TMNet Streamyx Free Upgrade?

Do you experience TMNET Streamyx broadband speed increased recently? Hmm… Maybe I should say that it is finally giving us the normal speed. Previously, Streamyx is running UNDER the speed it should be.

Here is my TM Net Speedometer test result:

TMNET Speedometer test result

I get 927Kbps download speed on my 1Mbps Streamyx line. Quite impressive. First time I get more than 900Kbps download speed. Normally, I only get around 700Kbps. Seems like the major system upgrade is working?

How is your Streamyx connection speed?

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  • aMer

    Nice..I got 131.62KBps down and 51.06KBps up..I’m on 1Mbps streamyx and despite the slighly better result, I expect to get higher than that cause my router says my downstream/upsteam is respectively 1536 Kbps/512 Kbps (1.5Mbps/512Kbps)..

    p/s: When is 8Mbps streamyx gonna be available to home users..? On tmnet speedometer site, I saw “Experimental 8M” under “select your streamyx package” options..

  • azraai

    My speed connection got some improvement after the major upgrade.

  • argghh!! don’t talk to me about streamyx!

    from where i am, lately, for past few days, everyday there is line disconnection. so fed up!! when i’m at thome, i usally surf the net from 9.00pm onwards to midnight, then to 2.00am. within those hours, many times the line get diconnected. have to wait and wait… sometimes 10 mns or so sometimes 1/2 hro or more! argghh!!

  • James

    My problem with Streamyx is consistency. Yes, at times it can be blazing fast. Then it just slows to a snails pace. I never know what I’m going to get, and that in itself is frustrating.

  • LcF

    Seems like many people still having TMNET problem…

    @aMer: I am still waiting 2M Streamyx here.

  • azraai

    8M will be available for Cyberjaya after 1Q of 2007

  • JohnLai

    Sigh, actually, this upgrade is useless. For your information, bit torrent user cannot even download more than 5kb/s from international peers. It appears that only Malaysian IP can exchange data between themselves without being throttled. The upgrade recently include bit torrent throttling device(although not confirmed by tmnet themselves, many people agree because of the torrent slow down behaviour). Direct download from Ftp and Http is not affected though. So, what the point of having 2 Mbps speed if the user can’t utilise it fully? To browse mail,surfing website and chatting?

  • LcF

    Yup, I will use 2Mbps line to surf websitesssss I don’t want “click and wait”. I want “click and read/watch”, especially for online streaming audio/video.

  • yusa

    actually from what i heard is tmnet is trying to upgrade from 1mbps to 2mbps and 2mbps to 4mbps (i thought so) but work like hell…i keep trying to get the best connection…unfotunately the line in IPOH is not very stable due to what time it is..

    hope another private Isp will challenge TMnet as long they did not use the tmnet barebone..and as cheap as penangfon ( did you notice that penangfon have its on internt connction which is better then tmnet itself and cheaper)..

  • fx2800

    I think TMnet upgraded 1.0Mb to 1.5Mb already coz i’m downloading RYL(MMORPG game) at average speed of 168-170kbps today(October 30 2006). I hope they change their mind and upgrade 1.0Mb to 2.0Mb. XD!!

    Oh ya… my connection was very slow last time, not until i use the Half-open patch from a website. Now i can download a single bittorrent file above 100kbps(have to depend on seeders and leechers). So… i think it’s time to stop blaming TM for slow connections. *thumbs up* TM!!

    for BT users: use the correct listen port thats not capped by streamyx. i will not post the port number here. GOOGLE IT!

  • Yes, I’m from Penang, have got 1.5mbps too. Just 1 note for Streamyx users who always experiencing disconnection, try to change your ADSL modem.

    I have bought Linksys AM300 (RM120) and from then onwards, I never experiencing disconnection. The ZTE sucky modem is just not reliable on weak lines… Have a try.

  • Alex

    im waitin to try the 24mbps 🙂

  • Danny

    yup at first it was fast and now my torrent traffic is down to 50kBps max…

  • Ren

    Streamyx works like hell for me. I heard ppl telling me about Streamyx not encouraging Downloads from overseas servers… Seems to be true since i only download from Korean sites. Can you imagine? 2KB/s?! I used to get at least 40+KB/s. I really need to take advises to change my modem/ router and recheck.

    The speedometer says my downloads : 105+KB/s only.

    I called up the call centre and i dont think they helped much except teach me how to do the DNS flush thing.

  • jenn

    hey…i have been experiencing slow download rates whenever the time clickers 1 am..i dont know what the hell is happening but i can say that tmnet sukzz….and of cause..playing online games these days really annoyed me..this is devastating

  • abc

    My 1.0mbps streamyx download speed ONLY 50 ~ 55 KBPS

  • for anyone who has problem with slow connection please check on your modem and splitter. i believe this is the main reason why bad connection always happen. i think we are supplied with low quality product. and don’t tweak your internet connection setting with any free tweaking services cause i believe the default one is already the best one. i say this cause it happen to me. now my connection works better. before i post this i check on tmnet speedometer and i got average 521.00 Kbits per sec for Downs and 255.25 Kbits per sec for Ups in 4 tries (i’m on 512 Kbits per sec tmnet service). i live 5 miles from bandar kuantan.
    p/s good luck to all malaysian adsense publisher or anyone making money online. work hard is the only way to earn money online.

  • Young

    Hi all, Anyone here know how to upgrade Riger DB102 modem firmware?
    I find that mine is not the same with the one listed in tmnet websites. My connections is really slow now.

  • James

    Streamyx at my area(Taman) sucks….damm slow…and always disconnect…
    I ask my friend in other area which in the same taman…he said his streamyx connection is ok, didn’t disconnect…..Don’t know why???
    When ask them(TM Net), they said their’s also slow….what can I do when they said like that…haiz
    Actually the speedometer is for testing the connection to the tmnet website only not to the international website…

  • Narc

    Guys if we can? why not search for something can do a tweak on streamyx line to make it Long alive and included keep speed faster, we alot of waste of money to pay & support them. but they never do so?

    I got some trick for this streamyx. it not much as a previous connection, I have tweak, and here you are:-
    a. ‘SpeedConnect XP INternet Accelerator’
    b. ‘Dynamic IP’ (Dyndns Updater) You Have to Configure from the modem included Install on your Tray Desktop
    c. ‘CfosSpeed’ to monitor the traffic incoming outgoing (keta sama moto)
    d. ‘Tuneup Utilitie’ for make smooth PC & help to config IE brawser

    OKe Folk, that is what I got for now. if you use this software accordingly. then you know how far this streamyx line was. next mission is to Hijack the connection.
    Mind O/operating S/system: XP sp2,P4 2.4G,1G Rams,Linksys AM300 & D-Link 500t modem that I use.

  • ris

    best option is to use a better modem. my office uses linksys and most of the time we get close to 1.0mbps (except in the late afternoon). my home uses the free tmnet supplied crappy riger db102 – where i am only getting 512kbps, eventhough i subscribed to the merdeka bash promo for 1.0mbps

  • Hmmm…
    I think it’s time for me to throw away this riger modem. Verry slow and always break down.
    This year, I have been replace with 3 modem by tmnet already.

  • I advice those new streamyx subscriber to get your own modem. Not Riger!

  • De Damned

    Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

    Streamyx! only 50KB/S !!!!!

    I use 33Mbps connection and installed the modem last week!

    STREAMYX NOT TRUSTWORTHY!! Dun subscribe!!!!!!

    What can i do????

    I used every software to tweak my modem and PC also futile!

    Any Suggestions??


    The DaMnEd!

  • Young

    As far as I know, streamyx got until 4Mb but 4MB is limited to certain area only.
    Do you use cFoosSpeed?

    I can recommend the software to you if you want. It can maximise your use of your connections allowing you to have better download.

  • LF

    Erm , actually , the connection sometime not only have problem with streamyx , but from the server u download from too ….

    streamyx most likely have SLOW download speed for international ….try ping some china or us web , the ping may b very high sometime ….

    if u feel slow about the download speed , how bout u try using download manager , such as internet download manager or flash get

    because some server limit thier bandwidth so it can be fair to all user ….
    and just 1 thing about streamyx …… when are there really gonna open up faster line(4/8Mbps?)~~~~
    i wan to stream HD video~

  • Jasper

    Hi, i got problem 1 very weird prob with streamyx. Im using d riger modem n using manual connection. at home my pc connects to streamyx with no prob at all.. but whn i use my new notebook which runs on vista , i cant go into msn messenger or some websites. but whn im at my office using wifi.. it runs smoothly… so im not sure wats d prob now…

  • Shot At Sight

    I’m experiencing difficulties in gaining fast access to most websites & sometimes this message appears: “the page cannot be displayed” (i.e. server not found).
    TMNet speedometer tests indicate that the download speed is above 800 kbits.
    However, the “ping” results for most website are shown as above 300ms
    or “request timed out.”
    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
    (I’m using TM Net broadband 1.0mbs & Windows XP).

  • streamyxsux?

    wtf i use streamyx 1.0mbps..first week i use it`s good 100kbps++ download after 1 month i use it…download speed between 5kbps-60kbps only omg and that 60kbps is rare for me to see when i download something >.

  • Ashless

    Streamyx…? Its more like Screamyx for me..ever since that taiwan earthquake at the end of 2005 n early 2007 the effectiveness of Streamyx
    most of the time are only at 50% it used to be. Online game…? Sadly to say..Streamyx users are laughs stock for seasoned players who have been playing in Malaysia before, for games such as World of Warcraft. Yeah, some little time its fast but most of the times , its sad. The upgrade is a welcome of course, however its too slow compared on how fast the user numbers increasing everyday. Its time TMNET start thinking on how to improve their service performance ( in term of equipments ) instead of getting as many users as they can get. The connection is cramped already, and no..theres nothing wrong with users hardware, stop asking as if we knew nothing. 2MB..? 8 MB..? more soon, we’re goin to be fast for awhile, just until everyone using it, then we’re back to where we are now. Lastly, over 75% of Streamyx users i knew..dont trust TMnet’s speedometers..=). I dont know if anything would change, since TMNET is our only inet provider..i guess we’re just have to live with it…no..?

  • MerryMelody

    Streamyx is still reliable. Depend on what you do. If only surfing and googling, it is worth paying. Want faster download ? Get Internet Downloader – super fast. Of course there are freewares like OrbitDownloader and FlashGet. Download Accelarator I wouldn’t recomend. It chocks your system. Well, don’t forget to loose some of your security guard. Relax your firewall on LAN (if you use dialer). Then of course do some housekeeping. Defrag (Diskeeper), system scan only (AVG), disk cleanup and make more spaces on your desktop. If you want to enjoy merry melody, get 2gb RAM. No need to tweak anything.

  • Don Juan

    Hpefuly an uprade for 1.0mb soon.

  • one

    streamyx still the best..!!!!!

  • x piple

    i think that streamyx will out on future.(coz its high cost, low efficiency)

  • I HatE SnaIl

    My Connection are real low….

    what i gonna do…

    i keep searching tweaking programme..

    but it still the same thing…


    Is there othere then streamyx…

    as i meant inside or outside the nation that we could use…