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Google Drive for Work with unlimited storage

Google Drive for Work with Unlimited Cloud Storage, Only USD$10 per Month

Google Drive for Work with unlimited cloud storage has been announced during the Google I/O today. The unlimited storage Google Drive is part of Google Apps Unlimited, the new Google Apps edition. (Compare Google Apps editions) For USD$10 per user per month, your Google Apps Unlimited account includes all Google Apps for Business features, plus […]

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money tree shaken

At Last, Malaysian Developers Can Offer Paid Apps and Games on Google Play Store

Starting February 7, 2014, Malaysian developers can offer paid applications and games on Google Play in over 130 countries.

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Chromecast apps

The Complete List of Chromecast Apps (2013)

Here are all the Chromecast-enabled apps available in 2013 that you can install on devices and stream media content to TV using Chromecast media player.

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Trend Micro Titanium 2014

Trend Micro Titanium 2014 with Social Networks Privacy Scanner

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 is the latest flagship all-in-one security solution with social network privacy scanner. Titanium Maximum Security 2014 protects multiple devices, multiple platform – Windows, Mac, and Android devices – against viruses, dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging, social network protection. Its social network privacy scanner simplifies […]

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Project Ara modules

Motorola Project Ara to Build Open Hardware Modular Smartphone

A month ago, an interesting idea called “Phonebloks” by Dave Hakkens about a concept smartphone made of functional blocks was shared by many friends on Facebook. The idea is groundbreaking that the idea video has over 16 million views on YouTube in a month. If you haven’t watch it, here you are: It is LEGO-like […]

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Google WiFi Passport banner

Google WiFi Passport Available for Android Users in Jakarta, Indonesia

Google WiFi Passport is a public WiFi connection service by Google, which is now testing in Jakarta, Indonesia. Unlike other public WiFi networks that requires you to enter passwords or register on web portal, Google WiFi Passport is one-time login. After connecting, you’ll be online for the next 24 hours in hotspot. Currently, there’s 90 […]

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google shared endorsements

How to Disable “Google Shared Endorsements” that Show Your Name and Photo in Google Ads

Google updated its Terms of Service with new “Google Shared Endorsements”, which may display your name and photo in Google Ads. Learn how to opt out and disable it for your Google+ account. Google Terms of service has been updated. The new terms will go live on November 11, 2013. One of the three changes […]

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Google Maps app for iOS navigation preview in satellite view in Malaysia

Now You Can Download Google Maps for iOS in Malaysia App Store

Since Google Maps app for iOS released in December 2012, Malaysians have been waiting for the maps app in Malaysia App Store to replace the lousy Apple Maps on their iPhone and iPad. Wait no more! Google Maps for iOS is now available for free download at Malaysia App Store! When Google Maps for Android […]

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Google Maps app for Android tablet (left) and smartphone showing new interface and turn-by-turn navigation in Malaysia

At Last, Google Maps Turn-by-turn Navigation Available for Android in Malaysia. Coming soon for iOS?

At last, Malaysia Android users receives turn-by-turn navigation feature in the new Google Maps app. While Google Maps app is yet available in Malaysia App Store, Google Malaysia hints that it is “coming soon”. Google Maps app for Android has been redesigned and updated with several new features, such as explore new places, discover local […]

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Google Street View Trekker Backpack

Apply Google Street View Trekker Backpack

Google is calling volunteers of the world to help capturing panoramic images from all types of terrain and landscapes using the Google Street View Trekker. If you’re a tourism board, non-profit, university, research organization or other third party who can gain access and help collect imagery of hard to reach places, you can apply to […]

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Google Reader OPML file

How To Export Google Reader Subscriptions to OPML File

In case you haven’t known it yet, Google Reader (most popular feed reader) will be shutting down after July 1, 2013. It is very important for Google Reader users to export and backup their feed data. You should get all your Google Reader subscriptions in an OPML (XML) file format. So that you can migrate and […]

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Fake CIMB Android App

Fake CIMB Clicks Android App Found on Google Play Store

CIMB Clicks is one of the most popular online banking service in Malaysia. It has official mobile apps for iOS and Android to allow customers to manage their bank account on-the-go. Apparently, a fake CIMB Clicks app called “CIMB Clicks Perbankan Internet” (no link for obvious reason) get passed Google Play store security check and […]

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Starbucks WiFi with Free Unlimited Google Music

Free Unlimited Google Play Music At Starbucks Coffee

US only. Now you can enjoy free unlimited music streaming while having coffee at Starbucks Coffee. Google has partnered with Starbucks Coffee (US) to offer free unlimited music through its Google Play Music All Access service. A Google Play’s Google+ post reavealed the deal. No information about the promotion period. The free WiFi at Starbucks US is […]

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Google shared storage

Free 15GB Google Cloud Storage to Shared Between Drive, Gmail, Google+ Photos

Google free storage was separated into 5GB Google Drive and Google+ photos; 10GB for Gmail messages and attachments. With the new update, you get a combined 15GB storage pool for Drive, Google+ photos and Gmail.

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