Special Perfume That Attract Women

Good news to single guys! 😈

Here is the special… magic… wonderful… amazing… unbelieavable… perfume for man:

Eau de Perfume for Men
Attract women with the perfume enhanced by the sexual attractant – Pheromones! Each bottle contains 1.7oz of pheromones-enhanced perfume for the man in you.

Price: M$ 158.80 (US$ 41.80)


In Nature, pheromones play an important role in sexual communication between opposite sexes within a species. Many examples of this can be seen. Take for example, when a dog is in heat. The bitch releases pheromones while in heat that will attract male dogs from miles around (and they come lusting). Similarly, the human pheromone, androstenone, relays subconscious information about the virility and dominance of a man. These effects are detected by the Vemeronasal Organ (VNO) located in the nasal cavity. Everybody has one, scientists have known it existed in humans but only recently has research shown that it is associated to pheromone perception in humans.

Source: http://www.pheromone2000.com/pheromones.htm

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As Weilian said, “hmmm…RM158… good investment…”. Perhaps we can give it a try. Who knows, maybe suddenly many girls fall in love to us? 😈

*Credits to Weilian.

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  • muda mohd nor

    saya belum tapi cadang nak beli di mana

  • farid

    liew, i am stay in jb, where can get this best pheromonies