Download Free Viber Deskstop (Wins & Mac) to Chat with Mobile Friends

Viber Desktop (Windows)

Viber Desktop (Windows)

Viber, free mobile messaging app, now expands to desktop platforms by offering Viber for Desktop (Windows and Mac) that supporst text, photos, voice calls, and desktop-to-desktop video calls.

Viber for mobile was first released in December 2010. It can send free text messages, images and make free voice calls. Viber is available for various mobile platforms: Android, BlackBerry OS (not BlackBerry 10), iOS, and Windows Phone.

Viber Desktop (Windows/Mac)

Viber for Windows/Mac is free download, no registration needed. However, you must first have Viber installed on your mobile device to activate Viber on desktop.

Viber desktop activation

Viber desktop activation

You need to enter your mobile phone number and a secret code to activate Viber for desktop, which the code will be sent to your Viber on mobile device.

Besides sending free text and photo messages, group chat and making free voice call, Viber for desktop also supports free desktop-to-desktop video calls. But, Viber Desktop does not support Viber stickers, yet.

Your Viber contacs and messages will be synced between mobile device and desktop. During Viber call, you can use “call transfer” feature to transfer ongoing calls between desktop and mobile device, without cutting off the call.

Video: Introducing Viber Desktop

Watch the Viber Desktop introduction video below:


Nowadays, there are so many mobile messaging apps and most of them are free. Basically, they are all the same! They send free text, photos, make free voice calls…

As far as I know, only Skype has official apps for mobile and desktop platforms. I prefer Viber Desktop, the user interface is simple and easy, messages sync between devices is almost instant. I feel that Skype is too bulky and slow.

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Download Viber for Desktop and tell us what you think in the comment below.

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