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Maxis 4G LTE

Maxis Launch Malaysia First 4G LTE Service on January 1st, 2013

Maxis 4G, the first “real” 4G LTE service in Malaysia, has officially launched by Maxis Berhad (Maxis) on January 1st, 2013. Maxis customers will enjoy 4G speed up to 75Mbps, with average speed of 10 to 30Mbps. 4G LTE is about 10x faster than current 3G connection. Your connection will switch to 3G if you are not […]

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P1 Broadband Kuching

Thanks for Waiting. P1 Broadband Now in Kuching, Sarawak

P1 broadband service is now available in some areas of Kuching starting today (27 December 2012). P1 initial service offering will be its ForHome and ForBiz plans. The services available to 3000 households and commercial buildings around Padungan Bazaar, Sekama Bazaar, Jalan Foochow and Bormill Estate area. SEE ALSO: P1 Broadband Now in Kota Kinabalu, […]

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P1 KK Opening

P1 Broadband Now in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

P1 ForHome fixed-wireless broadband service is now available in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah.

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P1 Fiber Plans (OneBiz and OnePlan) with 4G Broadband

Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (“P1”), first 4G broadband provider in Malaysia, has launched its fiver plans: OneBiz Fiber for business and OnePlan for consumers. The plans come with voice calls with free bundled minutes.

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P1 4G WIGGY 39 Plan, the Cheapest Mobile Broadband in Malaysia

P1, the 4G wireless broadband service provider, launch new cheapest post-paid mobile broadband plan in Malaysia called WIGGY 39 for only RM39 per month.

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How to pick the Best Wireless Broadband Deals

This post will be giving you some tips on choosing the best wireless broadband deals.

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How To Get Direction to Any Place On the Road Using iPad and Wireless Broadband

Have you ever need to visit a place but do not know the location? You know a place but do not know the driving direction? It happened to me couple times and, with iPad wifi + 3G and Maxis wireless broadband, I have found out a way to get direction to any places. Read on for the details.

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Choosing the Best Wireless Broadband Provider for iPad in Malaysia

In this article, you will learn how to choose a wireless broadband service provider for your iPad 3G and the reasons of my pick — Maxis broadband.

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Malaysia iPad: Pick A Wireless Broadband Data Plan

Wireless broadband plans for iPad users in Malaysia. Maxis iPad plans or DiGi iPad plans, or others?

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1Gbps Broadband Service in Malaysia for $64 a month

Vasseti Datatech launched 1Gbps broadband service in Malaysia at only RM199 per month. Faster and cheaper than TMNET Unifi.

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The Cinderella-like Streamyx Broadband

my Streamyx connection always disconnect in the midnight. Once it is about midnight, the connection will disconnect, reconnect every minute or two.

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Pingtest screenshot

Here’s a Quick Way to Test Your Broadband Quality

Pingtest.net is the new project of the popular bandwidth test site, SpeedTest.net. PingTest is used to determine the “quality” of your Internet connection.

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1080p HD Video on YouTube, So What?

The 1080p HD video (High-Definition video) is coming to YouTube. But I don’t feel excited at all, even though that I have 2x 24-inch monitors, which fully support 1080p HD video’s resolution. Why?

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P1 W1MAX logo

P1 W1MAX Wireless Broadband is in Kluang, Johor!

P1 W1MAX (WiMAX wireless broadband) is now available in Kluang, Johor!

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TIME Netlynx, 10Mbps Broadband Connection for Malaysians?

Netlynx, a TIME dotNet company, is offering 10Mbps broadband connection in Malaysia, which is 2.5 times faster than TMNet Streamyx 4Mbps broadband package.

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