TMNet: No Private SMTP Server. Port 25 Blocked.

According to the TM Net Latest News, Telekom Malaysia Berhad is blocking all SMTP traffic or port 25 for all out going emails from dynamic IP addresses.

Due to the spamming activities by a small group of users, many anti-spam organizations have blacklisted a large number of IP addresses from TM’s network.

As a result, many TMNet users unable to send emails from their private mail server to companies who might using the database from the anti-spam organizations.

Effective 3rd December 2007, TM will block SMTP traffic or Port 25 for all out going emails from dynamic IP addresses. Only outbound SMTP traffic from and will be allowed.

For TMNet users who have their own email server, they will not be able to send emails from now on. To solve the problem, TM is providing an open relay server for these users who use dynamic IP addresses:

To setup the open relay server, you can refer to the email client guide or mail server guide.

My two cents

With the SMTP or Port 25 blocking, we are no longer to setup own email server to send emails via direct connection. Though, the changes does not affect most users but, for advance users, now we have one less usefulness of fast Internet connection.

I used to send out emails to my mailing list using direct connection for faster mail delivery, now I can’t do it anymore…

Update: Many local web hosting providers have updated their mail server (e.g. port from 25 to port 26. While hosting server using static IP address is not affected, but their hosting clients using Port 25 to connect to their hosting mail server to send emails.

Therefore, hosting clients are advised to change port number to 26 to skip the Port 25 blocking. The hosting mail server with static IP address is not affected and still use Port 25 to send out users’ emails.

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  • I think you messed up the URL there, Cheon Fong. It should be this.

  • mazuhan

    Another lousy service from tmnet customer service. At least they announce it one week advance for web hosting provider to prepare this mess.

  • LcF

    @Azmeen: thanks for the correction.

    @mazuhan: web hosting provider with static IP addresses should not be affected by the new rule.

  • mazuhan

    it’s not web hosting provider server affected, it’s web hosting provider customer who affected as the email client the use rely on dynamic ip ( stremyx ip). CUstomer who use fix ip and have reversed dns at office should be able to send email without any problem

  • Ayie

    My web hosting provider said that they’ll change the smtp port to 26.

  • Y????
    ai… Mayb “malaysia boleh”….hahaaa

  • Yeah, it’s not the web hosting provider’s static ip. It’s Streamyx users dynamic ip address that are affected.

    Anyway, with this implementation, it become more difficult for me to email spams to people.

  • longlongtan

    BM or goverment try to control our voice in email so, every email must go through Streamyx server( not for control spam.
    Becareful when u send the email……Alternate way is using hotmail, yahoo or gmail don’t use your cooprate email.

  • Well, you can always use alternative ports for your local SMTP server; maybe 2525 or 2552 or whatever… as long as it’s not being used by some other service.

    Which is why this is a half-assed move by TMNet. Blocking the port is not a solution. In fact a lot of botnet spam networks are already using non standard SMTP ports for their spamming purposes.

  • So troublesome. Should inform consumers earlier lah tmnet.

  • Raymond

    Hey, LCF. I follow all the step, but I still cannot send out email. My microsoft outlook 2003 said error. Am I doing something wrong. I already double checked still no avail. HELP!!!!!

  • LcF

    @Raymond: what was the error message?

  • Raymond

    Once I keyed in the “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)” as what you said – then I click “test account settings” then everything alright but an error said “send test e-mail message: unable to send test message. Please verify the e-mail address field.”

    Did I do something wrong? I didn’t change anything. I only change the smtp.

  • Raymond, did you put in your TMnet (dialup) or Streamyx username and password in the SMTP Authentication?

  • neo

    I tried yesterday from my office (trg) , but still can post email.

  • Raymond

    Yeap I did put it. Nvm lah fack it…Stupid streamyx

  • no wonder i can’t send out my email.
    until i read this post….

    huh???!!! just bcoz of a small group of users, most of us are influenced..

  • Is it only port 25? My gmail can’t seems to send out still :?

  • Young
  • hangin


  • ant

    I smell email tapping here. Now they all can retrieve our email easily from their database. Bravo!

  • techsnack

    For a gmail user like me…..cham. Luckily our blog not affected by this stpid setup. I still receive notification when someone comment on my blog….

  • Rob Poole

    Actually, according to RFC 2476, you should be using port 587 for SMTP mail submission. The only standard SMTP ports are 25 and 587, so I would definitely not recommend using port 26 or some other non-standard port. If port 25 is blocked for you, try using port 587 and turning on SMTP authentication in your mail client.

  • datacrush

    This is troubling. It is an invasion of privacy. And stupid.

    If I want to spam someone I’d just find an SMTP server on a different port. Not 25.

    Hey, you know what? SSL port 995 for outgoing mail still works.

    This is stupid.

    Just how does this work for Streamyx? If I want to spam there are so many ways I can effectively do so without using port 25.

    There are two ways to see this:

    a) Streamyx wants to log down every e-mail they could using their own STMP server, a.k.a an act of privacy invasion;

    b) They’re just stupid to not know this is not going to work.

    And never attribute malice to something that can be defined with stupidity!

    It’s annoying to just about every home user.

    Just how does this stop spamming? It doesn’t. See, this is why I’m not surprised why foreigners think Malaysian lives on trees!

  • Wolfgangn Kluge

    I agree with
    “a) Streamyx wants to log down every e-mail they could using their own STMP server, a.k.a an act of privacy invasion;

    b) They’re just stupid to not know this is not going to work.”

    It may well be all about money.
    The TM Net mailadmin suggested to me in a private e-mail that I should use fixed IP address ( that means approcx RM 400 more per month ) and I would have no problem.

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