The BEST Way to Sell Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is to be released on Oct 22, 2009. This is the best way to sell Windows 7:

the best way to sell MS Windows 7

Don’t you agree? 😉 [via]

Have you tried Windows 7? Are you ready to upgrade?

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  • I think that I should upgrade my Vista… 😛

    • Gay Guy

      Stupid woman has no appeal to me since I’m gay.

  • Microsoft Windows is dominating the operating market, do they need to do this? Or buy Windows 7 to get the girl’s picture for free? 😛 Just joking.

  • nonyabiz

    hot chicks that’s attention grabber but quality and being user friendly may do the trick

  • Nice try Microsoft… 🙂

  • IT seems to bridge a link with pretty gals……

  • Jason Lee

    No bad but I still prefer the conventional way of marketing software products.

  • Good idea, but it mean Windows 7 is pretty outside.