TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package

TMNet launched 4M Streamyx broadband package, the fastest Internet connection speed for personal in Malaysia.

TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package
Image: TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package

The 4M package is for home users only, not available for business users. Surprise! Streamyx Basic 4.0M is a package with 4.0Mbps download speed and 512Kbps upload speed. Monthly fee is RM268 (with modem), Streamyx 2.0 package is RM188/month.

Do we feel excited? Not really. Based on the past TMNet experiences, we doubt the service quality. We are afraid to get 1.0M speed by paying 4.0M. As my brother said, “I don’t care. Just give me the stable connectivity.

Before you rush to Telekom to upgrade your Streamyx package, please note that 4M package is currently only available to a very small area. The total available ports are around 12,000+, meaning only 12K of 4M Streamyx accounts available now.

My two cents

While my friend in Singapore is enjoying 12M broadband connection speed, it is glad to know that TMNet launched the 4M Streamyx package (although only for the lucky 12K people).

However, there are still many Streamyx problems not yet solved: Snail Internet connection speed when accessing non-Malaysia websites, unstable connectivity after raining, loss of Internet connection, etc.

What we want is the improvement of services, not a high speed package for a small group of people.

P.S. Anyone tried 2.0M Streamyx? I was advised NOT to upgrade to 2.0M by Telekom in my hometown. They are afraid that I don’t get the speed it should be. Well, at least they are honest. 😉

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