Blackbird Pie Bookmarklet: Easily Quote Tweet with Clickable Links

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Do you know that you can quote a tweet with clickable links using Twitter’s Blackbird Pie? It is a handy tool but too troublesome to use: you need to copy tweet link, goto Blackbird Pie site, paste link, generate code and copy the code…

Luckily, there’s a Blackbird bookmarket for web browsers. Read on to learn how to use it.

How to use Blackbird bookmarklet

Blackbird bookmarklet is a web browser bookmarklet shortcut for Twitter’s Blackbird Pie tool to generate code for tweet with clickable links.

  1. Simply drag & drop the bookmarklet to the bookmark bar of your web browser to “install” it.
  2. Visit the tweet page you want to quote.
  3. Click on the Blackbird bookmarklet to generate Blackbird Pie code on the same page.
  4. Copy the generated code and you can paste it on any webpage to display the selected tweet with clickable links.

Even better, on Twitter user profile, click the Blackbird bookmarklet and you will get a “” link on every tweet to generate Blackbird Pie code for the tweet.

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