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Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars

Facebook Buy WhatsApp: What will Change?

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is buying WhatsApp, world’s most popular messaging app, for a jaw-dropping total of $19 billion USD ($4 billion cash + $12 billion stock + $3 billion restricted stock units). What will change?

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Maxis CEO Morten Lundal

Maxis CEO to Twitter Chat with Followers on Hashtag #MortenMaxis

Mr. Morten Lundal – Maxis Berhad CEO since October 1st, 2013 – to have a Twitter chat with followers to answer questions and get feedback. Morten will be “directly engaging” with customers via the company Twitter handler @MaxisComms. Use hashtag #MortenMaxis to ask your questions and sound your feedback on Maxis related matters.

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Twitter setting allows you to receive direct messages from any follower

You Can Now Receive Twitter Direct Messages (DMs) from Any Follower

Twitter new setting allows you to receive direct messages (DMs) from any follower, regardless you follow them back or not. Learn how to enable/disable it. “Hey, please follow me so that I can send you a DM!” Does it sound familiar to you? Twitter users should encounter it now and then. It is Twitter’s rule that […]

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google shared endorsements

How to Disable “Google Shared Endorsements” that Show Your Name and Photo in Google Ads

Google updated its Terms of Service with new “Google Shared Endorsements”, which may display your name and photo in Google Ads. Learn how to opt out and disable it for your Google+ account. Google Terms of service has been updated. The new terms will go live on November 11, 2013. One of the three changes […]

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facebook limit audience setting

Now Anyone Can Search Your Facebook Posts! Here’s Quick Way to Anti-Stalking

Facebook has decided to allow anyone to search for your profile on Facebook by removing the “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” privacy setting. Most of you probably do not know the setting, anyway. It is an old setting which has been removed last year for people who are not using it. “Only […]

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Facebook for iOS: post sharing options

Facebook App for iOS: Now You Can Share Post to FB Pages, Groups, Message

Facebook didn’t tell you this. Now you can share FB posts to friend’s timeline, Pages, Groups and in Facebook message. While reviewing an Android smartphone last week, I realize that Facebook app for Android support sharing posts to Facebook Pages. As a Facebook Page admin, it is the feature I always want to have in […]

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Facebook for iOS: chat head and stickers

Facebook App for iOS gets Chat Heads, Stickers and Cleaner News Feed

Facebook app for iOS has been updated (version 6.0) to support Chat Heads, stickers, and new News Feed. Unlike Facebook Home’s Chat Heads, the iOS version of Chat Heads only appears in the Facebook app and cannot integrate with user’s SMS contacts. Chat Heads floating on top of Facebook app give you instant access to […]

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Block Candy Crush Saga

Facebook 911: How to Stop Candy Crush Saga Game Invites

In this Facebook tip, you will learn how to block Candy Crush Saga and do not receive the game invites again!

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facebook notification sound turn off

Facebook 101: How to Turn Off Facebook Notification Sound

Now Facebook plays a sound each time you receive a new notification. Here you’ll learn about how to turn off Facebook notification sound.

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Twitter reset password and sent email to affected users

Warning: Reset Twitter Password Now

Twitter has been hacked and attackers may have gained access to 250,000 user passwords which Twitter has reset passwords and send email to the users.

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Facebook drag-and-drop bulk photo upload

Facebook Tip: How to Drag-and-drop Upload Multiple Photos

Facebook drag-and-drop bulk photo upload feature allows you easily insert multiple photos into a FB post. Simply drag one or more photos from your computer to the facebook post editor, it will switch to a photo upload field (dashed line box), then you drop the photos to insert them into a fb post. However, you […]

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Checks Any Twitter Account for Fake and Inactive Followers

How many of your followers are fake or inactive? FakeFollowers by SocialBakers is a simple online tool to tell your follower stats. Simply enter your twitter username and click the “Check” button. You will need to authorize the app for first time. Then, a follower stats box will be shown on the bottom showing the percentages […]

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new facebook app

New Facebook App for iPhone and iPad (5.0) is 2x Faster but Still Missing “Share”

New Facebook app for iPhone and iPad version 5.0 is 2x faster than previous version but still missing “share” feature.

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add twitter account to OS X Mountain Lion

HOW TO: Add Twitter Account into OS X Mountain Lion

Twitter integration is one of the feature highlight of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add twitter account into Mountain Lion.

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3 Easy Facebook Security Tips You Need to Know

Facebook has 3 simple, easy to follow tips to protect your account and keeps scams away.

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