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FreeStereo Twins wireless earphones

iTech FreeStereo Twins, the True Wireless Stereo Earphones

Don’t you hate your tangled earphones? Wireless earphones may be an alternative solution but they still have a wire between left and right earpieces. Can we have real wireless wireless earphones that are totally free from the wire? Introduce to you the iTech FreeStereo Twins Earphones. As suggested by its name, it consists of two […]

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Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud

Review: Moto Hint – Smart Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

Are you still using a Bluetooth headset that struck out from your ear? Bluetooth headset that only answer/reject call is outdated. Moto Hint is smart wireless Bluetooth earbud that fits in your ear and response to your voice commands. Check out my review below. Award Winning Design Moto Hint design has won iF Design Award […]

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ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

Review: ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

What’s in your mind when I mention “home alarm system installation”? Expensive cost? Complicated wiring? Messy construction? What if I tell you that now you can Do-It-Yourselves (DIY) to install a wireless alarm system without a sweat? Would you be interested? ONVIA VEDO S1 is a wireless alarm system-in-a-box using technology from Korea. You can […]

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