Removed Unwanted Firefox Context Menu Items

There are many items in Firefox right-click context menu that I do not needed, like Go back, Go Forward, Reload, etc. That’s not a big problem.

But after I have installed a few extensions, the context menu become much longer due to the additional extensions’ commands. It is almost as tall as the height of my screen!

before edit context menu
Super long list of context menu items.

Now it really made me sick! :mad:

Fortunely, Firefox user interface is based on CSS. It means you can edit the preferences file(userChrome.css) to change its appearance, included context menu. There is a forum thread to manually remove items from context menu.

Well, I bet you don’t want to do in the hard way, plus mess up with the preferences file. Read on for much easier, “clicking here and there” method. ;)

Let me introduce you the “context menu killer”… Menu Editor!

Menu Editor is a browser extension that allows you to control context menus by rearranging menu items and hiding those you don’t use. Available for Firefox.

After installed the Menu Editor extension, goto Tools -> Extensions -> Menu Editor, and click “Options” button. A “Preferences for Menu Editor” window will pop up for you to kill hide the unwanted items, as well as rearranging them.

Here is my result of context menu editing:
after edit context menu
Slimmed down context menu.

Wow! That’s very much different! :grin:

That’s it for the tip. Hope you found this useful and have better browsing experience.


4 Responses to Removed Unwanted Firefox Context Menu Items

  1. neeshu January 2, 2008 at 11:41 pm #

    how to use this

  2. Terry Xu January 23, 2008 at 9:38 am #

    Oh, it’s exactly what I need.


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