HOW TO: Replace Intel iMac Hard Drive (and why I won’t do that) [VIDEO]

Replace intel imac hard drive

iFixitYourself has a tutorial to show you how to replace the hard drive of your aluminum Intel iMac. But, even with the video, I don’t think I wanna DIY.I am using an Intel iMac 24-inch since 2008 and the hard disk is almost full now (thanks to my RAW format photos). I have been thinking about replacing the internal 320GB hard disk (only!) to a larger hard disk, say 1TB or a much faster SSD disk.

According to my past online survey, it is difficult to replace Intel iMac hard drive. It is not designed to be user friendly DIY hard drive replacement.

Anyway, today I stumble upon a tutorial video by iFixitYourself “How To: Intel iMac Hard Drive Replacement” which claims, “Replacing the hard drive in an aluminum Intel iMac is not nearly as hard as you might think it is.”

Okay. Let’s see how “easy” it is. Watch the video below:

First of all, you need to have the correct tools (1m12s). There are many screws need to be loosen, and many connectors that prevent you to disconnect parts inside iMac body.

After watching the 5:40 minute video, I got a conclusion: “It IS difficult to replace Intel iMac hard drive by myself!” I would rather pay a professional to do the upgrade, instead of messing it by myself.

Anyway, I would only upgrade my iMac’s hard drive when I got a new Mac. I am considering an Apple notebook, probably MacBook Pro.

By the way, if you own an MacBook or MacBook Pro, it is rather easy to replace the hard drive by yourselves. Check out the DIY video tutorial here.

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Have you ever DIY upgrade your computer? What’s need to take extra cautions?

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  • Personally, I never dissemble an iDevice before, seeing the video, man…that’s complicated. That woman makes it look easy. Practice makes perfect I guess…

    • we don’t know how many retakes behind the scenes ;)

  • that’s why I buy PC, and don’t buy Mac :D

  • As far as I remember, I’ve opened and upgraded every single one of my Macs, MacBooks. Powerbooks, iPod (first gen). I guess i’ve opened quite a number of types of Macs over the years. iFixIt is awesome though.

    Because of its compact nature, iMacs are so easy. YOu should try the first ever generation iMac. Bloody hell. Additionally the plastics were challenging!

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