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Eubiq Power Track Review

Review: Eubiq Power Track System

Have you ever wish to have more power points than the fixed number of power plugs at your home? As a parent, don’t you like a childproof power point? Do you like the flexibility to add, remove and reposition a power point? If your answers are yes, Yes and YES, then please read on for […]

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MacClean screenshot 01

MacClean: This is How to Easily Clean Up Macs with 2 Clicks

Your brand new computer will eventually become slower or crashing. It is because of the increasing junk files in the system. This is not Windows only problem but Apple OS X too. On Windows, I recommends CCleaner (freeware). For Mac, I found an easy-to-use freeware — MacClean. MacClean is a free download Mac cleaning and maintenance app. […]

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