TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package

TMNet launched 4M Streamyx broadband package, the fastest Internet connection speed for personal in Malaysia.

TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package
Image: TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package

The 4M package is for home users only, not available for business users. Surprise! Streamyx Basic 4.0M is a package with 4.0Mbps download speed and 512Kbps upload speed. Monthly fee is RM268 (with modem), Streamyx 2.0 package is RM188/month.

Do we feel excited? Not really. Based on the past TMNet experiences, we doubt the service quality. We are afraid to get 1.0M speed by paying 4.0M. As my brother said, “I don’t care. Just give me the stable connectivity.

Before you rush to Telekom to upgrade your Streamyx package, please note that 4M package is currently only available to a very small area. The total available ports are around 12,000+, meaning only 12K of 4M Streamyx accounts available now.

My two cents

While my friend in Singapore is enjoying 12M broadband connection speed, it is glad to know that TMNet launched the 4M Streamyx package (although only for the lucky 12K people).

However, there are still many Streamyx problems not yet solved: Snail Internet connection speed when accessing non-Malaysia websites, unstable connectivity after raining, loss of Internet connection, etc.

What we want is the improvement of services, not a high speed package for a small group of people.

P.S. Anyone tried 2.0M Streamyx? I was advised NOT to upgrade to 2.0M by Telekom in my hometown. They are afraid that I don’t get the speed it should be. Well, at least they are honest. ;)

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  • Cool, but it’s too expensive.

  • izwan
  • I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, knowing what TMNut’s “Best Effort” really is….

  • Peter Lim

    I think a bit expensive for 2MB.. cause it more than double the price.. and like Palmdoc said “Best Effort”.. even I got 1MB package but it like 384KB connection line or less

  • Teh Theng Heng

    I’ll bet other TMNet competitors will be coming out their cheaper package soon. Very limit of choice right now.

  • justify

    I’m enjoying 1.5mbp/s at RM88….Upgrade huh?

  • Wahlau.NET

    recent newspaper got promotion price

    at RM198

  • Exif

    At present I am connected to a 1.5Mbps connection but my actual download speed is only 450kbps by average. That is far too low, right? Or am I still stuck at 512kbps (subscribed package) although the highest connection speed could reach 1.5Mbps?

  • Exciting! There is some progress here, but I’ll just wait and see. Too many bad experience with the ISPs.

  • Why bother to upgrade when all they provide is just on “best effort basis”?

  • Heh… A joke by TM Net. I bet the speed will be under 1MB again. Just hope that it won’t be under 512kbps lo… My friend with Maxis told me the 368kbps package run like 1MB Streamyx, I don’t know if it’s Maxis too good or Streamyx too bad now… :?

  • I’ve just upgraded my subscription last month from 512k to 1MB. And I feel like the previous package is faster then the current package I’m subscribing.

  • didi

    pay 4Mbps money but get 1Mbps real speed ?
    who will be so stupid ?
    Is been a month i’ve submitted the upgrade from 512kbps to 1Mbps…
    But still nothing… some more speed slower…

  • Andrew Ooi

    It’s unanimous so far. Nobody is excited or even giving this news a positive thought.

    Including me :)

    My connection sucks (no surprise here) as it gets disconnected every 30 minutes or so. I’m on 1MBps.

    Anyway say you really get 4Mbps. TMNet will surely do some packet shaping and slow down any P2P activity. That means no downloading movies etc.

    Also with their packet shaping, they also filter out and slow down legitimate uses of fast connection like video conferencing etc. So it’s 4Mbps. What is the point?

  • best effort payment anyone???

  • TMNET is doomed. They better come up with better stunt next time. We’re not convinced. Work harder TM!

  • jnr1234

    I think… TmNet is just trying to gain fund for the fiber optic cable… they are making…. which will ONLY complete on this December. Huhu… no fun.

  • Nasir

    Best effort payment gets you DOUBLE PENALTIES, no service while subscription fee still runs, and additional RM10 to reconnect. Only in Malaysia a company can do this and get away with it.

  • Kay Kastum

    Let’s just wait and see weather it’s worth to pay Rm268 per month…

  • Just wait and see. With the current services, dun have high hope! Unless they buck up and provide us with the promised services, then i will consider it.

  • new package? imho, they better upgrade the services than offer new packages.

  • hell yeah, i mentioned roughly about the same thing on my blog.

    i definitely agree with your brother.

    i noticed that lately, it has been a pain to access non-malaysian-hosted websites. takes ages to load.

    imagine having to update my blog when i need to upload a lot of images. its really painstaking; i could have done it in half the time if only the connection is better!

  • I’m among the 1st to sign up for Streamyx when it was launched many years ago. I had enjoyed many good moments and bad ones. Unfortunately more bad ones.
    I couldn’t get a good connection during the weekends and school holidays. Early this month Streamyx was playing with me the “i-will-disconnect-you-every-15-minute”. Probably the best time to get things done on the Net is around 2 to 5 am.

  • Friedbeef

    Was just back from Singapore – they get free 512k wireless which is faster and more reliable than my 1M!

  • I am sure this is another “best effort” package from screamyx…

  • Hen

    I like this phrase – “i-will-disconnect-you-every-15-minute”.
    I also experienced the same game with streamyx….mine may be every 10 minutes.

  • saharman

    Tolong laa jangan menbazir duit anda, saya guna Streamyx 1 Mb, bayar RM 99.00 sebulan tapi dapat servis macam PrePaid jee.

  • Sadly, you’re right. The 4 MB connection means nothing. The fact that it is “only for home” gives it away — this 4 MB will be more like

  • Not everyone need 4MB speed for the internet connection. Most people use connection for playing online games, watch youtube, MSN chatting, surf internet and buy online.

    For me, 1MB already enough to do my internet business and sometime will take extra time to upload the large size file to server, but not everytime.

    I hope they improve the service and make the connection more stable. Sometime the connection slow enough, open took more than 20 second to open the website. Usually I open the less than 2 second only.

    Honestly, I also just want the stable connectivity. :-)

    Thank you

  • Nasir

    It’s true 1Mbps can get you 1.5Mbps or so connection, but only to local sites (like but for international sites, it’s more like half or less. Sometimes, connections to International sites for this “broadband” connectivity from TM NET is like 20Kbps. (poor than dialup!)

    If TMNET can convince everyone that with 4Mbps plan, you’d get at least 1Mbps for international connection, I think many will be enticed to try and pay for it. Otherwise, try harder next time.

  • Nasir

    Finally got my version on Streamyx blogged –

    Say… we now have one million plus broadband subscribers which is still a very small percentage of total Internet users (12+ millions, or at least 4 million active ones) — that’s well under 10% of Net users, or under 5% of Malaysia population compared to many other nations at 60% or higher of their population! And I think TM really needs help although they don’t seem to care about asking for such help. (It’s TM Business GM, who was TMNET Head of Sales three years ago brushed my concerns as “solicitations” — TM continuously claim they are doing good and on the right track, for at least 3 years now)

    How can we get more people on broadband in Malaysia? Think, we’d need a poll soon. Choices would be: 1. open up the last mile; 2. reduce the price; 3. offer free broadband to all (metro wifi etc). 4. NEW REGULATION: all new computers and housing/office units built MUST have broadband. 5. Free broadband for one year for all. 6. More education & awareness 7: more local-centric killer applications 8: bring mandatory Internet thru Astro or MiTV (satellite) etc..

    Liew and others with huge authorities on the Web (like traditional mainstream media like The Star, NST, Utusan, Harakah, MalaysiaKini and Berita Harian etc): Can you please come up with this poll?

  • Alfred

    What is the REAL problem for Tmnet Streamyx?
    Why can’t they solve everything after years?

  • Tobby

    My friend recently just got his 4mb package approved. When he log on (we are playing WoW together) we all asked him how issit. He said when he logged on, he was having around 100ping then boost to 500ping which is normal and same happens to most of us who were usign 1mb. Then he later commented his connection spike a lot, and he switched back to his old modem and it works better. The new modem was given by the streamyx tech guy who so called it “ADSL2 modem” which i laughed. I came back from Australia 2 years ago bringing back an ADSL2 modem and that time they have been using 5mb connection alrdy. Well since like it wasnt much upgrade either. And as we suspected, even if u pay for 4mb, i doubt we will even get speed as close to 1mb. At first sure u get good speed, but i am the service will degrade over the time considering it is streamyx we are talking about. Nevertheless we all commented on the friend that he has just paid for a downgrade instead because his connection seems less stable than ours which were on 1mb package : )

  • Fenton

    It’s good to have greater speed. However,…

    as you said,

    is TMNet, a trusted brand?

    We all already know that.

  • Why oh why TMNET… Are you just mad at me because I posted critiques of TMNET Streamyx? After posting up these comments and blog post, my Streamyx download speed drops from 1.1Mbps down to 60Kbps since 30 MAY 2007. (My present upload speed is nearly 400Kbps though). Is it just mine or, anyone else experiencing the same?

    TMNET is making me crazy for the past 72 hours. Calls to customer support at 1-300-88-9515 can get you busy/engaged signals, and once connected, they’d make you wait for 10 minutes or more (while earning millions of ringgit a year from customers paying at 8+4cent/minute for these “customer care” sessions), and tell you, “have you checked your modem, your firewall, your auto-manual connection, your anti-virus, your OS version, your bad internet habits, and finally, oh, we’ll still investigating it”. Why can’t TMNET Customer Support stop insulting the intelligence of their customers? They haven’t seem to improve all these five years I’ve become their customer.

    If you’ll be bad mouthing about TMNET, make sure you remain anonymous, hehe! TMNET has spies all over the Net, and will come and get you! haha.

  • LcF

    @Tobby: thanks for the 4M Streamyx information. It would be great if your friend can provide the broadband speed test data to the rest of us. :)

  • Guess

    What a [email protected] Turtlemyx, internet link speed like a shit. We shall call it as Malaysia Net caused it doesn’t supply what its comitted as International line!! @$%$^%&^@&. When u connecting to international line the speed slow like a turtle. Expecially who loves P2P link… they totally controlling the user who are connected to P2P server from international link. They already banned it and limited and slowdown the connection speed. Last year my download connection can reached at 40k to 50k but now at 1k to 5k or cannot connect at all!!! They still can claimed the speed slow due to 13% user using up total of 75% of the Boardband speed due to p2p download!!! What the shame they are, their commitment of Unlimited access of RM77 & RM88 no more proven…why user cannot use up to the max that claimed is unlimited access…is it so call $$$ sucker ??? We as user should know deeper of it.

    I heard the coming up Penang phone is better boardband much much better than Turtlemyx, cheaper and faster ..I’m looking for the better connection…..I planning to jump ship if got other better Boardband connection. Wish coming up more ISP rather than let one party to monopolize the market!! What a [email protected] turtlemyx!!! Really a Ringgit Sucker!!! All the BEst to new and more ISP coming up, then user have more choice to look for better service than the ISP will increase their capabilities and give BEST service to users rather than current practise!

  • j

    dream on..
    dream on till your dream comes true………………………

  • mark

    I think the main problem is that TM is charging such a low fee (e.g. RM88 for 1MBps) for UNLIMITED bandwidth, and can’t really keep up. And they end up throttling customer’s connections to P2P, making them really mad.

    I’m a Malaysian, currently living in Australia, and I get 24Mbps (adsl2) download speed with 786Kbps upload speed, for the price of AUD$100 (think of it as RM100 a month). I get to download 60GBs a month, which is far more than enough.

    I recently went back to Malaysia for a holiday, and I was really disappointed with the speed of connections to international sites. Sites like YouTube? You’d have to press pause and wait quite a while for it to load first, before it plays. Sometimes, you’ve gotta wait for more than a minute. Here in Australia, once you load the page, the video plays smoothly in that instant.

    I’d rather TM give me a 40GB limit and give me a fast and smooth connection, rather than give me unlimited bandwidth but the slowest connection ever. Even loading sites can sometimes take a while.

    Will 4Mbps make a difference? I doubt it. They need to improve and make some changes to their service first. Well, they have the government’s support and funds, they monopolize the whole broadband business, and yet, they’re so far behind? Reminds me of Proton.

  • hm.. so i won’t use this streamyx.. how about other ISP??

  • Jango

    Hope next year WIMAX will bring us a break a way from streamyx.

    I HOPE…..

  • freezxp

    hmm.. well.. there is a time. when my connection stuck at 100kbps for 3 days.. but now i got 1.2mbps.. I also dont recomended upgrading streamyx to 2mb or 4mb..

  • Melayu Liberal

    No matter how fast they promised, Streamyx always be “THE MOST SUCKS BROADBAND CONNECTION IN THE WORLD”!

    Please Say It Loud! I’m already sick of it! I pay for 1 Mbps but my speed never be more than 300kbps since early 2007!!!

    What else you want me to say rather than IT IS TOTALLY SUCKS!!! :-(

  • STM

    If subsribe to 1MBps u get max 400kBps. So, if subsribe to 4MBps, u get 1.7MBps max. Sigh…..

  • god watching wat u did

    damn suck!streamyx line
    dont they try to improve or just maintenance
    always promotion while the old boy linesSs was so suck?!!!
    Im using 1mb line,but it run 18kbps (2.3kb/s) download since two days ago!!!!
    they say fixing~or playing ~~~reason alot,ask waiting ,restarting modem,everything ok at my pc ,my phone ,just their server but keep asking me doing bull shit things,clear cookies~close firewall~all this stuff i done b4 they ask,never try to fix it !!

    pls~ lar~ idiot streamyx whose was controlling the server,make sure retain ‘s customer line was stable pls!!so so so unstable and u think I can not angry by what u ask me not be angry and stay in unstable connectivity? 2.3kb/s? while i paying rm88 per month for 1mb ?cheat?!!!

  • damn cheater

    ya,u r right
    using 1mbps
    but usually connectivity just around tat 400-600
    they say they will try to maintain 750-800
    bull shit
    dont call streamyx pls~
    list it 1mb~

  • Doug

    Streamyx will always be streamyx. Always slow and breaking down like an old junk.

    Will only perk up if complain a lot especially if made around 10.30 pm to 12 midnight.

    They then conveniently upgrade your lines to keep you quiet.

    I was one of the first to register for streamyx when it within the first month of its launch. Recently, the I could not get a connection for 1 whole $#!@ month and then when the connection came back, it was at half of my usual connection speed. %$#!%$#@! those fellas and after four to five official complains and threatening to speak to their manager or top boss, I got my connection back.

    Next, my line broke every other 10 to 15 seconds! Shoot in the final %$%$##! complain and finally it got better.

    Guess what? I am now connecting at 3Mb/800Kb for DnLoad/UpLoad. Recently, due to a change to Windows Vista, I have to change the ADSL modem and my connection speed is now at 3Mb/1Mb for DnLoad/UpLoad.

    Really needs a lot of ^!%@#$^!# to get things moving.

  • OO, next time write to major newspaper to complain.

    When wimax will reach Malaysia?

  • LcF

    @Young: WiMax doesn’t seem to be available in MAlaysia anytime soon..

  • zaifulzin

    Actually streamyx speed really depend on how many user sharing with your port and how far your house from the port. Near is better. If you really need a stable speed try using SDSL rather then normal adsl. 1.5 mbps SDSL is equal or more better than 4MBPS

  • N

    I hope our Dato Seri JJ will tell us what happened to his bold ‘dream’ (or forecast) on having WiMaX all over the country revealed some three years ago or so… I’m still waiting Dato! Wanna bet again?

  • anti-streamyx!!!

    streamyx is totally bullshit!!! i damn fed up on it connections and almost gonna “boom” that *** modem… get reject more than 10X when i send message to my friends using msn!!! some more said fixing the line which is link to north!!1 i dont believe it!!! last time earthquake and should have fixed it in 3 months but they never mean it!!!

    i tell u, the SOHO streamyx 1mb is totally than home user streamyx 1mb… i did testing in office and i noticed that office broadband is faster than home streamyx, the speed package is same as home use package, upstream and downstream also same… but y is so damn big different?? office broadband faster than home package??

    streamyx is like coconut…u know that coconut??

    S’pore broadband is better than this *** broadband – 4 Mbps service will cost S$58.80 (around rm110) and 30 MBps service is S$121.80 (around rm300) which one is worth?? msia 4mb or s’pore 4mb?? if msia have 30mb package i believe the cost would be more than rm500!!!

    my friends live in s’pore said “hey, how come msia broadband is slower than mine? promotion is so hot but remain slow??” i dont know how to answer to my friends!!! is so damn shame!!!

    really *** la our broadband!!! this streamyx only know keep the money into pocket and pretend nothing!!! today kena kantoi and be good person to speed it up, next day become shit!!! every day eat abalone abalone abalone!!! eat shit la!!!

    i had just realised that person who incharge this broadband is so damn kedekut!!! kiasi!!! the lowest broadband connection speed is STREAMYX!!! and also so damn kedekut!!! purposely slow down that p2p speed!!!

    please la *** streamyz…. make promise already but never did it!!! streamyx-cheater!!! promotion damn geng… rm77 1mb get a lot free but speed slower than snail!!! is no different with that dialup 56k!!! i suggest tmnet not to take broadband agreement if never make promises to users!!!

    any way, for those who is trying to register streamyx, please think twice or more than twice!! is not worth to register streamyx!!! we pay for nothing!!!

  • Saya

    Tmnet is simply fruadulent!

  • David Lush

    I was planning an upgrade and having streamyx at my home. TM Net have sure done them selves in this time. Even the telephone line has been NO CONNECTION for 3 months. They said the cable was stolen by thieves. THREE months ago. As for StreamyX I would sue them for sub-standard specs. Just like any other company that provides false data in order to obtain sales. Singapore is an example that should be followed. Any reason WHY NOT ??? Air Asia showed the way for MAS. And many others worldwide. TM Net Too lazy to gain customers faith again. Better to get Maxis or Celcom Broadband.. Think Nation Wide. There are citizens all over Malaysia not just in KL.

  • disquslover

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