Streamyx Down…

Okay, I know this is not a news to Tmnet Streamyx users… But I really cannot stand it anymore!

The line was unstable since last week. The DSL LED light on the modem is keep flashing (meaning: poor signal)…

Yesterday (Saturday midnight) the line is down for few hours until 2am over. All right, the down time has been announced at TMnet website. Fine then.

However, the line is down again for WHOLE NIGHT of 21st March until NOW! No Internet access made my Sunday night so bored and no mood! 🙁

I am blogging this using the 56k modem. It is full of dust(almost dump by me) but working fine. Fortunely I still keep the dialup account…

Hmm… such a long time never heard the modem dialing sound… Hopefully the ADSL line will back to normal soon! *cross fingers*

Updated @ 22nd March 04, 1:25am
The Streamyx is back! The Tmnet heard my praying huh? 😀

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  • Iceberg

    How come i can online whole day?

  • k4ml

    don’t dump your ‘old’ friend …. 🙂

  • Gecko

    Always has tmnet 1515 as a back up
    streamx my ass !! lol

  • LcF

    Iceberg: maybe because we are in different area?
    k4ml: I never dump a working old device. 😉
    Gecko: agree. we do need backup.

  • nerr

    my 1515 is having problems as well. i hate tmnet!

  • Squall

    1515 has problems sometime. our country need more improvement in this area. I don’t heard any speech about this from the politicians during the election eve.

  • brouhaha

    read ur comments about the TMnet service. man, oh man, i’m like fed up to the backteeth with the 1515 service too. my dad recently set up an account at my parets house and the dratted thing works for a few weeks before it just DIES off. The funny thing is, the telephone is still functional and when we tested the pc at the PC shop, it worked beautifully. THen when we brought it back , it’s still as dead as a dodo. Even the tmnet techs dunno what went boo-boo with the thing/pc/line…sigh… makes one feel like screaming sometimes…

  • LcF

    could it be modem malfunction?

    use your phone(not modem) to dial 1515, see if you hear the machine noice or not. 🙂

  • >.

    streamyx suck!! although 88 package(1Mb) but it only work at 100++k!

  • LcF

    Please note that the 1Mb is 1 MegaBits, NOT 1 MB(MegaBytes).
    8 bits = 1 byte.
    1Megabit is about 125 KiloBytes, deduct the overheads, you get 100++KiloByte download speed is very good already.

    (people always confuse between ‘b’ and ‘B’. ‘b’ is bit, ‘B’ is byte!)