Shutdown Shortcut – one-click turn off computer

Ever calculate how many clicks required to shutdown Microsoft Windows? Three clicks(Start > Turn Off computer.. > Turn Off).

Shutdown shortcutI want faster and simple way to shutdown my computer. My office PC’s keyboard does not has a “shutdown” key(which people often mis-pressed :P ), so I added a Shutdown computer shortcut on windows desktop.

Create shutdown computer shortcut

  1. Right click on any blank space of windows desktop -> New -> Shortcut. A “Create Shortcut” window will open.
    Create Shortcut window
  2. In the blank, type in:
    shutdown.exe -s -t 0
    It means, shutdown and wait for Zero second. Click “Next” button for next step.
  3. Type in whatever name you like in the blank. I use “Shutdown”. Then, click “Finish” button.
  4. You are done. A new shutdown shortcut is on your windows desktop!

Hey, it is not a shutdown icon like yours!

By default, the shortcut use a “unknown application” icon. We can change it, of course.

Right click on the Shutdown shortcut icon, click “Properties” -> click “Change icon…”. It will popup an alert, ignore it by clicking “Ok” button. You will get a list of icons to choose from:

Change Icon

Spot the Shutdown icon? Select it and click “OK” button twice. Done.

Now, only need one click to shutdown computer. :)

– You can also set “Shortcut key” in the shutdown shortcut’s propertise to shutdown computer using keyboard shortcut.
– To create shortcut for Restart computer, just replace the command with: shutdown.exe -r -t 0
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  • You can also use shutdown.exe to execute command line reboots and shutdowns or launch a GUI interface to do the same.

    Additionally, if your security settings permit, you can use shutdown.exe functions to reboot and shutdown remote computers on the network.

    For more information about the shutdown command, type shutdown /? at the command prompt, and then press ENTER. Also, Microsoft TechNet has an article about the shutdown.exe tools available here.

  • uncleJim

    I use this as my one-click shutdown button. Ha ha. Cheers :)

  • Babak

    this was very interesting…
    Please learn me about creating “restart” shotcut.
    ( i subscribe in your rss feed too)

  • LcF

    Babak: to create a restart shortcut, just Note: change -s (shutdown) to -r (restart).
    Example: shutdown.exe -r -t 0

  • Ollie Lim

    Or if u have easy access to the power button of ur cpu…

    You could go to “Power Options” in the “Control Panel” and in the “Advanced” tab, select “Shut Down” in the drop-down menu under “When I press the power button on my computer:”.

    and all u have to do is tap ur power button (without having to “aim and click” on a button :)

    i can say for sure that this functionality works on XP. and if i remember correctly, for 98, Me and 2000 as well.

  • ivan

    i created the shortcut and windows turn off, but the power is still on!what do i do? thanx

  • LcF

    @Ollie Lim, you are right. Thank you. (but, my PC is hidden below my table…)

    @ivan: check your computer power saving mode in BIOS?

  • Also, your computer’s ACPI chip must be compatible with Windows XP in order for it to fully turn off.

  • Azhar

    it donot works in windows 2000 i have testet it so manyl times.

  • Azhar:

    The shutdown.exe command is only native in Windows XP. For systems running Windows 2000, the additional Windows 2000 Resource Kit needs to be installed.

    If you do not have access to the Resource Kit files, I located an alternative someone coded to emulate the same functionality. It is a third-party software not supported by Microsoft and I have not tested it personally, but you may wish to check it out here.

  • Parwinder Sandhu

    hi guys……… thats pretty interestin…
    i have wireless network at home between my laptop and desktop. Can anybody help me to tell me the command how can i shut off my desktop from my laptop through network.

  • Memphix

    Hi, thanks, very helpful.
    Something similar I’m trying to do is create a quick launch icon. One that not only opens up explorer but opens explorer with a specific folder selected. For example: It will open c:\memphix\ once clicked
    Any help appreciated,

  • LcF

    Memphix: simply add the folder path after the Windows Explorer shortcut icon’s path.

  • Memphix

    Thanks, I was doing that, but it removes the left column with all the other drives, only displays the folder.

    See for the next big artist.

  • Estructure

    Is there something similar but to Turn On the computer so you can set it with the Scheduled Tasks Manager and get the computer Activated?
    Thank you

  • grynnan


    Well, not in your OS, but it might be in your BIOS.
    Most of the later BIOSes suports this.

    (It’s quite simple really, when you figured out how to access your bios ;) Most computers will allow you to access bios during startup by pressing ESC or such.. (when promted to do so) )
    I’m pretty sure you’ll find out how, if you have your motherboard manual, or if you ‘google’ some about your BIOS..

  • Sam

    I tried all the possible ways which you talked about, but still i have problem with my shutdown my computer.
    when i click on the start-turn off computer then turn off or restart nothing will change or happen, i can not turn off my computer in normal way i have to press button to turn off my computer that means phisicly i turn off my computer.
    would you please help me to solve that problem?

  • LcF

    @Sam: please check your computer power saving setting. I suggest you to update windows and motherboard driver.

  • Luke

    Hello you could set a really useless task to update your antivirus for example. In the advanced section on the scheduled tasks you can set it to wake the computer this works fine with me and i record tv programs its very reliable!!! :)

  • Thanks

    Very use full keep Giveing such things

    Thnks once again.

  • Smith

    I’m wondering how you create a message before the shutdown occurs.
    I think it is something along the lines of:
    SHUTDOWN -s -c “message” -t 00
    But nothing seems to work.
    Please help!!

  • LcF

    @Smith: try: shutdown -s -c "message" -t 10
    The message did not displayed because your set the timer to ZERO.

  • tareq

    how to i start my computer with keyboard please tell me?

  • ral

    how quick turn off window xp

  • Crazy Cajun

    I would suggest anyone using these shutdown commands regularly to manually shut down all open programs and use these “shortcut” commands sparingly otherwise file fragmentation will be vast. Also recommend everyone using these commands to have on hand backup copies of files,programs,etc…anything important. More good advice would be to Ghost your drive(s) as you’ll probably need it sooner or later.

  • joeman

    why’s that crazy cajun?

  • wow I like this. Very useful tip indeed! hehe

  • i just created my own shutdown shortcut key but it is not functioning.
    i followed all the instructions given , can anyone tell what’s the problem?

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