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Opera 15 browser - Speed Dial

Opera 15: Good Chrome Alternative Browser with Extensions for Windows and Mac

Opera 15, the latest desktop web browser has been released for Windows and Mac. It is a big leap from Opera 12. The new Opera desktop browser is “made from scratch” based on Chromium, the open-source project behind Google Chrome browser and Google Chrome OS. No surprise that Opera 15 user interface looks very much […]

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Java coffee and code

Warning: Disable Java in Your Web Browser Immediately

On 10 January 2013, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued a warning advising users to disable Java because a serious exploit found allows hackers to take control of users’ computers (Macs, PCs, Linux). While waiting for Oracle to release a Java update fix, Apple had quietly disabled Java on Macs by blacklisting […]

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Chrome extension download alert

Now You Can Only Install Extensions on Chrome Web Store

Latest Google Chrome browser updated to allow extension installation only on Google Web Store to prevent unauthorized extension installations.

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Now You Can Access Your Google Chrome Tabs Everywhere

Google Chrome Beta now remember the browser tabs you have on one device and make them accessible on all your other devices (computers, Android smartphone and tablets).

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google chrome logo

15 Useful Google Chrome Tips for Busy People

Here are some Chrome extensions, keyboard shortcuts and tips to help you browse like a Pro and save your time in daily tasks.

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Google Announce Chrome Beta for Android – Not Support Flash

Google has introduced the Chrome for Android (beta) for Android 4.0 (ICS), which brings speed and simplicity of desktop Chrome to Android phone and tablet. It enables you to sync bookmarks and tabs across devices.

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Google Chrome is the Most Popular Browser in Malaysia (2011)

Google Chrome is now the most popular web browser in Malaysia. According to StatCounter Global Stats report, Chrome overtakes Firefox and becomes the No.1 web browser in Malaysia since July 2011.

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Download Firefox 4 Beta Now. It is FAST!

Firefox 4 beta is now available for download and it is few times faster than previous version!

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“Happy 6th Birthday, Firefox!”, from a Google Chrome Switcher

Happy 6th birthday, Firefox! Firefox 1.0 was released at November 9, 2004. Firefox has been downloaded over 1 billion times (2009) in the past years!

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The Web Browsers War [Poll Result]

Previously, I asked you to vote your default web browser. Now, here is the poll result.

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What is Your Default Web Browser?

Have you changed your default web browser in the past months? Please vote for your favorite browser in the following poll

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Google Chrome 5 Beta is Faster than Speed of Light?!

Google Chrome 5 beta has been released and it is the fastest beta to date for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The new beta release is 30% better performance and faster than the previous beta version.

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Download: Google Chrome 4.0 with Extensions

Google Chrome 4.0 [Windows] has been released and supports extensions.

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if browsers were women...

If Browsers were Women…

Put the web browsers war aside, if your choice of browser was a woman, what kind of woman she is? Check out the interesting “if browsers were women…” pic below.

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Download Google Chrome Blog Theme for WordPress and Blogspot

Google Chrome blog theme is blog theme that mimic the design of Google Chrome web browser. The theme is available for WordPress and Blogspot users.

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