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SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Internet giant Yahoo Inc. is unveiling a new search site that promises to provide a more precise guide to neighborhood businesses, making the latest in a series of attempts to improve the World Wide Web’s focus on local information.


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Just after the news about Yahoo! new local search, Ask Jeeves Inc. said that it will begin serving up information about local shops and services from InterActiveCorp’s Citysearch in September.

Note that Google already has local search since March 2004, but still in Beta testing.

None of the local search mentioned cover Malaysia yet… (or even Asia?) 😕 Anyone come out to build a Malaysia Local Search? It would be nice if we can easily find out nearby interesting places, restorants, shops, etc.

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  • the domain name once belonged to some guys running a similar webpage as did Yahoo. I believe Yahoo “complained! and their site disappeared from the web. Now we have a different, a new one: Is it a good one? Well, the Google Rting is not up to the “10” yet, so we have to decide at a later stage. But what about

  • and isn’t it a local search? ah but it is very lousy!

  • LcF

    The local search was reffering to specific search on shops/places only, not a search page for local website. A similar one will be

  • Knight

    come lcf .. lets work on this .. 😈