Shutdown Shortcut – one-click turn off computer

Ever calculate how many clicks required to shutdown Microsoft Windows? Three clicks(Start > Turn Off computer.. > Turn Off).

Shutdown shortcutI want faster and simple way to shutdown my computer. My office PC’s keyboard does not has a “shutdown” key(which people often mis-pressed 😛 ), so I added a Shutdown computer shortcut on windows desktop.

Create shutdown computer shortcut

  1. Right click on any blank space of windows desktop -> New -> Shortcut. A “Create Shortcut” window will open.
    Create Shortcut window
  2. In the blank, type in:
    shutdown.exe -s -t 0
    It means, shutdown and wait for Zero second. Click “Next” button for next step.
  3. Type in whatever name you like in the blank. I use “Shutdown”. Then, click “Finish” button.
  4. You are done. A new shutdown shortcut is on your windows desktop!

Hey, it is not a shutdown icon like yours!

By default, the shortcut use a “unknown application” icon. We can change it, of course.

Right click on the Shutdown shortcut icon, click “Properties” -> click “Change icon…”. It will popup an alert, ignore it by clicking “Ok” button. You will get a list of icons to choose from:

Change Icon

Spot the Shutdown icon? Select it and click “OK” button twice. Done.

Now, only need one click to shutdown computer. 🙂

– You can also set “Shortcut key” in the shutdown shortcut’s propertise to shutdown computer using keyboard shortcut.
– To create shortcut for Restart computer, just replace the command with: shutdown.exe -r -t 0
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