TMnet Webmail

In case you don’t know yet…

Every tmnet account(included dialup and broadband) user will be given an email account, which has POP access(can download emails to your PC) and webmail access.

To check TMnet mailbox from webmail, goto:

To check TMnet mailbox from your email client, here is the settings:
POP server:
SMTP server: (or,

# Use if you want to use different sender(you) email address(not TMnet email).

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  • leezard

    is tmnet pop3 service down? I can’t
    access since last few days.

  • snooki

    i m still hesitant to use tmnet ftp server

  • hmm… i didn’t know we can check mail from the web.
    i had stop checking my mail since 30 days ago as all i
    had been receiving were spams and spams and spams. i wonder what will happen
    to my mail, now that i did not check the mail but let the
    mails accumulate.

  • izzun


  • izun


  • dd

    i’ve changed the pop and smtp, but still i can’t check my mail using outlook express. Frustrating….

  • Joker

    Coment from MS Outlook Express 6 user:
    When I use “” for incoming mail server. It allows me to receive emails.
    However I have tried using “” or “” as outgoing mail server but I cannot send out any email.

  • LcF

    @joker:: the problem has been a long time or just these two days? The tmnet connection problem these two days may caused the smtp problem.

    What error do you get from OE6? Have you use other email client(e.g.: thunderbird) to send out the email?

  • zulcar9

    Hi,I would like to know how to create tmnet prepaid 1515 & prepaid one e-mail address.And also how to check my e-mail account after creating the account.

    Thnak You

  • PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 0116221C. This is what I get when I try to log in.

  • leroy

    Y i cant send mail using outlook express?
    i already try and also ba…!!!!
    can receive but cant send?
    HELP is urgent leh

  • LcF

    @leroy: I cannot help you to troubleshoot if I do not know your current outlook express account settings.

    tip: you can use gmail smtp to send emails.

  • May Heng

    Wud you believe it, my office PC has just been upgraded from Windows98 to XP. But after this upgrade, I can’t send out my tmnet mails from Outlook Express.
    When I use “” for incoming mail server, it allows me to receive emails.
    But when I use “” as outgoing mail server, I cannot send out any email.
    Please help.

  • chewzzqq
  • chew

    can it work on mac(apple)???

  • from what i know, streamyx or tmnet as what us like to call it as, they are doing some setting and changes to their server, and the port that we normally use for outgoing mail: 25 may cannot be use anymore, at least for now. Rumour said that they want all the mail pass through their server, they want control everything…. and i believe not tm net account having those problem only.. some streamyx account (email) also having this kind of problem. From one area to another area, one state to another state….