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How to save more on IT Gadgets with ShopBack CashBack

Whatever the politicians say, admit it, the economy is bad in Malaysia. Every thing’s price increased, the only thing that does not increase is your salary. Online stores are generally cheaper and offer better deals than the brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, I rarely buy at shops but shop online at home, instead. What if I tell […]

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ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

Review: ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

What’s in your mind when I mention “home alarm system installation”? Expensive cost? Complicated wiring? Messy construction? What if I tell you that now you can Do-It-Yourselves (DIY) to install a wireless alarm system without a sweat? Would you be interested? ONVIA VEDO S1 is a wireless alarm system-in-a-box using technology from Korea. You can […]

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