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BlackBerry Z10 running BB10

BlackBerry Z10 Demo Video Leaked Showing BB10 Features

RIM will officially launch its first BlackBerry 10 touchscreen device (BlackBerry Z10) on January 30, 2013. However, 2 weeks before the date, a leaked BlackBerry Z10 demo video already uploaded to Youtube. In the 7:29 minute video recorded in German language, you get a good overview of BlackBerry Z10 hardware and the new BB10 OS, […]

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Wechat Super-Duo Ambassadors: Show Lo and Rainie Yang

WeChat’s First TV Commercial in Malaysia Featuring Show Lo and Rainie Yang

WeChat, the social messaging app created by China’s Tencent, plans to expand its users in Malaysia with its first TV commercial on Malaysian screens beginning 7th January 2013. The TV commercial features WeChat’s “Super-Duo Ambassadors” — Asian Dancing King, Show Lo (罗志祥) and all-rounder artist, Rainie Yang (杨丞琳) from Taiwan. In the 30-second commercial, Rainie […]

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Samsung Galaxy Camera banner

[SPONSORED VIDEO] Samsung GALAXY Camera Features that Helps James Franco

Samsung GALAXY Camera is the world’s first connected camera powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS with 3G/4G & WiFi connectivity has some unique features that you don’t found in any other cameras. Actor James Franco has teamed up with Samsung to promote Samsung GALAXY Camera. Check out the sponsored video below: More videos on […]

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The Story of LEGO [VIDEO]

In conjunction with LEGO’s 80th birthday, here is the video to tell you about the LEGO story.

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Microsoft Employee Sings a “Resignation Letter” [VIDEO]

Microsoft’s ex-employee, Karen Cheng has a cool idea. Send resignation letter via a song using her own lyric and published the video on Youtube.

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Yes, iPhone 4S Siri Works as Advertised [Video]

Macworld’s Jason Snell records a 12 minutes video to demo the Siri technology in details.

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This is What Happen When Two Robots Talk to Each Other [Video]

The researchers at Cornell University have two artificially intelligent Chatbots (Cleverbots) talking to each other and recorded the following funny video: Chatbot vs. Chatbot.

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Google Doodle Song: Freddie Mercury’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” [Video]

Google created a musical doodle (Google logo) for Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday at 5 September 2011.

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The iPod Touch Magician, Marco Tempest [Video]

A magician, Marco Tempest, uses 3 iPod touch with synchronized videos and recorded an amazing iPods magic show.

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The Flying MacBook Air [Video]

Apple Macbook Air is so light weight that it can even fly! Watch the video of the flying MacBook Air after the break.

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The Girl who has an iPad Head! [Video]

An “iPad head girl” had found walking around Bryant Part in New York City.

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The Real Life Wall-E Robot [Video]

DJ Sures turns a Wall-E toy into life using EZ-B Robot Controller suite. The Wall-E robot functions through voice activation, and uses a built-in eye camera to recognize motion, faces, and colors. He can whistles, sighs, moans, and dances!

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Yes, You Can Do (Almost) Anything at the Apple Retail Store

Mark Malkoff tested the tolerance level of Apple Store by ordering (and eating) pizza in the store, having romantic date with wine, pasta and live music played in the background, dressing as Star Wars Darth Vader to get his iPhone fixed.

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HOW TO: Replace Intel iMac Hard Drive (and why I won’t do that) [VIDEO]

iFixitYourself has a tutorial to show you how to replace the hard drive of your aluminum Intel iMac. But, even with the video, I don’t think I wanna DIY.

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Wow! Gmail Motion Turned Into Reality Using Kinect Sensor!

Using the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) software and a Kinect sensor, USC ICT lab successfully turned Gmail motion into reality!

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