Upgrading TMNet Streamyx Package

I thought about upgrading my home TMNet streamyx package from 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps in the past. I have now decided to do it last Monday, the day after I left Kuala Lumpur. However, I am quite disappointed.

Day 1: First attempt to upgrade Streamyx

I thought upgrading Streamyx is easy since Tmnet has my account information. But I was wrong. I walked in to Telekom, took a queue number, waited for half an hour, but only to be told that I needed to fill in the application form (as new registration) and a photostat of my dad’s IC (the account is under his name).

I don’t understand why application forms needed to be filled for account upgradings. That was stupid.

Day 2: Second attempt to upgrade Streamyx

Fortunately, my dad was back for a few days to renew his working permit (he is working overseas). I got dad’s photostated IC and signed the Streamyx application form. I walked in to Telekom and submitted the form again, but the staff told me, “I cannot process your application now because the system is down.”

What?! Is the Tmnet system so unreliable? sigh

The staff told me that she will upgrade my account the next day. I had to wait again…

Day 3: Waiting for upgrade…

I woke up this late morning and reset the Streamyx connection… Still 512K. Tmnet hasn’t upgrade my account yet. Let’s see how many days will Tmnet take to upgrade my Streamyx account. Or, have they lost my application form?! If so, I would have to wait for another half a year until my dad comes back! AHhhh!!!

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Checked the upgrade status at Streamyx selfcare web. My upgrade status is:

An error has been encountered while processing your application. Please contact your nearest Kedai Telekom for more information.


The story continued at Part 2, Part 3, and final.

My two cents

I don’t understand why Tmnet made the upgrading process so troublesome. Tmnet should simplify the Streamyx upgrading process to encourage users to use higher Internet connection speeds. If everyone uses high speed Internet connections, Malaysia will achieve advancement in areas of ICT.

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  • wong

    I think you don’t listen to Radio5… Even Radio5 DJ report to us that their internet connection is downb for few days, so cannot read all those dedication… Shame on TMnet eh?

  • aHfUi

    You better cancel your old line and apply the new 1
    Now 1M packages just need RM77 per month.
    Really unfair to us that apply the RM88
    I cannot cancel the line to apply the new 1 becos no yet 1 year ….

  • fred

    do you try the online upgrade?


    My friend always change his streamyx from unlimited to limited (RM44) when he is not home.. he use online form… hope it will help you.

  • Weilian

    KABEL jalur lebar dasar laut kapasiti tinggi SEA-ME-WE 4 yang merentasi dari Perancis hingga Singapura dan dibangunkan sebuah konsortium dianggotai 16 syarikat telekomunikasi utama dunia, termasuk Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) sudah siap sepenuhnya dan bersedia untuk beroperasi.

    Kabel itu ialah siri keempat menyambungkan tiga benua, Asia Tenggara, Asia Barat dan Eropah Barat, dengan jarak hampir 20,000 kilometer dan keupayaan 1.28 terabit sesaat.

    SEA-MEA-WE-4 mempunyai teknologi terkini dan medium transmisi berkualiti tinggi, yang mana keupayaannya yang lebih besar akan memenuhi keperluan terhadap data pantas, internet, transmisi video dan pelbagai aplikasi jalur lebar lain.

    Sementara itu, Pengerusi dan Ketua Eksekutif Etisalat, Mohammad Hassan Omran, berkata dengan siapnya projek itu, ia menyaksikan satu era baru komunikasi yang akan menyediakan asas untuk perhubungan bagi generasi akan datang.

    “Kami bangga kerana projek ini menjadi kenyataan dan akan memberikan manfaat kepada berjuta-juta manusia di negara dan benua yang berlainan,” katanya.

  • eiii?…where got 77/mth?

    man…that will be really unfair if it is true

  • unknown20022

    My personnal suggest is don’t upgrade your streamyx, is waste of money…I here sarawak here….report the problem to TMNET already…2 week already, no single call from them. I extremely disappointed got this line. However, i here no choose in my state…only tmnet. if got choose, free the line to me, i also don’t want.

  • andrew

    Yup! I think you are right. I totally agree with you.

  • I emphatise with you..

  • If have already got the line don’t take the risk to apply the RM77 package. The salesman told me take you might not get a free port for the RM77 at your area. If you do have 2 phone lines then you can try register RM77 and if it is successful then only cancel the previous line. I understand the RM77 package is really cheap (for 2 years somemore!), it depends on whether you want to take the risk to cancel the first account.

  • Haris

    I just install the RM77 holiday package. Being a new user (both phone line and streamyx) is installed in less than a week.

    However during streamyx modem installation I ask the the technician to check for line speed. it is 512K. Now … it should be 1Mbps line. So me think it should be ok being the first day. Said to meself that I should feel lucky just to get it install and running.

    On the second day it is still 512K. So I check with the technician guy. He said that he already communicate first day low-than-expected speed to TM people and TM people feedback that they already configure it to 1Mbps.

    Today is 3rd day and just now it is still 512K. OK, I know that it is only the third day. And i can just take a “tidak apa” stand untill next week. But I disagree with this. This is the attitude that make big companies (with big monopoly) feel that they don’t have to care about their customer base. And instead just care about how to be good at marketing to get new customer.

    Perhaps TM people should just explain here a bit why it takes several day to get things right. In hindsight it can be few days or few weeks since as of today the problem is still there.

    For better or for worse … this is Malaysia.

  • Haris

    uh uh … and tomorow is the 2nd week aniversary of problem described above. Now TM start to looks bad aren’t they?

  • Guess what? I’m right in one of the TM Point Outlets waiting for my turn to upgrade my Streamyx account. I have been here for more than an hour. So instead of just standing and waiting, I’m surfing around with their communal PC here.

    Yes you’re right, I got the same form too but NO I’m NOT going to fill in everything. I’ll just fill in that login ID that’s it, let’s see how things go later on.

    RM77 sounds very much unfair to those who are planning to upgrade their Streamyx service. (Sigh~)

    Forget about online upgrading, the system is pretty much screwed up — I can’t even find the appropriate upgrade option! That’s ridiculous! All I got in the upgrade options are the Enterprice and Corporate package, there are even repeated options with the exact same name!

    I’m wondering how the guys in Tmnet handle their database records. WELL DONE Tmnet. Thanks but no thanks!

  • c2pigpig

    streamyx adsl line just sux!! disconnect about 10times aday.. stupid technician come my house but do nothing , ****.. yea, i’m a racist

    Edit: removed racist comment

  • Jack

    You should have called to upgrade your package. No forms needed.

  • Jeremy

    I am getting download speed of 55kbps .. not bad yeah… just for RM44/month… sometimes can get it faster than that..

    Don’t ask me why, I am have no idea.. ask streamyx.!!


  • d3v073d_50uL


    You mean 55kbps @ 55kBps…which one….if u say 55kbps seems like very slow to me ;p
    and does anyone know the procudure to change the streamyx phone no. i intend to change the place where i install streamyx. now im in melaka and i will be on holiday next week…can i change my current installed streamyx phone no.?

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