i use my debit card world wide?can i pay my hotel room charges?etc..

  • ya .. it’s same i think ..
    the different is u need deposit 1st before use .. same like prepaid card ..

  • farhan


  • welcome … >.

  • farhan

    i knew that its not related topic, (sorry)
    but can i bring a laptop from japan via any way.i mean some one send from japan to me can i get here..

  • noname

    LcF: Do i need to open an account with Public Bank if i want to apply this debit card? Recently i went to Public Bank and ask for visa electron debit card, but they said i need to open new account with public bank first.. :(

  • LcF

    The application form I filled in did not stated that you do need to have an existing Public Bank account in order to apply a Public Bank visa electron debit card, because thhe debit card is treated as a separate account. However, you may need to re-confirm with Public Bank.

  • scnetwork

    i am thinking to apply this public bank visa electron :)
    hope everything smoof :)

  • farhan : dont buy any electronic item direct from japan

  • noname

    LcF: how can i fund my debit card if i don’t have an existing Public Bank account? is there any way to fund the card?

  • LcF

    noname: you can goto Public Bank to fund the card. Please proceed to Public Bank counter for more details. :)

  • farhan

    ok.thank you.

  • shashi

    LFC:hi i have just applied for the PB visa electron card. can i use it for online transactions that display only visa logo but not visa electron logo?

  • LcF

    shashi: you can try but no guarantee. 8 of 10 will accept visa electron even it does not has the logo.

  • Alpha

    Anybody try registering with public bank already? Just wanna confirm whether i need to have a PB bank account. Does Maybank issue debit card :)?

  • i already got my own debit card with publicbank without publicbank account .

  • Alpha

    Thx so much for the info guys. Will be applying one very soon. Btw, I came across this as I search, so you might want to read through it first to speed up your application, it’s the Visa electron site for public bank.

  • farhan

    i applied P.B Debit card 22 of last month,but still did’tget any response from them?why/ how ;long it will be take?

  • LcF

    it took me over one month to receive my debit card.

  • lol …
    mine only a week

  • farhan

    yesterday i visited the P.B branch where i submit the application,
    but serprise when i heard that there is no record of my application.coz the officer who take my application did’t submit it all.(ohhh)
    so i have to apply agine.
    pray for me.

  • irwanvedder


    anybody here are using AllianceBank Debit Card? Please refer to this link..

    thank you.

  • thanks for the info, liew!

  • Hai guy,

    I had mine last year. But i naver used the card.
    I want to ask, if someone know?

    How to recive payment using they card to my Aco.
    I know you can go to PB counter to make payment.
    but what i whan to know is can somebody pay to my Visa acount
    with they visa card. Likely online. Or how i clame the money in bank.

    Do i need the swipe thing. please. help me…

  • LcF

    we cannot transfer fund into PB visa electron card via online, it need to be done at PB ATM.

  • Hai again.

    can we check if someone bank-in to us, online. As far as i know, PB only give statment (Kenyataan) by pos. how can i check if someone bank to me to my aco inediately.

    Thank you LcF

  • noname

    i believe the answer is cannot. i think there is no online service available for this debit card like Pbebank,Mb2u and etc. you can do that at ATM to check balance and etc.
    Do you have public bank account? if you have one, you can use the PBebank online banking service.

    p/s: i just received my PB visa electron last month.. i do not need the PB account :D

  • yur1ca

    Check balance 4 debit card on PR debit card is available but charge with some fee…not sure how much is the fee, but u may check it online..login to ur PBE online banking acc.there is that facility..

    By the way, my main concern is on paypal, i got 1.5k fund to my paypal weekly and i know that fellow malaysian unable to withdraw money to local bank, is there any other alternative for us to withdraw the money from paypal to other online pay processor or exchanger and then transfer to local bank? plz enlighten me, thanks.

  • 1sen

    anybody… pls help me I receive PB debit card. I want to use this card with my paypal. Right now I cannot verify the PB card at Palpal verify member. Anybody have idea how to get verify my Paypal??..

    Thank in advance.

  • LcF

    1sen: login paypal, add your pb debit card info. At the end of the month, you get the paypal code in your PB bill. Enter the code into your PayPal account to verify it.

  • 1sen

    how do I put in the info, cause went I put in the debit detail, submit and here the error msg (“This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”).

  • LcF

    do you have enough credit in the debit card? You need to have spare RM10 in the debit card, beside the minimum amount.

  • david

    another simple method to use PB debit card to verify paypal account

  • Selipar

    hi all! i’d like to know the best currency to choose from, either US dollar or else by taking other consideration such as taxes or anything if i wanna register for paypal using visa electron..

    thanks for attention.

  • LcF

    Selipar: US dollar will do. You do not get charged for verify PayPal account (it will refund to you).

  • Selipar

    thanks a lot LcF. That’s a relief. What a suprised flash reply.. :) :)

  • LoL

    Hi there LcF, can the Debit Card use to verify StormPay ? or just paypal?

  • LcF

    LoL: I have not use it to verify StormPay before.

  • noname

    hi there LcF,
    can i add the same pb debit card that i accidentally remove from my paypal account? when i tried to add that card again, i received this: “This card has been disabled for entry into the PayPal system. Please add a different card.” i dont have any other card to get my paypal verified :( Do you have any idea how to verify using that same card again?


  • LcF

    noname: one credit card/debit card can be used for one PayPal account only. You may try to contact PayPal customer service for the issue. Worse comes to worst, cancel the PB debit card and Re-apply it.

  • tcmean

    i found that it is possible to fund the debit card through ebank service. Balance enquiry also possible on ebank. It is all stated here:

  • deart

    The big question still not answered, can you fund your debit card with paypal, not from credit account but money that you earn from internet business.

    What is the point of keeping a secret and blog about simple banking issue here, typical Malaysian.

  • LcF

    deart: if your paypal fund is not enough to pay the bill, PayPal will credit from your debit card.

  • deart

    The thing is, I already have a credit card verified to use under paypal, as from what I read here you can only asign one card either credit card or debit card.

    Is there a reason it has to be PB bank? Can you withdraw cash from ATM? If so, Why paypal borther to block us from withdrawal at all? Or is it just for online transaction only.

    Is it that simple, get a PB bank debit card will enable us to top up with available funds from our paypal account and get cash from relevant ATMs which caries Meastro/ Cirus logo?

  • LcF

    I do not have a credit card, that’s why I use debit card. PB visa electron debit card has been proven that accepted by PayPay. I am not sure about other banks’ debit card. We can withdraw the money in debit card via ATM.

    PayPal does not block us. It hasn’t extend withdrawal service to Malaysian. Please read “PayPal’s reply to Malaysia members

    Yes, we all hope to be able withdraw PayPal fund locally soon. We waited few years for PayPal to accept Malaysian member, I think we have to wait again for the PayPal fund withdrawal service.

  • icycokes

    hi, found this website from google.. would like to ask, can this can work as normal credit card? or we hv to seek for the visa electron logo in order to use it? how long will the application of this card gone thru?

    and in paypal, if i verified this debit card, can i accept funds (instant transfer) from other paypal account? and has it got any limitations? (like sending limit or receiving limit)

    i’m only 17 this year.. can u guys tell me the requirements? like age, how many $, jobs?


  • LcF

    icycokes: if you have credit card, it is better. I don’t have a credit card, therefore I apply for debit card. Debit card looks like a credit card but not all shops accept it.

    It took a month for PB to approve my debit card. If I am correct, you are required to be 18 year old to apply a debit card. Unlike credit card, it is very easy and no strict rule while applying debit card.

    Yes, you can accept/send PayPal fund without limitation after verified the debit card in your PayPal account.

  • icycokes

    i c! such a quick reply.. anyway, can i ask my parents to apply the card for me? (as i’m underage) can i still use this card? i mean on physically, shopping and dining?

    i read the the application form, found out that the name on card can be differ with cardmember’s name.. so can i fill my name on my parent’s card?

    how about the expand use? last time i borrowed my parent’s credit card on paypal.. wrongly entered the expand use number then ended up the card is now blocked by paypal.. so the question is, does this card hv monthly bills? or can i view my bills online?


  • deart

    It is so easy to get a credit card nowadays, go to any shopping complex and you’ll find these indipendance promoter, though no guarantee but apply for all if you wish.

    I myself barely make 2k a month but I have 4 cards 3 of which is not used, if your income is just enough to sustain your expenditure, go register as a sole proprietor business man then your chances is higher, they will assume you have side income.

  • LcF

    @icycokes: I am not sure but I think it is better to have your own card to avoid some unforeseen conflicts. Yes, the debit card has monthly bill but cannot view the bill online.

  • icycokes

    ya.. 1 more question, does it need to enter expand use number? the number only comes in the bill monthly?


  • LcF

    @icycokes: the PayPal account verification only complete after you enter the expand use number in the monthly bill.

  • that’s mean, after we get our new card from PBB, then login to paypal, and add card, then after get our first bill from PBB, entering the code provided in the bill, then only our verification is complete? (sounds like months of progress; waiting card. then wait for bill, then only beong verified) is that correct?

  • liew, u did apply the pbb card thru online right? then they delivery by poslaju? when u paid for the first fee and also those RM25 min ?

  • LcF

    that’s mean, after we get our new card from PBB, then login to paypal, and add card, then after get our first bill from PBB, entering the code provided in the bill, then only our verification is complete? (sounds like months of progress; waiting card. then wait for bill, then only beong verified) is that correct?


    I applied at PB branch. They deliver the card by PosLaju. You will receive a letter ask you to fund the debit card before PB send you the db card.

  • deart

    I like to send USD1.00 to your pay pal account and see if you can fund your debit card with it.

    Would you mind trying this LcF? It will be a great news if you could.

  • LcF

    we cannot fund debit card with PayPal fund.

  • pys

    that mean even with PBB debit card, you still cannot withdraw money from paypal locally?

  • LcF

    yes, we cannot withdraw paypal fund locally.

  • reynna

    if we have credit card, how long does it take to approve our paypal application? is it immediate?

  • LcF

    It is not immediately. PayPal will charge a small amount (US$1.95, if I remember correctly) on your card, and a secret number will printed on your card monthly bill statement. You need to key in the secret number to complete the paypal account verification.

  • If I apply PB Debit Card, that means I can apply for PayPal right? Ok. So with PayPal account, I can shop almost everywhere online right? So when I shop online using PayPal say to buy a shoe for USD50, I will key in my PayPal details. Then do I need USD50 dollar in my account? Or PayPal will directly get money from my PB Debit Card? And if I dont have enough money in PB Debit Card, will they block the transaction right away? I mean how can they check so fast? Thanks in advance for the reply.

  • LcF

    @haniff: if you do not have enough paypal fund, the rest will be deducted from your debit card. If your debit card does not has enough money, the transaction will fail.

    It is fast because everything is digital. :)

  • can paypal deduct the amount from PB card? i thought we have to transfer the money to our paypal first…

  • LcF

    @reynna: i talk on my personal experience. PayPal did deducting money from my PB card when my PayPal account does not has enough fund.

  • haniff

    thanks for the fast reply.

    this comment page is becoming like a useful forum for all who’s applying for PB Debit Card.

    I’m applying mine online and will post the form tomorrow. How long will it take? Did you apply online too?

  • LcF

    it took a month plus to process my application. I did not apply online.

  • PYS

    any body know a way to withdraw fund from paypal

  • i posted “Withdraw money from Paypal, Malaysia” on my blog. Maybe it may be useful? It’s actually through third party, Asianpay.

  • farhan

    hi to all,
    if anybody know that a debit card with visa logo and chip as will plz let me know?

  • Lai

    I do not shopping.

    Liew, it shoudl be ” I do not shop” .

  • LcF

    thank you for the correction, Lai

  • i’ve just fund my card with RM35, is that enough for verifying my paypal later?

  • anonymous

    how to fund paypal account using public bank debit that possible?

  • LcF

    @reynna: keep the minimum credit + USD2 in MYR in your debit card.
    @anonymouse: no, we can’t fund paypal account using public bank debit card. But, if our paypal fund is not enough, paypal will deduct the balance from debit card.

  • icycokes

    wow, i’ve got the card last week! logged on paypal.. and evrything was goes smooth! now i just hv to wait for the verification number on the bills..

    questions, if i funded in the card in afternoon with cash, can i use the fund in paypal immediately? can we accept paypal funds from another paypal user? is there any limit on this?

    i think we must leave RM 25 minimum in the account..? i funded in RM 50 for the 1st time and the expand use program on paypal went thru smoothly.

    PS: i did applied thru online, the procedure was very fast. after i registered online, then i sent the signature and photocopies of ic to the PB card department. after 1 week, they sent me a letter ask me to fund the card. after fund in the card with RM 50, the card was received by POS LAJU few days later! because i was quite busy and fund in the card after 2 weeks of letter received, so the whole procedure tooks almost 1 month! :)

    all the best to u all :D

  • LcF

    @icycokes: glad that you received your debit card. Yes, you can receive paypal fund from other paypal members.

  • icycokes

    i’ve just received the 1st bill of this pbbank debit card. it has encouraged me to go register pbebank online finance at the atm.

    can u ppl register ur card to online finance? i can’t, when i go to the atm, no “other services” r not available.. how should i do to register my online finance?


  • Priscilla

    hi everyone,

    i sent my application 4 months ago and still have no answer from public bank. I sent through mail and sign up online. But you know what? Now I know why they haven’t process my application. I forgot to send the payment.’s been 4 months and I didn’t realize it. Now I have to apply again and wait for months. So just wanna ask you guys, the RM 25.00 that you sent to them, is it like money order purchase from pos office or what? By the way, how to reload this card if doesn’t have PB account?

  • u need to get the letter from PB first, before reloading the money.. they’ll give an account number for u to deposit the money. The payment can be made at any PB branch.

  • LcF

    @Priscilla: the RM25 is the minimum you must have in the debit card. I suggest you send more money so that u can buy some stuff immediately after received the card.

    You can reload the card at Public Bank ATM (cash debit).

  • Priscilla

    Thanks for the advise guys. Well actually i already registered through online and print the form. So, all I have to do is just sent the form first and wait for their letter? or do i have to include the RM 25.00 with the form together and mail to them? I already did the first one ( sent the form by mail to them 4 months ago) but until now i haven’t received any feedback. So what should I do?

  • LcF

    @Priscilla: I would suggest you walk in PB branch, and fill in the form again. You don’t need to include RM25 until you have been asked so.

  • i suggest u register again from the website. coz recently, the online registration get a feedback the soonest in a week. u may try ur luck again!

  • btw liew, what do u mean, by atm cash debit? if we don’t have any account with PB, can we use that facilities?

  • LcF

    @reynna: I am not confirm but debit card itself is an account. atm cash debit should work.

  • how does the cash debit works? do u mean atm cash deposit machine?

  • LcF

    yes, atm cash deposit machine.

  • Priscilla

    Well..thank you for the advise guys. I think I better go to the branch PB and send the form to them eventhough i’m going to be stuck inside with lots of people :(. Wish me luck. Thanks a million.

  • LcF

    @Priscilla: You don’t need to Q. Go straight to the customer service counter. :)

  • Priscilla

    I went to PB just now…and you know what….my 4 months ago application was approved. I didn’t received any letter from PB cause maybe the postman didn’t do his job.. X-( So the PB officer ask me to bank in some amount on the card and within a week i’ll receive the card. I was so relief. If not because of your advise LcF, I would not know that my application have been process. I just can’t wait for it. Thanks a lot.

  • LcF

    @Priscilla: glad to know that your PB debit card is approved. :)

  • caraocos

    Is it possible to transfer money from maybank2u to PB Visa Electron Account?
    Thanks in advance.

  • jm

    Ok this is the list of Visa Debit available in Msia,
    -Standard Chartered

    I am waiting for PB debit card now.

    Dont apply for BSN visa debit card, I have tried it, and it dont works on any online transaction.

    Did anyone of you try the other 2 debit card? heard that SC card is not working with Paypal as well.

  • hey guys, can someone verify to me. just now i call pb service card centre, and ask whether we can fund our card via online banking i.e maybank2u. he said CAN! but he sounds not so sure. is there anyone who sucessfully fund the card via maybank2u or other online bank service? pls let me know ok.

    btw liew, can u list down, the website that u personally experience buy online using your pb card? is all website that display VISA logo will accept pb card? thanks!!

  • omg, i didn’t realize that u already post about maybank2u thingy at another topic. wahh it’s really convinient!

  • LcF

    Transfer fund from Maybank2U to Public Bank Debit Card (Ask LcF)

  • Wog

    I cant buy Skype credit, or fund moneybooker via PB debit card.. why ahh???

  • amran

    Can debit card used for egold processor ? Transfer from egold account?

  • LcF

    Sorry, I never try e-Gold before.

  • kelvin

    I hav a public bank debit card, but when i register in paypal, there are “Enroll in PayPal’s Expanded Use Program” message. What is this mean for? Another message is “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.”

  • cikguonline


  • stepweb


    do u think i can use this debit card to booking Airasia online?


  • LcF

    @stepweb: I never book AirAsia ticket before… I wrote an email to AirAsia, waiting for their reply.

  • wtze

    Hi, everybody

    For those Public Bank VIsa Electron cardholder ang those interested in applying one,

    Actually Malaysia is always walking ‘reverse’, other developed countries are promoting ‘buy now pay now’, but malaysia is going towards credit line “buy now pay later”.

    Although a number of banks do provide Visa Electron, but most (or every except Public Bank) are providing Visa Electron as aby-product(a convenience for their deposit account holder as an global welcomed ATM card). Unlike Public Bank’s Visa Electron is a pure debit card product with cash rebate( simlar advantage to their credit card holder).

    Actually Visa Electron is a widely accepted card whenever Visa is acceptable. However, Public Bank has yet to upgrade their Visa Electron to chip-based card , that’s why most of the merchant refuse to accept( although their terminals are actually compatible, and also due to their little knowledge about debit card). Actually this card is global welcomed but limited usage in Mlaysia only. Like singapore, i went there to spend, no problem, they has yet to upgrade their cards to smart chip card. Malaysia has to, due to the credit card fraud in Malaysia. All fraud card are gold or platinum, where got debit card with spends limit? The merchants are brainless therefore refuse to accept Visa Electron. Maybe some of the credit card issuers like MBF cards Sdn Bhd, I think they have prevent any usage via swipe through their credit card terminal, therfore PB Visa Electron with magnectic stripe are not accepted.

    Therefore, I urge everyone to send your complaints/feedback via
    “Contact Us” at I have been sending my feedback oftenly since last year but they claim that the management yet to finalise the convertion to chip card. I hope by the meant of larga amount of feedback of Consumers, they will speed up their process to upgrade the card.

    Please! Please contribute by ‘forcing’ the management to upgrade the card for our convenience! Else, we will keep feeling ashame having rejected by the cashier!!!

    Upgrade to chip card!!!

  • Tome

    Hi Liew, Can I fund my PB bank debit card via paypal and withdraw it in malaysia ahh??? if can, how long does it takes ahh?

  • LcF

    @Tome: No, you can’t fund PB bank debit card via PayPal. We need a U.S debit card to withdraw PayPal funds in Malaysia. The good news is, a free ebook is available for Malaysians. :)

    FREE Download PayPal in Malaysia

  • Ryan Law

    Dear Liew …

    i read your articles here ( but never read all lar ) … recently i have been surfing the net for debit cards and i only found out recently ( literally very recently ) from a friend of mine that Klang valleys 711 actually sold the debit card for RM25 ( thank god for that, if not, i would have bought the USD 399 debit card somewhere somehow ) …. i am still in doubt though, and do you mind clearing me ??

    1 ) Debit card is a good business for both bankers and consumers ( as no credit checks and its widely accepted ) and our little neighbours bank, Singapore, even give out debit cards for account holders … But why Malaysian banks are so different ? how come they dont advertise it so openly although it encourages consumers to sign up ? anything “fishy” there ?

    2) both anual fee and usage charges aside, betweern NexG mastercard and PB Visa Electron, which one is better and widely recognise ?

    3) celaka lar, how come klang valley 711 got sell but ipoh and other states 711 not selling ~!? damn shitty lar

  • LcF

    @Ryan Law:
    1) No idea. I don’t work for bank.
    2) NexG is new in 2006. PB Visa Electron debit card has been around for a few years. Since I do not own a NexG card, I can’t compare them.
    3) Ya, I am waiting in Johor too.

  • ryan_law15

    mind telling me how to sign up for the PB visa electron ?
    what type of account should i be opening if i wanted to have a Pb visa electro and the cost associated by opening the account ,,,

    help …. anyone ??



  • LcF

    @ryan_law: you can apply online or get the form in any PB branch. Read PB debit card document for more information.

  • mL

    Refer to Ryan Law replied on September 21st, 2006 at 12:29 pm…
    What is meaning of 711 ? I cant catch his meaning.
    LcF, do u understand it?

  • LcF

    @mL: no idea, it guess it is the name of a place

  • ryan_law15

    7-eleven …. 24 hours convenient shopping …. got it ?
    klang valley 7-eleven meaning 7-eleven outlets in the klang valley only, no where else ….

    wanna know where klang valley is ?

  • mL

    okok… Got it Got it… I tot brand new debit card… haha.

  • TerRenCe

    for information, i own a nexg card.
    the nexg is Prepaid Master CREDIT CARD and NOT DEBIT CARD.
    differences from pb db card are
    1. world-wide acceptance
    2. is credit card

  • park

    hi..i’m new in online payment processor…i just want to ask which is better to pick either pbvisa electron or Ambank nexg?…and which one give more benefit too build a business online?…thanks…please help me..

  • LcF

    @park: meither PB visa electron nor Ambank NexG help you build an online business. They only help you to SPEND MONEY online. :)

  • Shizuru


    Just a quick questions.
    In your past post, you said that “no, we can’t fund paypal account using public bank debit card” but “Yes, you can receive paypal fund from other paypal members”

    Can you please explain? Thank you.

  • LcF

    @Shizuru: I don’t quite sure what do you need me to explain.

    While we cannot fund our PayPal account with public bank debit card, we can use paypal account to do purchasing and it will credit our debit card.

    PayPal member can send PayPal funds to anyone with or without a PayPal account (as long as he/she has an email address).

  • Shizuru

    Yeah, I finally get it.
    After reading more of your other articles.

    Meaning that we cant have the money in our hand. As in cash but can still use the money in our PayPal account to buy things from the net.


    Your blog is really helpful. Thumbs up ^^

  • ErMa

    To Terrence :-

    I’m so interested to use the nex g..could u give sum advice please?
    Actually i’m kind of credit card phobic coz i saw a lot of ppl bankcrupt coz of the credit i tot this nex g is safer but after i read u wrote that nex g is prepaid master credit card not a debt card so i’m scared to try.

    please advice…

  • ibo

    plz if anyone can tell me whether pb electronic visa debit card has cvv or not?
    now im applying from pb,they told me that i must wait for about 2 weeks,the first week,i will receive a letter including the card no.,i must deposit some money inside then go to pb to collect the card.
    plz tell me that is this all true or it will take longer,and the letter will also contain the cvv or security code of my card or not.
    thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LcF

    @Erma: NexG is PREPAID, so you won’t bankrupt by using it.

    @ibo: Yes, PB debit card has CVV. Yes, it is truth that you need to deposit some money before collect the card. The letter will not contain the CVV number of your debit card.

  • ana

    where i can fined the VISA ELECTRON ATM mashine in Langkawi???Do you have it here??

  • megat

    sorry liew… wanna ask some quiry. PB visa debit card, it’s sold at local bank or apply online!? like AmBank NexG Mastercard stater pack!?

  • LcF

    @ana: I have no idea. I am not in Langakawi.

    @megat: You can apply PB debit card online or via PB branch. PB debit card is not sell as a pack like AmBank NexG

  • cybersix

    I’ve something to ask…
    since my brother have public bank account and debit card, can i use his debit card to validate paypal?

    visit my blog:

  • LcF

    @cybersix: you will get into trouble when paypal wants to verify your status.

  • Jasmine

    I m interested use Debit Card to make money online…
    If who got this experience can tell me how?

  • andrew

    Then can I pay by cash upon registeration?

  • LcF

    @andrew: I don’t understand your question

  • andrew

    Can I immediately pay the RM35 by cash without going through the hassle of paying via cheque on the day I submit my registration form itself?

  • LcF

    @andrew: if i am correct, you can pay at Public Bank branch or direct bank fund transfer. Please confirm it at your nearest PB branch.

  • andrew

    What about the annual fees? When do I need to pay the annual fees? After one year using the debit card or on the day I get the card ?

  • andrew

    I mean when did you pay your annual fees, is it after a year you got your PB debit card or did you pay the annual fees together with the RM 35 before u receive your debit card?

  • LcF

    @andrew: a year after you got your PB debit card

  • andrew

    I’m confused with payment method.

    I went to PB to apply the DB card already and they directed me to make a RM25 payable cheque from the bank counter. After waited for several minutes, the banker producde a check and gave it to me. So what am I suppose to do with cheque? Do I need to submit the cheque to the customer service officer who deals with DB card my application or deposit it to a cheque deposit machine?

  • LcF

    @andrew: why didn’t you ask the customer service officer? I did not use any cheque when I apply my PB debit card.

  • andrew

    The officer was not on his desk and I had some important stuff to do so I had to leave earlier. If you did not use any cheque, then how did u pay the RM 25?

  • hello..i just wanna ask about my Public Bank Debit card:-

    1 – how long it takes if i made Giro Transfer from maybank2u into my Debit Card acount?

    2 – i didnt receive any pin number yet… is Public Bank will sent it to my house and how long i need to wait…

    3 – how to check my balance?..

  • LcF

    @goldendream: 1. 1 to 2 days
    2. public bank will send to you after you debit money into the debit card account. It is express mail.
    3. from ATM or

  • jon

    I think I should receive my public bank debit card by this week or next week. Upon keying in the particulars of our debit card, there is a 3 digit verified number we need to key in, right? I heard we can only get the 3 numbers after receiving a debit card bill statement from Public Bank every end of the each month.My questions are, is there any numbers imprinted at the back of the PB debit card we need to key or is the verified numbers found only in the bill statement are two separate numbers we need to key in later? Another question is, let’s say if I receive my debit card on the 18th of January, will I receive my bill statement by 31st of January or on the 18th of February? Do we have to wait exactly for 30 days after receiving the card to accept the bill statement or just the end of the each month? So after keying in my PB debit card particulars but before verifying the extra 3 numbers that will be imprinted in my bill statement, will my card be considered “added” into my paypal account? Sorry if there are so much questions, but I think since you have some experience dealing with the Public Bank debit card and its bill statement so you might be one of the appropriate person to ask :D

  • LcF

    @Jon: 1. yes, there is a 3 digit secure number at the back of PB debit card, just like any other credit card.
    2. You will receive bill statement after the end of the month, same as credit card bill statement.
    3. Keying in PB debit card particulars means you “added” it into your PayPal account. But you haven’t “Verify” the debit card before you key in the 3 digit verify number. Your PayPal account will be verified AFTER you keyed in the 3 digit number.

  • jon

    thanks liewcf. That’s because Paypal wants me to add credit card before receiving my payment from other people. So I was wondering whether I can just add the credit card and receive payment while verified my account at the end of the month.

    Anyway, when I was keying in the debit card card particulars there is a section that ask us to choose the card type. There are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Which one should I choose for my public bank debit card?

  • LcF

    @jon: since it is Visa Debit Card, choose “Visa” when asked.

  • jon

    what is the expiration date? Will it be stated in our debit card? Sorry for all these questions because i never used credit card/debit card before.

  • LcF

    the expired date will be printed on the card. the debit card account will be renewed every year.

  • ahmed

    I want to ask you about the PIN code of the card

    when you received it because I got the card but they didn’t send me the

    PIN code so I cant use the ATM machine.

    and thank you for the information that you are producing.

  • LcF

    @ahmed: I am not sure, please proceed to nearest Public Bank branch for assistant.

  • jon

    When Paypal says my card has been denied by bank that issue this card, it normally means card problem right?

  • LcF

    @jon: has your card activated?

  • jon

    how do I know the card is activated ornot?

  • jon

    how do I know the card is activated? Can we check online?

  • LcF

    You can check your PB debit card balance at Public Bank ATM. If succeed, your card has been activated.

  • jon

    I just called the customer service center and they told me the cheque I had bank into debit card has not been cleared.

  • Hi,

    I’ve just applied online about a week and half ago, and I’ve posted the copy of my IC and the application form on the 19th January. But I’m staying in a hostel/dorm now, but is it OK if I wrote my permanently home address in the form? So the letter will go to my home right?

    Other than that, is there any way other than cheque or go to PB branch to pay the RM25 money? Maybe like e-banking? Since my schedule is very tight and I couldn’t go out too often.. So I really need to depends on the internet..

    Thanks for reading. :)

  • Kay Stanford Jr Kastum

    Hi Super LCF! I was just wondering, did u mean that u also manage to withdraw your pay pal funds thru this card?

  • LcF

    Hi, I only use the card to VERIFY my paypal account, not withdraw.

  • Kay Kastum

    Ok Cool. Looks like this card is really useful. Less risk then a credit card since there are no temptations :D

  • Ahmed


    Nice discussion going on…. I have some queries and think you can give me some good answers..

    I’m from India, I have a ICICI bank Visa electron debit cum atm card… I have a 3-digit security number on the back of the card..

    I want to verify my paypal account with that card details…

    When I tried it, I got an error msg – “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card”…

    My Questions are:-

    1. Are all Visa Electron debit cards are the same irrespective of the Banks that issue them & and the country where the bank resides?

    2. In case we supply our debit card number and 3-digit security code, then paypal must obviously contact some centralized server (hope Visa) to find its authenticity. Or does it has another mechanism to verify the existence of the card details. In case the centralized server is Visa, then can we directly check our card existence from the same before trying to register with Paypal?

    3. I saw in some website that in case we enter the card number of the Visa electron card, then we should enter the 3-digit security code as 000… Is it true?

    4. I have around 1000 Indian Rupees in my account. Is this enough for the minimum amount needed?

    Please clarify my doubts if possible.


  • Ahmed

    Ref to the following link (Type 000 as the CVV security code)

    Thank You

  • LcF

    @Ahmed: I am not sure how visa electron debit cards work but not all cards are same. For example, only debit cards issued by two banks can be used to verify paypal account.

    I haven’t try 000 as CVV security code. Every visa electron debit card should has the code at the back.

    You should check with your card issuer about the debit card minimum amount. You should always keep a higher amount in the card.

  • Joshua

    Hi, stumbled upon your site by accident.
    Just wanna ask some questions, is PB debit card accepted by California Fitness?
    How long does it take for you to get your PB debit card from the day you register?

  • LcF

    @Joshua: I don’t know “California Fitness”. It took less than a month to receive PB visa electron debit card.

  • aryz

    ya .. PB visa electron , I think is the best in Malaysia ,
    were can accept at any Visa electron terminal ( I think at all Visa & mastercard accept ) , use for buy online , airline ticket , payment utility bill ,
    all can make as normal credit card .

    Also if you already have saving account at public bank & use Internet banking , you also can add this card to you internet banking account ,
    easy to manage your spending & tranfers money through online .

  • Wan

    HI LCF! How to verify paypal account using the visa electron debit card?

  • LcF

    @Wan: login paypal and add a credit card (even you are using debit card)

  • Wan

    i signed up to paypal and added the debit card but they ask for the expanded number stuff. what to do abt it?

  • LcF

    @wan: you will get the “expanded number” from the paypal transaction in the debit card statement, which you will receive monthly.

  • Wan

    thank u… :D

  • Sameer

    guys..better go for eon bank’s impian master card… also a debit card..but the best thing about it is that..u can use it online…& it is more widely accepted than visa electron…& u wont have to wait too long to get it…eventhough u can get it instantly….

  • Thx Lcf, nice guide, hope this method still works…have one pending payment today….gonna apply for the debit card on monday and hope that the PB will process it ASAP if not my payment will be denied automatically or so I heard….

    Let me do the honour to finalize this thingy…..Visa Debit Card from PB is used for WITHDRAWALs from paypal and NOT FUNDING paypal.

    PB needs a few weeks to process your Visa Debit Card….so wait patiently

    Paypal do not let you withdraw without any verifications so use PB Visa Debit Card to verify it!

  • LcF

    @EliteVillain: It will take about a month to get PB Visa Debit Card.

    While you can VERIFY PayPal account using PB Visa Debit Card, you cannot withdraw PayPal funds using the card.

    In order to withdraw PayPal funds, you need a bank account that accepted by PayPal (eg. US bank account).

    When your PayPal account has $0.00 balance, PayPal will credit from your PB Visa Debit Card. No need to fund PayPal account, and you can continue online purchase with money in PB Visa Debit Card.

  • Well first thing first, i got to verify it then i need to find another way to withdraw the money…cuz now i cant even accpet payment so i need to verify then can accept payments rite?

  • LcF

    yup, verify paypal account first.

  • charmaine

    hihi, i’m js received my public electron n pin code, but stil got some Q hope can get d answer frm u guyz…
    1)may i noe d limit per transaction?
    2)purpose for d pin code?for ATM transaction? make payment @ d outlet need key in password not??
    thanks ya…^___^

  • LcF

    @charmaine: 1) trasaction limit = total of the balance in your debit card?
    2) the PIN will be used at ATM. you only need to sign when making payment at the outlet, same as credit card.

  • charmaine

    ^__^thx for ur reply ya…

  • Siawshun

    Today i just got my PB Debit card, i hav few question wan to ask!
    1) Can I check my balance in the card? How to check?
    2) Can i use it to Book Air ticket and Hotel on the Internet?
    3) How to get the PIN number if i wan to withdraw money from the ATM machine?
    Thank You!!

  • LcF


    1) Can I check my balance in the card? How to check?
    2) Can i use it to Book Air ticket and Hotel on the Internet?
    3) How to get the PIN number if i wan to withdraw money from the ATM machine?

    1) You can check the card balance at any local ATM. If I remember correctly, you will be charged if check at non-PB ATM.
    2) I never tried to using debit card to book online air ticket or hotel. I did use it to buy books.
    3) Don’t you get a temporary pin number and required to change it at ATM?

  • I found out several methods to withdraw money from paypal….but i think most of them very costly…. well i have posted the methods that i found in my blog and posted ur method with link back to your blog ….

    In the end i found out if i verify paypal, and then had to send to Asianpay online bank, thats what i heard, but do not know it works or not. so LcF do u know how to withdraw the money? besides using VMI by hongkiat….


  • LcF

    I use AccentVisaCard, similar to VMI

  • I dont have the card, but i seriously need to verify my paypal, can i use someone else credit card to verify it before payperpost take back my money? thank you!

  • LcF

    @vhanded: no, you cannot use other’s card to verify your PayPal account.

  • Dickson

    how 2 insert CVV code from PB visa electron debit card for online transaction? since you said it can use online right… anybody do this ? is it possible do that way?

  • LcF

    @Dickson: when you asked to insert CVV code, just type in your PB debit card CVV code that located at the back of the card (same as credit card).

  • shajahan ahamed kabeer

    i was submit my debit visa electron card apply form in the bank fast two week but i dont got my card

  • LcF

    @shajahan ahamed kabeer: if do not receive any update from the bank after 3rd week, please call or proceed to the bank branch.

  • Dickson

    is it possible for a foreigner which are not currently living in malaysia apply for PB debit card?

  • LcF

    @dickson: I am not sure. Please proceed to any PB branch for more information.

  • Andrew 123

    Dear LcF,

    How do i withdrawl money Frm Paypal via PB debit card?


  • LcF

    @Andrew 123: we do not withdraw paypal funds using the PB debit card. The PB debit card is used to VERIFY paypal account, not withdrawal.

    Currently, Malaysians can get a U.S. debit card to withdraw paypal funds. I recommend reading MalaysiaPal ebook (USD3) for more information.

  • Umakant

    Hey friend i have got my debit card .. visa electron..
    but there is no number printed on back panel..
    the signature panel is just empty..
    how i get it..
    i walked to bank they said visa debit not for online

    plz tell me proper way..i hae only this option no other way

  • Andrew123

    thnx for the rply, how do i find my 3 digits of security code on the card?

  • LcF

    @Umakant: is it public bank visa electron debit card? I have my card number printed on the back of the card. that’s weird, unless public bank changed the card?

  • LcF

    @Andrew123: like a credit card, the PB debit card 3 digits of security code is printed on the back side of the card.

  • Rono

    Can we use debit cards to buy air ticket? Anyone have any experience?

  • LcF

    @rono: I haven’t buy air ticket online using debit card before. maybe you can try and tell us?

  • aaron

    hi guys, i have a Q.
    is it possible to transfer fund from different bank accounts to this PB debit card account?
    for example, from Maybank2u to the PB account.
    since I’m living overseas and my maiden account is Maybank, i thought online transfer to PB would be convenient.

  • LcF

    @aaron: yes, it is possible. Please read this post

  • fre

    how long does it take to receive the card? Going to need it fast.

  • LcF

    @fre: about 3 weeks, less than a month.

  • Heya, you manage to buy stuff from Amazon? I cant la. Basically I cant do any online shopping at all. :((

  • LcF

    @Honey Star: yes, I bought a few books on using the PB debit card.

  • Navin

    hi, this blog is really helpful ! i’m about to apply for pb visa electron coz i need it as i study overseas and need to do online transactions.PB says it offers monthly interest rates on visa electron credit balances,do u know whats the minimum amount of rm to qualify for interest and also the percentage of interest given ?? thanks !

  • LcF

    @Navin: thanks for visiting this blog. :)

    Regarding your questions, I afraid that you might have difficulty to reload the PB visa electron debit card in oversea.

    Also, one of my reader received a reply from Public Bank that PB Visa Electron card CANNOT be used for online transactions. I am not sure if it applies to new cards only or not, but I just bought something online using PB visa electron card without any problem.

    I am not sure about the interest rate, you should get official answer from PB. But I believe the interest rate is lower than saving account.

    Hope these help.

  • Navin

    hello again,i called up Public Bank this morning and asked them if i could use my visa electron card for online/internet transaction,and their answer was “YES you can but you have to register it for online banking first”. So here it is,i hope it gives some of you the relieve.
    Most bankcards,i think all eligible cards require e-banking registration and activation before used online…which most of us overlook :) Cheers mates !

  • Heng

    Wah…Liew, i think PBB need to gives you Bonus or issue you another gold credit card bcoz you help them to answer millions of question about Visa Electron. Gain alot of knowledge after reading your blogs, thank you soooo much!

  • fred

    yo!… just got my card.. try to make a payment but it return 3D authentication failed. I already register with Verfied by Visa.. anyone has this problem?

  • Daniel CerVentus

    Hi people

    I have confirmed with Public Bank they that Visa Electron is not valid for online transaction.

    Perviously I had the problem with of Paypal verification. I later found out it was the name stated on my VISA Electron is not valid. I have to use the name on my IC instead.

    So now, I am using Paypal for my online payments since there are alot of sites that accepts Paypal.

    I have not tried google checkout properly but I’ll will do inform you people when I am successfull.

  • shelley

    I have an VISA ELECTRON DEbit Card with ICICI Bank in india with enough funds. I tried entering the details in paypal. But it is not accepting it. I called the bank several times and the call centre guys don’t know what paypal is ?? Very Funny. The ultimate fact is that we require a credit card. ICICI DEBIT CARD IS USELESS… THEY CALL IT INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD..They are fooling us to be frank…And to get a reply we have to call their call centre at bombay and go through their Automated Reply System…These Indian Banks have to come of age..They are still in stone age..:). To receive payment from paypal upto $500 per month no verification is required…

  • gl7

    just got my public bank debit card from branch, and apply ebanking statement at customer support desk immediately.
    while verifying the card with paypal, it kept saying the 3 digit error, end up using the “000” method from Ahmed mentioned above, and it succeccful…strange.
    havent do any purchase yet.

    btw, can Liew add the information about the “expanded use program” from paypal, because i do not know what the purpose of it, any hidden charges/down sides.

  • LcF

    @gl7: you mean the 3 digit “Card Security Code”? If I remember correctly, “expanded use program” allows you to send more money (lift the limit).

  • gl7

    1) the 3 digit code invalid should be cause by i wrongly type the valid date, it showed 08/12, which i thought is 12-2008, but it was 08-2012, wow….this is my first card, noob for me…

    2) the 000 will get you successful verify, but it will have error when doing transaction, “can not verify the card…”

    3) i also done the “verify by visa” , for more secure transaction using the debit card directly for online shopping without paypal.

  • gl7

    additional info: (when you choose to collect the card at branch)
    when i apply the card, i choose to receive the card from branch.
    so, you will get a mail, asking to bank in RM 25 into your debit card account. I done it from my saving account ebanking.
    One thing to mention for newbie, after you add the card account in ur ebanking, you need to choose “payment/recharge” > “credit card/debit card”, not the “fund transfer to own account.” hehe, i even emailed public bank support for this.

    After the RM 25.00 bank in, and because the letter didnt show the next step, i also email them what to do next….hard to get someone answer the helpline, so busy? so lazy? …..
    2-3 days later, i got another letter before the email replyed. which saying the card was sent to the branch, you can collect it anytime. The email only reply after i collected the card this morning – 7/9. And the email said that i can collect the card on 10/9, oh my….

    When i come out from the bank, i go directly to the ATM to test, it show please enter the PIN number, i thought it was same with ATM card which the PIN is in the letter that come with the card. But it wasnt, again going back to customer support desk, they give me the “card support center” phone number to ask for the PIN. oh…..
    I called the number, a person asked the card details and some verification question. (i wonder if she take down the verification details and use it somewhere….why this things handled by human), and lastly she tell me that i will get another mail with the PIN number next monday.

    thats my experience for my first card….few words for public bank: please revise the processes, so damn uncertain, lost and scary.

  • nice article LcF !!
    you should fwd this blog entry to PB and asked for payment..eemmmm

  • ariel

    i want to know if i can use the debit card to make other people pay me directly from their credit card?
    any idea?

  • Putera Katak

    Hi LcF.

    Want to ask u if this PB Visa Electron card can be use at the petrol pump to make payment?


  • LcF

    @ariel: no, you need to have a payment processing system to accept credit card payments from others.

  • LcF

    @putera katak: I am not sure whether visa electron card is accepted at petrol pump or not.

  • LcF,
    I just denied my payment from Text Link Ad, since I did not verify.

    Do you have to verify both using credit/debit card and have acocunt in US bank or either one of them, to verify woth paypal ?

    What happen eith my denied payment ?

  • Putera Katak

    I already ask the customer service about PB Visa Electron can be use at petrol pump or not.
    She said CAN! BUT must have at least RM175 balance in ur card.


  • LcF

    @azlan a.raof: you only need to have a verified credit/debit card to verify your PayPal account. Denied payment will be returned back to the payment sender, TLA in your case. You may want to request the payment again from TLA after you verified your PayPal account later.

  • ok,
    thanks LcF

  • tmwwtw

    This card has been disabled for entry into the PayPal system. Please add a different card. Why? my PB Visa debit card balance RM40.

  • Gajendra


    I have a VISA ELECTRON Debit Card (International) from Bank of Rajasthan + (BOB Cards). I want to add it to my paypal account but do not know where the verification code is??? It’s not at the back of Card .

    Please help

  • nazmi

    Hi LcF ………….

    i just want to know how to fill the first name and last name in paypal application….

    my name is Mohd Nazmi Bin Ahmad Zaki…

    it’s correct if :
    first name : Mohd Nazmi
    last name : Bin Ahmad Zaki

    i just confuse where to put “Bin”.

  • hoongster

    Any ideas how to re-add a card after i accidentally ‘removed’ it from my account?

    i entered the expiry date wrongly for the first 3 times… after that i couldnt find the option to edit my expiry date… so i thought i would remove and re-add the credit card again….

    to my horror……………… its says my card has been disabled… please try another card… what can i do?

    emailed paypal about this… though not expecting much help from them… :(

  • LcF

    @hoongster: according to PayPal, a credit/debit card can be used for one account only. So, you might need to add another card to your account.

  • aaron

    HI there… you’ve been doing a great job helping people, explaining and answering Q about the PB debit card. Thanks in advance.
    I received my debit card last month.
    My Q is, is there any PIN no. required (like Verified by VISA password) for online shopping or hotel bookings? FYI, I have changed the PIN no. provided by the bank at a local ATM.

  • Ks

    Hi all, i have one question,
    i has signup my paypal account,in my address it show like this,

    1 lorong 1 taman 1 termerloh pahang darul makmur 278777 malaysia.

    are tis correct?cos we usually place postal code before city.

  • LcF

    @Ks: it doesn’t matter :)

  • aaron

    LcF, hw bout the answer for my question?

  • LcF

    @aaron: generally, PIN is not required for online transactions. Some merchants use “Verified by VISA” for better protection, then you will need to provite the “Verified by VISA” PIN (8 digits, different than the ATM PIN). You will be asked to create the “Verified by VISA” PIN when you access it for the first time.

  • nsrpenang

    Hi Liew

    I am proud of u to share the information. i have 1 question, how can i withdraw money from paypal? can u expalin step by step.

    Thaks a lot…really appreciate your helping

  • Hi LiewCF,

    I would like to know that, does Public Bank charge me for each transaction made? Example: Purchasing something online for 6EUR. Let’s say today the exchange rate is 4.8640MYR for 1EUR. So all together is 29.1842MYR, do I have to pay extra fee charged by Public Bank or any party involved?

    And, can I made purchase at any Point-Of-Sale (POS) at Malaysia such as Giant Hypermarket? Got extra “service charge”?


  • LcF

    @Chan: there is no extra fee or service charge by using debit card. It’s like using cash. :)

  • lee

    can this card use for GoDaddy?

  • LcF

    @lee: i didn’t try the debit card for GoDaddy yet

  • kljs

    I am applying for my PB Debit Card.

    If you want to a pre-paid credit card, then try AMbank’s NexG Pre-paid Mastercard.

    Beware though, there are limitations and hassle using NexG credit card!!!

    I have blogged about it here ->

  • hi lcf..

    i have just read thru all 282 of the comments of this post…

    this is my situation:
    i have received my pb visa electron card through poslaju after i registered it online… it took me more than a month to get it… but, the letter which came with the card didnt mention anything about the PIN code… and i cant seem to access the card through pbebank online banking system… i have a public bank account, and i still dont see my card registered with my savings account… when i click for balance inquiry for credit/debit card, it tells me:

    “Your Request Could Not Be Executed.
    You Do Not Have The Relevant Account(s) For This Feature.”

    so, what should i do? where to get my pin code? how do i make the card registered for online banking?

    i really hope to get as much help as possible from here, because im a fulltime university student and i do not have time to visit the bank during office hours…

    thank you

  • LcF

    @kiam89: if i remember correctly, you will get the PIN in another letter. Please wait for a few more days. If you still don’t get the PIN, you can ask for help at any PB branch.

  • thanks lcf!

    anyway, i got my card for more than a week already… and i still dont see any letter regarding the pin code… i guess i might just dorp in on a local branch sumtime to check..

  • kljs

    Sometimes, it’s Pos Malaysia that is the problem…. probably slow in delivery of mail….

  • Sasha

    I just bank in money for my Visa Electron card, just wondering if PB will send a letter informing when I have to collect the card at PB Branch. Also, can I use the card at any ATM or restricted to only PB ATM machine? Thanks!

  • LcF

    @Sasha: for me, i received my card by post, not collect from branch.
    Yes, you can use he PB debit card at any ATM but certain charges will apply for non-PB ATM.

  • Elton

    Hi everyone, my name is elton, just wanna ask, can i, as international student apply for public bank debit card? n can i use it to provide my billing information in google adwords

  • LcF

    @Elton: for non-malaysian, you need a photostat copy of your Passport and Work Permit/Student Pass. Yes, you can use PB debit card for Google AdWords.

  • Elton

    Ok, thx

  • momo

    liewcf, can i use my debit card to buy something at website that doesnt accept paypal ,just accept visa?

    are our PB debit card like true credit card, example visa?

  • LcF

    @momo: yes, you can use the debit card on website that accept visa. PB debit card is a “visa electron” card. It is similar but not a credit card.

  • Sasha

    I took my visa card at the pb branch. But I want to know if the card comes with a pin no? because when i took my card, the people at the counter didn’t say anything about pin no. and i couldn’t find any pin no in the letter containing the card. so i’m wondering here…

  • LcF

    @Sasha: yes, you will get a PIN in other letter. The PIN is to be used on ATM. Like a credit card, you are not asked to enter debit card PIN at merchant. :)

  • ahteh

    hi all..
    i having a serious problem here..
    when I insert my card(visa electron) in to a ATM…its ask me to enter pin..i didnt receive anything statement about the PIN no. while received the card….
    so i just simply enter the pin…i try as much as i can…AND finally..the ATM retained my visa electron card….

    so…wat should i do now ?
    bcoz i nid the card to do transaction asap.

  • LcF

    @ahteh: the PIN for the visa electron card is sent to you in another letter. The PIN is not come with the same letter as the card for security purposes.

    You may want to get back your card from the bank and wait for your PIN. Usually it is 1 or 2 week later than the date you receive your card. Or, you can ask PB customer help about your PIN status.

  • ahteh

    mean that i juz nid to get back the card from public bank that retained my card?
    juz go to the customer services counter and request from them?

    or they will make a new card for me and i should wait for +-3 month again?

    can i using(online shopping) the card b4 received the pin ?

  • Pongs

    Hey LcF , i got some question , I’m 18 this year and do you think i could apply a PB Visa ? Cos it really will help me on doing online tradings.

    Thanks a lot.

  • LcF

    @ahteh: I don’t think you need to make a new card. You didn’t get your card back when it has been retained? PIN is not needed for online shopping.

    @Pongs: yes, any malaysians over 18 year old can apply a PB Visa Electron card.

  • Pongs

    Thanks a lot .

  • ahteh

    hey…i getr back my retained visa already.
    thx a lot…keke

    juz nid go to any counter at public bank,request from them…filling the form…sign as in visa electron card..then can get back already.

  • I’m sure that many of you have noticed that the financial institutions are rushing to provide debit (prepaid) cards to those above the age of 12 to meet a huge demand for facilities to transfer funds online by those who do want to use credit cards and those who are not eligible to apply for credit cards (and also those who have fully utilised their credit card limits).

  • Hi guys, i’m new here, just want to know, is there any debit card that can be topup via cash deposit machine (cdm) coz it hard for me to bank in money via the counter, my company not allow staff 2 go out during working hrs, please help…

  • LcF

    @Azmie Sham: you can top up PB visa electron debit card via cash deposit machine.

  • izzit i need to maintain my PB debit card account at RM25 everytimes,becoz they said the a/c must atleast have minimum RM25 to maintain and cannot use the RM25 ,for eg: if u a/c got RM25 and u want buy RM10 item and when u swipe the card it will b reject becoz of not more than RM25 izzit true?? for eg: i’d like to buy RM60 item then i want make sure my account got RM85??

  • LcF

    @gabby: yes, need to keep minimum balance in the card.

  • Gabby

    then EON MOL freedom card will b better than PB debit card mah??

  • paul

    Dear Lcf,
    I had just received the public bank visa electron debit card and had change the pin number. I try to add to paypal credit/debit session, but it shows out that the credit card/ debit card issuer disallow it. Because I heard of many of Malaysian are able to use this card to withdraw money, how come I’m not able to do so?Why is it?Do you have any idea?
    Hope you can help me.Really thanks a lot.

  • paul

    Dear Lcf,
    Is it I have to to Public bank customer service apply for online access?Then only I can withdraw money through this debit card?Thanks again

  • LcF

    @paul: have you verify your PayPal account? somehow, the new PB visa electron debit card is rejected by PayPal. I am not sure about the reason. Maybe you need to ask Public Bank about it.

  • LcF

    @paul: you don’t need to have PBeBank e-banking service to withdraw money from the debit card. You can withdraw money from any ATM.

  • borzack

    I applied to PB Debit Card about a month ago. Received it a few days ago. Then I went and transfer RM10 via Maybank2u into this card to make the balance RM35 (when applied this card they ask to add RM25 into it). Add this card to Paypal. Wait for the Expanded no. Received the letter from PB today, entered the expanded no in Paypal, success. Now I tried withdraw Paypal fund to this card… processing (deduct USD5 by the way!) in 5 to 7 days I shall see the fund added in this card and I can withdraw it from the ATM :)

  • Sasha

    i have a question. I don’t really understand how to check the balance thru ATM or ebanking. I mean, when i want to check my balance thru atm, i don’t understand what the term available balance and authorize charges mean. which one is really our balance???

  • PBcustomerservice,sleeping?

    which way is the most effective way to apply the pb debit card? online or to pb branches?

    i want to use paypal but i’m prudent about disclosing credit card information, so i want a debit card.

    i applied online, i cant fax my i/c to the fax number 03 2163 2636 that they provided, the line seems busy or unavailabe. i cant get my fax through.

    i called the pb card customer service number at 03 2176 8000, from 12pm till 3pm today, i cant get through the customer reps. incompetents. perhaps they are sleeping during the day?

    i called the general customer service no 1800883318, she gave me another number, and that another number give me another number … pfff! and i start responding with a very bitchy voice, they give me processing dept fax number, fax it. let see how long it will take to process it.

    i might just have to consider going to pb myself to do it. their doubt the efficiency of their online application. i can get the debit card at any pb bank right? someone clarify pls?

  • LcF

    the debit card will be mailed to you

  • Adlina

    PBcustomerservice,sleeping?: I have to agree with you about their customer service. So unreliable!
    To all new PB Card applicants:
    Guess what? I sent PB an email after two days of trying without luck to talk to their customer service reps. From 9am to 4pm, I get “our reps are currently engaged. please hold, we’ll attend to u shortly”. So I got frustrated and sent them a *ahem* very sarcastic e-mail (something along the lines of ‘what’s the point of having a customer service number if your reps are engaged all the time?!” and “if u dont reply, God help me, then I know something must be horribly wrong with your company”.). They replied within a day, profusely apologising, and a day later I get my card number (account number) to bank in my money to.

    So my advice is: Check your application status after a week. If it says ‘approved’, contact the customer service (pester them) and tell them about it. If you’re sending email, make sure you CC/BCC to the general complaint department. No need to wait too long if your app is approved within the first week. u can get it in 2/3 weeks top.


  • Hi Adlina, they are taking a damn long time to send me my card. I have waited about 3 or 4 months. I am very angry with their customer service also, just like what you said, it keep engaged all the time. I’ve been to the Public Bank for twice already. Still not yet received anything from them, just ask me wait.

    I am totally disappointed with them, and I intend to switch to Affin Bank. sigh…

  • borzack

    Well I did it. I successfully transfered my fund from Paypal to my PB card :) And I withdraw it via the ATM. Now I’m going to transfer more money that I made in Paypal, to spend them!


    HAI ALL,,,,,…………………………………………..

    MAY I KNOW WHAT THE BENEFIT?????????????????????

  • smile-99

    New Debit Card.

    Visit ;-

  • sero

    hai! i bought the AMbank debit card for few months alrdy, but i havent use it n register.
    jb PB bank can buy the credit card ? n do i need open a new pb acc just can applied the debit card?
    the debit card minumum need how many money inside the debit card?

  • LcF

    @sero: same here, bought AMBank NextG debit card for months but never activate it yet. We do not BUY the PB debit card, we apply one. You do not need to open a PB account to apply the debit card. The debit card need to maintain minimum of RM20/RM25 (I don’t remember to exact amount).

  • Adlina

    @chan: 3/4 months????? No way. That’s way too uncool! I need to get my card and withdraw my money before mid January, because by Mid February I’ll already be out of the country :( So I need to get the biz done for my buyers ASAP.

    @sero: why not switch to Tune Card? They’ve got great support =)

    And btw, does anyone know how long it would be to get the debit card after getting the approval letter (with card number)? I’ve already banked in the money too, to the card number.

  • Crovax

    Hey LcF : I just apply for the public bank debit card how long does it takes for it to reach me ? Besides if I’m buying the AmBang NexG Debit card how long before I can withdraw funds from paypal ?

    Cos I’m desperately need to withdraw from my paypal , let me know if anyone can help.

  • LcF

    @Crovax: it will take about 3-5 weeks to get your PB debit card. As far as I know AmBank NexG debit card cannot be used to withdraw PayPal funds because PayPal does not support MasterCard card yet.

  • jhuan

    It’s great to know PB debit card can withdraw Paypal fund, really useful for me.

    Anyone care to share some info on this TuneCard, issue by CIMB and Visa. Annual fee only RM9.99. Can it be used on Paypal as well? Can withdraw funds from Paypal?

  • jhuan

    Ooo…by the way, Thank LiewCF fro these valuable info. Great Job!

  • Adlina

    @jhuan: My brother tried with Tune Card that he just got. It worked =) And you can access your account statement online for the expanded user number. That’s his experience, and I don’t know about others.

  • I got the PB debit card, but could not be verified yet due to the reason I haven’t paid $1.95 with expanded number….. I could not click “Get Number” what should I do now?

  • jhuan

    @Adlina: Thx for the info. So using TuneCard to pay and withdraw funds from Paypal is not an issue, right? Sounds good!

    Actually I am choosing between 2 cards; either PBB Debit card or Tunecard (cheaper Yearly Subscription :P and it’s RED colour). But PBB card takes more than a month to get, some even takes 2-3 month to receive

  • jhuan

    @adlina: How long for your brother to get his TuneCard?

  • Adlina

    @jhuan: Actually, I have one myself but don’t use it for PayPal XD After applying for the card online, go and pay the minimum of RM50 initial reload at the Post Office. Exactly 7 working days after you make the payment, you can go and get your card at your post office of choice. Really fast. And you can always check your transaction history and balance online. Must mantain a minimum balance of RM9.99 all the time.

  • jhuan

    @Adlina: OIC, i tot can be use at Paypal withdrawal. Seems like only PBB debit card can do withdrawal :(…..Anyway, at least better than nothing.


    My PB debit card was rejected when I tried to register it with my PayPal account but the same was accepted for registration with my daughter’s PayPal account. Very strange.

  • Adlina

    @jhuan: Um… I did mention my brother used it for PayPal withdrawal, didn’t I?

  • ClauSe

    I’m giving up on PB Debit Card. I’m a foreigner married with Malaysian and would like to have my own online business since there is so many restriction for us foreign spouse to work, have a business or anything else imo. There is no restriction on foreigner applying a PB debit card when I checked with their customer service. Basically it should be less complicated then applying a credit card since you have to have a balance in the account before you can use it. I waited for more than a month without any news so I decided to pay them a visit. After waiting for 15 minutes, the customer service lady just told me flatly ‘Your application has been rejected’ and when I asked ‘May I know what is the reason’ she just told me no reason given nor will they explain. ARGH!!!

  • jhuan

    @Adlina: I see, it’s you whom not using with Paypal. Sorry, i think my mind was clog :). Ok, I will apply it within this week. Any info, I will update later.

  • jhuan

    Some important findings when I comparing PBB Debit card vs CIMB TuneMoney Debit Card:

    – PBB Debit Card
    1) Annual fee: RM24
    2) Min. Balance in card: RM25.00
    3) Reload at PBB ATM:- no charges at PBB Cash Deposit Machine
    4) Withdrawal:- no charges
    5) Monthly Statement request: RM5.00
    6) Balance Enquiry: No Charges at PBB ATM
    7) Waiting time to get the card: min. 4 to 8 weeks
    8) Customers support: Sucks

  • jhuan

    – CIMB TuneMoney Debit Card
    1) Annual fee: RM9.99
    2) Min. Balance in card: RM9.99
    3) Reload at CIMB/POS Malaysia/BSN:- RM2.00
    Reload online: MEPS-FPX – RM0.50
    4) Withdrawal:- CIMB – RM1.15/withdrawal
    5) Monthly Statement request: RM5.00 (Hardcopy) – One-time charges
    6) Balance Enquiry: Online (FOC)
    7) Waiting time to get the card: 7 days
    8) Customers support: Not Sure

    TuneMoney – can top-up at 3 outlets, can check balance online, fast to get the card, lower in start-up cost, min. balance and annual fee. But too bad, high service charge for reload and withdrawal (Even in Card Issuing bank – CIMB)

    PBB Card – No charges on reload, withdrawal, balance enquiry at ATM. However high annual fee and min balance is its down point. Waiting time and customers support is nightmare!

    For me, mine purpose is to withdraw funds from Paypal and using it as cash to buy things. So I will choose TuneMoney


    PB said that I could top-up my PB Debit Card using the PB’s cash deposit machines but I couldn’t (card rejected).

    AmBank cash deposit machines accepted my NexG debit card.

  • PB-debitCard

    LcF Says:
    July 18th, 2006 at 6:54 pm

    @stepweb: I never book AirAsia ticket before… I wrote an email to AirAsia, waiting for their reply.

    May I know the reply of #140 if have? Thanks

  • jhuan

    This is actually what I am worrying. PB often come out with different problems from time to time. PB is 2nd largest bank in Malaysia, after Maybank. Just dun understand why they keeps giving problems. Sigh…

  • Elton

    Hei, just wanna ask u guys an information about tunemoney card. is the function of the card the same with debit card? and is it possible to use it to pay for adwords?

  • jhuan

    I had applied for Tune Card this morning online. Just now went to CIMB bank to pay for its initial load amount of RM50.00. Those CIMB staffs don’t know how to load the card with RM50.00?! They even ask me whether this is a prepaid card or credit card. When I told them it’s a debit card, they even replied not possible as their system only have 1 option for load/reload, that is prepaid card. At the end, they call up KL HQ to double confirm. And yes, Tune Card is a ‘Prepaid Card’ catagory.

    Anyway, now waiting for another 7 days before going to destinated POS office to collect my TuneCard. Waiting eagerly :)

    FYI, that CIMB branch is in Taman Perling, JB

  • jhuan

    @Elton: Tune Card is a debit card, function same as other debit card. It is Visa debit card, as long you have sufficient funds in your card, you can use it to pay or buy within that amount of funds. Anyway, minimum of RM10.00 must be kept as balance in the card. Or else the transaction will be rejected.

    More info at:

    Hope this help.

  • ps

    heyy. just wanted to know. what happens after i apply for the card. what next? are they sending the card to my mailing address or what??

  • jhuan

    @ps: I assume you apply for Tune Card.

    After application online, u either pay online through FPX or pay cash in CIMB, POS office or BSN (RM2.00 service charge). During filling up application form, they will required you to choose the POS office most convenient to you to post the card there via registered mail. It stated in their website that the card will arrive within 7 working days.

    After receiving the card from POS office, you need to activate it online in Tune Money website.

  • hi guy…
    from my survey alrajhi bank ATM card is a Visa debit card and u can get it by open an account with alrajhi at RM20. There a people already get their paypal withdrawal thru it…
    can anybody verify this??

  • jhuan

    Just got my card this morning when I simply drop by to check. Never expect it to arrived so soon. I paid RM3 to POS office, after signing some verification form etc. This tiny red card is already in my hand now. :)

    Later in the evening got to activate it, then submit it to Paypal. Hope it works. However, the PIN will be sending to me separately, as a security purpose. So now cannot withdraw money as yet but sure can start using it as cash card after activation.

  • pui

    My card on paypal will expired, Do i must to renew it? I DO not send money from debit card, All the fund source are come from paypal fund.
    Can i use paypal after my dc is expired?

  • iela

    Hello…correct me if im wrong…i can only used fund from pb debit card that i withdraw from paypal to shop online only. Means…i cannot used it to shop at shopping mall, buy stuff, pay bill, fuel is true true right? Please guide me? Tq..

  • LcF

    @pui: yes, you need to renew your card. You need a valid card for paypal.

    @iela: PB debit card can be used like a credit card if the merchant accept it.

  • iela

    Tq…One more questions…I already got an account no and bank in RM35 into the account. Have to wait a week to collect the card at nearest bank…so can i redeem first my money to paypal account without verified? As i know, after i key in card no and 3 last digit behind the card, i have to wait 1st bill which is include no to finished the verified transaction. It is true?

  • Crovax

    Liew : I just get my Visa Electron from Public Bank today and I can’t get the Expanded Use Number. It says “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card. ”

    I’m pretty sure I entered the right thing. Thanks alot for the help.

  • Kellicros

    hello, I just got my pin code in a letter today, am I required to change it as soon as possible? is it ok for me to stick with the one they send me? Also, is there a way to setup online banking for the card?

  • LcF

    @Crovax: I suspect PayPal DOES NOT accept PB Debit Card anymore..

    @Kellicros: It is better to change the PIN that you received for security reasons. You can apply for online banking at PB branch.

  • Kellicros

    @Crovax: I just verified my paypal with the card a week or two ago. You gotta make sure you have RM25 as a base and the 1.95USD for paypal on top of it in your account. Say, 1.95 USD is roughly RM7, so make sure you have the minimum amount of RM32 (RM7+RM25) in your Debit Card before you verify your Paypal.

    LcF: thanks. :)

  • Crovax

    @LcF , Kellircros : Yes they still accept , I got Rm30 at the moment as I thought enough . LoL. Thanks again for the help.

  • Crovax

    Btw can i check the expanded number faster ? Cos I want to verify my paypal asap . Thanks .

  • LcF

    @Crovax: if you have apply PBeBank-ing for the card, then MAYBE you can check the expanded number at the online card statements.

  • sharpman

    @Crovax: yes, apply for e-banking for your debit card at any Public Bank branch. If you already have Public Bank Savings Account, you need to apply at the branch you opened your account with.

    In the e-banking Apllication Form, there is option to include your credit cards detail.

  • sharpman

    #314 Sasha Says:

    December 6th, 2007 at 7:44 am
    i have a question. I don’t really understand how to check the balance thru ATM or ebanking. I mean, when i want to check my balance thru atm, i don’t understand what the term available balance and authorize charges mean. which one is really our balance???

    @Sasha: I have tried checking my balance thru ATM. Available Balance means how much money is left inside your debit card. Authorized Charges displays your recent spending on the card ( e.g: Paypal EXPUSE, or whatever else)

  • Crovax

    Thanks guys , But I can I just call them to ask about it ?

  • Chan Kong Loon

    I also received my Visa Electron Debit Card today and was unable to get PayPal to verify the card. My card balance is RM25/-

  • LcF

    @Chan Kong Loon: try to increase your card balance, say RM50

  • sharpman

    @Crovax: that’s what I did, I called the Customer Service and he told me to register for e-banking at Public Bank branch, I did that and now I am able to view my statement online ;)

  • sharpman

    Update: I just received my Tune Card today, just for the sake of comparing with PB Visa Electron. I must say PB Visa Debit Card definitely offers better conversion rates.
    I verified my Tune Card Visa for Paypal ($1.95 USD), found out I was charged RM7.33 when I checked my statement online. That translates to 1 USD = RM 3.75. Terrible

  • Chan Kong Loon

    In order to activate your Public Bank Visa Electron debit card you need to have at least RM33/- in your card account cos PayPal will charge you USD1.95 to your account. Therefore if you only have RM25/- in your account PayPal will not be able to verify your debit card.

  • dev

    i apply tune card via online application,now what should i do?,i need to pay initial reload first and get card after 7 working days or i can pay the initial reload together when i go to collect my card after 7 working day

  • jhuan

    Just received this notice yesterday from Paypal:

    ***PayPal Issue: Certain countries unable to complete withdrawals to credit, debit or prepaid cards.***

    ‘We are aware that users in certain countries such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, are currently unable to complete withdrawals to their Visa® credit, debit or prepaid cards. We are working diligently to resolve this as quickly as possible so that you can access your funds. We hope to have this resolved in the next 72 hours and will let you know once we have more updates.

    Thank you for your patience.

    The PayPal Team’

    Any of you being affected??

  • Ffwaz

    Just got a letter from PB ask me to pay RM25 for the card. The question is can i pay it at any branch of Public Bank?..Its CNY holiday and of course Saturday, theirs might be not open and i have to return to my college on Sunday.

  • JibJab

    After getting a card verified, how can one in Malaysia get their shipping address confirmed.
    Some sellers on eBay refuses to send to unconfirmed shipping addresses.
    My friend is having this problem and soon it will be mine too as I’m getting a PB debit card and Paypal account.

  • Luv


    I got my debit card and topup the card more than RM25, enough for me to apply getresponse. But the thing is, when I tried to submit my application, getresponse decline the card. Try to apply for aweber, decline also.
    Got decline so many times even when I try to verify my paypal.
    Don’t know what’s the problem.


    Can i know PB visa electron card use for petrol? Can it use for online purchase eg DVD or VCD (yesasia/ebay and others???) Thank YOu

  • JibJab

    Yes, PB Visa Electron can be used to pay for petrol.
    Online purchases depend on if they accept Visa.

    Anybody with experience on unconfirmed shipping addresses on eBay?
    See my earlier post above #373

  • jhuan

    Guess what, I just received my Tune card PIN number this morning. 2 months after I got my Tune card. How ‘efficient’ they are :)

  • dev

    i got my tune money on 29.2.08,and i use till now,tune money is the best debit card in malaysia,public bank is second,eon bank card is thied

  • jhuan

    Noticed Maybank also launching its Debit card – Maybankard Visa Debit. Anyone got this? Looks good to me as I’m also a maybank saving account holder, thus transfering money to this debit card could makes my life easier.

    Currently using Tunecard, transfering money online using FPX is quite troublesome. Many times I always facing hang pages when FPX connecting to Gateway. So only reload fund in POS Office. RM2 service charge, and too much hassle to go all the way down to Pos office and queue.

  • Ali

    hey ppl…i got my visa debit card from maybank just days ago. do u know if i can use it online? i tried with paypal but they said its been blocked by my bank or somthing.. do u know why??? i so want it to work :(

  • dev

    maybe visa debit card from maybank not support paypal,try tune card lah,need least then 1 month to get it and low fee [year] and people who has trouble reload throught fpx maybe coz by streamyx [u know lah streamyx been dislike by many malaysia people ,but i don’t have that kind of problem],if not try public bank visa card but some people say that you need to send check or wang deposit [rm50] when sending your application,just type public bank visa electron debit card at google to searh more info

  • the last i heard about maybank debit card it doesnt work but when i click on “add a card” page in paypal, there is a statement saying that “Debit cards will be accepted if they have Visa or Mastercard logo” so i do not understand why it doesn’t verify…..

    I was replied by other blogger that there is a different between linking your account for purchases and withdrawal. For online purchases, paypal allows Visa and Master Cards deposit, there is a spending limit for unverified paypal.

  • Jeff

    hi, i want to ask something abt PB debit card…

    if i apply debit card by online, should i send the cheque (RM25 or above to get started) together with registered form and photocopy of IC?

  • Jeff,

    Here are a couple of tips with PB Debit Card.

    1. RM25 is the minimum to open the account and keep the account open.
    2. PayPal verifies your PB Debit card by charging the card approximately U$1. This means that if you have only RM25, the minimum to keep the account open, PayPal can’t verify your card. Put at least RM35 into the card.
    3. If possible, you should have a current account with Public Bank. The reason is to transfer the money out of the PB Debit card. The money is traceable if the card is lost, but it is a hassle.
    4. try to do all your transactions within the Public Bank current account as opposed to the PB Debit card as you have the better audit trail.
    5. Just go to the branch and apply. It is faster and cleaner. I always say…better to know the person behind the desk than just a voice on the phone.

    Just my two sens.


  • Why make so difficult with debit card, just apply VISA debit card and verify with PayPal. You can do online shopping and also withdraw your money at PayPal to Tunemoney VISA card.

    Valid until 2013

  • make money

    Have you purchased anything successfully from using the PB visa since you are saying it? Or just your imagination that you have never even tried before?

  • Golgota

    anybody know if i purchase the Eon Bank Debit Card starter pack RM25 from 7-11, does this c/c able to do oversea transaction? since all 7-11 shop in Sabah provide ONLY an EON Bank Debit MasterCard, compare to west (AmBank Debit MasterCard), then i intended to purchase it. but need some additional guide 1st..

    Thnx in advance..

  • Golgota

    ….. n does this Eon Bank Debit Card can be verified by PayPal.

    thnx again..

  • Purple

    Well, i think all your comments are very useful for me, espeacially im thinking about start my online business…and need to apply for paypal…
    very interested to apply for PB visa electron ..but im so clueless …do i need to open an account for that card or how can i load money for that card?

  • Teoh

    if u guys wish to apply the Public Visa Electron in juz few weeks time, it is easy, juz go, check on the Card Application form, fill it and mail it, and remember to send email to the pbebank and inform them u already post your application, they will send a feedback to you, the most convinient way to reload the card will be thorugh online banking but before that u muz go to any public bank to register the online banking, after u receive the card, remember go to the public bank again to register the debit card recharge throught online banking, this card can be use as a atm card too but they will send u the pin about 7 to 10 days

  • kazuya87

    i have a question,can i fax the card application form instead of mailing it?if can,what is the fax number?is it the telephone number on the form?i just want to make sure the form arrive safely and faster.anyone try it before?thanx

  • Evelyn

    hi kazuya87,

    You may go to their website to check for their fax number. Or you can go to one of the public bank branches to apply. I applied mine, and it took more than 1 month to arrive to their branch !! i waited impatiently for it !

  • kazuya87

    well i already sent it by post.waiting to call them to verify if they got my application processed.well, it’s one month waiting time then!

  • One can apply for this and that by submitting forms online – fast and convenience – but there is no guarantee that the card, etc. would be issued fast since the issuers are still working in “you-wait-la” environment.

  • Rook

    I got PB visa electron apply and got it within 2 weeks. And now i have withdrawn some money from the Paypal. Not bad i guess

  • jhuan

    2 days ago read newspaper, saw Maybank is giving out its debit card, in exchange of exiting Maybank ATM card. Just got it change today. Not sure whether PAypal acceot for funds withdrawal? Anyone has experience this before?

  • pUBLIck Bang

    Their customer service sucks like sheeetttttt



    PayPal does not accept Maybank Debit Card at the moment. I’m using TuneMoney Debit Card to transfer funds from my PayPal account within 2-3 days.

  • jhuan

    Thanks, InfoHQ.

  • himani

    please evertone suggest me some taglines for Visa electron debit card.


  • Jen hau

    Hello, i would like to know, can we swipe the PB electron card, just like when we swipe the credit card at shopping mall ?

    I had received the card today, and it said that the PIN will be sent seperately with the card. So, if i verify the card at the public bank website, is it the PIN that i fill in during the verification is the PIN for my ATM ??

  • LcF

    @Jen Hau: yes, if the shop accept VISA Electron card then you can swipe the PB VISA Electron card like a credit card and make the payment.

    You will receive the PIN of the VISA Electron card in a separate letter. The PIN is needed when you use the VISA Electron card at ATM. It is not the same PIN as your Public ATM card.

  • Jen hau

    I see. So what is the use for the PIN that we fill during verifying our debit card at this website ?


    For all Debit Cards a single PIN is issued for all verification purposes. I have a VISA Electron card too with one PIN.

    Isn’t it faster to call the issuer for a confirmation?

  • LcF

    @Jen Hau: the “Verified By Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode” are used to further enhance the security of online payment. They are used online only. However, not all online merchant apply the security.

  • oh shit. i just remember. i did apply the pb visa electron via online. and i did sent the copy of my IC to the PB headquarter. do i need to send the copy of my application form too?

    and next, if i don’t have an acc in pb. how can i transfer my money to my visa electron acc? through atm?

    thanks :)

  • LcF

    @Shahril: you can transfer money to your Visa Electron account through Public Bank ATM (cash deposit machine).

  • xflixz

    hi LcF,
    just wantt ask you,is PB Debit charge charge you Foreign Exchange /Conversion Fee when do the transaction online(not in Malaysia)?like tune Money charge 0.5% and NexG Mastercard charge 1% of the transaction?

  • visa electron paypal shops online

    i should get one too! and visa electorn now can be used everywhere.

  • Sapph

    about The PB Debit Card, I only applied for card only, not with the PB account bank since I know that we still can verify paypal with the card only without the account bank.

    But my question is, I just wanted to confirm this. I don’t have any Paypal money, but I wanted to spend the money from the PB debit card through Paypal. Will Paypal automatically reduce it from the card? Do we need to have PB account bank?

    Is there a restriction/limitation when spending the money from the debit card through Paypal?

  • John

    hi LcF,

    i got this probs regarding to my paypal account. I just verified my paypal acc yesterday. but i when i checked it today, there’s no balance in it. I thought it will link to my PB acc in 24 hours. My balance on PB acc is RM48. Am i missing something here? How do i link it to my PB acc? Really2 hope u can help me with this probs. Thanks.

    • LcF

      @john: the paypal account does not show your PB acc balance. PayPal will deduct your PB acc balance when you have not enough fund in PayPal account for purchasing an item.

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