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StarOffice 8

As part of Sun’s ongoing commitment to education, Sun Microsystems provides licenses for StarOffice 8 at no-cost to education and research institutions. StarOffice 8 delivers exceptional cross-platform compatibility with enhanced support for the Solaris Operating Environment, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, and is designed to suit all your academic and administrative needs.

[ How to Get StarOffice 8 (Free for education and research) ]


Giving free softwares to school teachers and students is a good marketing strategy.

School will take the free software and teach its students to use the software. When the students are graduated from school, they are already used to the softwares and they will propose the software to their bosses.

Have you notice that big companies like Microsoft and Apple always have special promotions for teachers and students? 🙂

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  • jared l.

    I hope one day… they’ll give out free hardwares too! 🙂

  • Ah Seng

    I wonder Sun would offer this to government to increase their market share?

  • hopefully this will force Microsoft would reduce prices for its products

  • jlchannel

    M$ not reduce price lah, give free better 😛

  • hihi

    where i can get it 🙂 ?????

  • LcF

    hihi: there is link in the article.

  • sibi

    i am a student i need star office 8 for my studies where can i get it for free

  • LcF
  • Arun

    Respected Sir,
    I need StarOffice to work.Kindly inform how to download and from Which website.

  • kumar

    staroffice has powrful features int and it is nice to use
    star office

  • Nice program and has good features

  • Michael

    Thanks your good software..

  • Zolero

    Nice office suite indeed. I use it with linux. But had have some headaches till i’ve finded the download. For this reason I provide you with a more closest link for download (LcF’s link is a little confuseable, but usable after a little search between features). Now, here is the precise one:;jsessionid=3D0E95E3ED45A75C3FBB1AA1D867E7B5

    You need to register and accept the License Agreement to be able to download StarOffice and it’s documentation. Enjoy.

  • LcF

    @Zolero: thanks for the link. 🙂

  • sree

    i need star office 8 for my students for education purpose… shall i get it free…. rply me!!!!

  • LcF

    @sree: you can download it at

  • ramprasad

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  • Savannah

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  • vicky

    thank you so much

  • Logesh

    My sister is studying 12th std, she needs star office 8.0 so help me for free download.
    Thank You Very Much

  • LcF

    @Logesh: alternatively, you can download at It is FREE!

  • sathiya

    please give me the url links to download the staroffice full version for free of cost

  • Arul

    please give me the url links to download the staroffice full version for free of cost

  • wain

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