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ReviewMeStill remember the world’s biggest RSS button? The creator, ReviewMe has been launched on November 9th, 2006.

What is ReviewMe?

Simply put, ReviewMe help bloggers make money by blogging and help advertisers to increase site traffic, get feedback and promote their products via bloggers. ReviewMe is a new program of the same company as Text Link Ads. We can trust on it.

How does ReviewMe work for Advertiser?

Advertisers create a free account then choose reviewers (bloggers) for a product review, define the product and send the order. The minimum review fee is US$40 for each review. Advertiser cannot ask for positive review. Reviewer can decide whether accept the review order or not. Advertiser will get notified for each completed and published review.

How does ReviewMe work for Blogger?

For bloggers, ReviewMe is another way to make money online. All you need to do is register a free account at ReviewMe. Submit your site and wait for advertiser to purchase review from you. You can decide to accept order or not. Your review should have minimum of 200 words and must disclose that the post is a paid post.

ReviewMe shares 50% of your revenue. You will get paid at least US$20 for each completed review. The payment is paid on a monthly basics. It can be make by a check or via PayPal.

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Before you apply for ReviewMe blogger account, please make sure you have enough site traffic, rankings (PageRank, Alexa ranking), and feed subscribers. I suggest you have at least PageRank 4. ReviewMe does not accept sites that do not meet their minimum requirements(non-disclose).

First impression of ReviewMe

As a member of Text Link Ads, my blog is pre-approved by ReviewMe. ReviewMe has a clean and clear web design. The text size is big. The user interface is easy to understand.

ReviewMe user interface for blogger. (click to enlarge)

The box with pink border is an alert board. It lists recent account activities and remind you the due time for paid reviews. You have 48 hours to publish a review after accepted the review order. There is a reminder at last 24 hour if you haven’t publish the review.

Somehow, I feel the 48 hour time frame is quite tight for a busy blogger. Well, it is a paid review afterall.

The “Blogger Message Center” is the box with blue border. It lists the pending and accepted reviews with product information and due time. As you see, I have a review pending approval. You get 48 hour to accept or reject a review order.

How much do I get for each ReviewMe review?

Here is my blog listing on ReviewMe:

LiewCF on ReviewMe

My site, is ranked 4 of 5 star and review order price is US$250. I will get US$125 for each review (ReviewMe share 50%). Not bad, right? 🙂

The most expensive ReivewMe review

So far, the highest review price I found on ReviewMe is Google Blogoscoped. Each review on the blog cost US$500!

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Sign Up ReviewMe and get paid

ReviewMe is giving away US$25,000 for bloggers to review ReviewMe. That’s why you see many bloggers are talking about ReviewMe.

Sign up ReviewMe now and make a few bucks! Also, read ReviewMe blog for updated information.

My two cents

I like the concept of ReviewMe. You get paid for writing a honest review because the advertiser cannot request for positive reviews.

ReviewMe payout is good (minimum $20), most bloggers do not earn that amount in a month with their contextual ads(read: adsense).

For me, ReviewMe is another income source but I don’t think I will get a review order each month. By the way, I assure you that every review I made is HONEST, regardless it is paid or free review. Trust me! 🙂

This is a paid (and honest) review of ReviewMe. I will do a follow up (e.g: get paid or not?) after the submission.

Have you make a ReviewMe review too? Show us!

P.S. ReviewMe will be launching affiliate program soon.

Update: This review has been approved on the next day of publishing date. I will receive US$125 for this review. 🙂

Update (Dec 5, 2006): I get paid by ReviewME!

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