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Conttact Card on desktop

Create a Mobile Friendly “Contact Us” Page for Your Business in 5 Minutes [Sponsored] is online “contact us” page optimized for mobile devices with interactive features, such as map navigation, click-to-call, inquiry form, business hours, social network links.

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eBay home

New eBay Shopping Experience [SPONSORED]

eBay has a new logo, new design and new Feed features, it is a new way to shop. Read on for my new eBay shopping experience below. It has been a long time since the last time I bid on eBay. I did not bid on eBay because I have changed my online shopping habit. […]

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Yahoo Username Wish List

This is Your Second Chance to Grab Your Desired Yahoo! Username

Yahoo! is resetting inactive account and releasing them to public. Now you have second chance to register the Yahoo! username you like. If you feel sad that you did not manage to register a Yahoo! username you like, now you have a second chance! After Yahoo! has resetting all inactive accounts (no login for over 1 year), […]

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Export Feedly OPML

How To Export Feedly Feed Subscriptions to OPML File?

You switched to Feedly when Google Reader shutdown. You were a happy Feedly user and added many new feeds into the service. One day, you found a better feed reader matches your news reading habit and you want to switch over. Or, you simply want to backup your Feedly feed subscription. You don’t find Feedly Export […]

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Google Reader OPML file

How To Export Google Reader Subscriptions to OPML File

In case you haven’t known it yet, Google Reader (most popular feed reader) will be shutting down after July 1, 2013. It is very important for Google Reader users to export and backup their feed data. You should get all your Google Reader subscriptions in an OPML (XML) file format. So that you can migrate and […]

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Rdio availability map

Rdio Online Music Service Available in Malaysia and Hong Kong

Two months after Spotify expands its music streaming service to Asia, Rdio follows the step and arrives to Asia – Malaysia and Hong Kong – on June 13, 2013. Interestingly, Rdio chosen Malaysia instead of Singapore, the Malaysia’s neighbour country which often has advantage in getting new tech products earlier. Rdio is now available in […]

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Starbucks WiFi with Free Unlimited Google Music

Free Unlimited Google Play Music At Starbucks Coffee

US only. Now you can enjoy free unlimited music streaming while having coffee at Starbucks Coffee. Google has partnered with Starbucks Coffee (US) to offer free unlimited music through its Google Play Music All Access service. A Google Play’s Google+ post reavealed the deal. No information about the promotion period. The free WiFi at Starbucks US is […]

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Property Plus homepage

PropertyPlus is Malaysia Property Group Buying Portal [SPONSORED]

PropertyPlus is a group buying portal that aggregates the buying power of individuals and creates the ultimate discount platform for property seekers.

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Google shared storage

Free 15GB Google Cloud Storage to Shared Between Drive, Gmail, Google+ Photos

Google free storage was separated into 5GB Google Drive and Google+ photos; 10GB for Gmail messages and attachments. With the new update, you get a combined 15GB storage pool for Drive, Google+ photos and Gmail.

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Google Atari Breakout

Play Classic “Breakout” Arcade Game on Google Images Search

Now you can have some fun while searching on Google Images. Simply search for “atari breakout” to play the classic arcade game.

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Spotify for Latin America and Asia

Spotify Expands On-demand Music Service in Latin America and Asia

Spotify has expanded its on-demand music streaming service (online radio) to Latin America and Asia. We’re taking our first steps in Latin America with Mexico, and Asia with Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Plus we’re thrilled to make new friends in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland. Click here to check the full list of Spotify […]

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Bookurve homepage

Review: Bookurve – Malaysia Online Bookstore with Free Delivery

Every Malaysian book lovers would agree that books in Malaysia are very expensive. Bookurve is a new online bookstore to offer books with discount and free delivery within Malaysia. (more…)

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maybank website screenshot

Maybank Website Revamp, Now Mobile Devices Friendly [SPONSORED]

Maybank Banking Berhad, the Malaysia’s largest bank, revamped its website with a modern, grid, mobile device friendly design.

Read full story search result Helps Malaysia Government Staff Exchange Their Working Location (Pertukaran Suka Sama Suka) is a simple web application that helps an important problem of Malaysia government staff who want to change their working location (“pertukaran suka sama suka”). Problem: Pertukaran suka sama suka If you are a Malaysia government staff who want to change your working location (say back to hometown), you can apply with Jabatan Perkhidmatan […]

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No Free Google Apps

No More Free Google Apps, Alternative Solutions Found!

Google has killed the free Google Apps for your own custom domain. Available plans now are Google Apps for Business ($50/user/year) or Google Apps for Education (Free). Existing Free Google Apps users are not affected, Google do not charge them now. Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and […]

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