Do You Want to Make Yahoo! as Your Primary Search Engine?

What do you want from Yahoo! as your primary search engine (and dump Google) ? Yahoo! sent the survey to 5 percent of Yahoo Mail users.

“Yahoo is considering launching a program to reward people who make Yahoo their primary search engine. Yahoo Mail users will be given early access to this program. You will receive a monthly reward if you make Yahoo your primary search engine. This means that most of the searching you do each month must be on Yahoo Search.”

Among the rewards, there are:

  • No Yahoo Mails ads.
  • Unlimited Yahoo Mail storage.
  • Outlook Access to Yahoo Mail.
  • Free music downloads.

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My two cents

Why don’t I use Yahoo! search? Hmm… because Firefox and Safari (Mac OS X web browser) use Google as their default search engine? Google seldom fails to find the information I want. If Google can’t find it, I won’t be able to find it on Yahoo! as well. By the way, I don’t remember any Yahoo! promotions or partnership programs that promote Yahoo! search…

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  • WTJ

    money money money

  • ZMAng

    Bleh, “No Yahoo Mails ads”. That’s a reward?

    Yahoo! has to do far better than this. As WTG states above:

    money money money

  • pinolobu

    go back to yahoo! for search with those rewards? that’s unlikely to get me to make a U-turn.

    The only thing that makes me go back to yahoo once in a while is the news aggregation feature, and the discussions that accompanies it. To me, this feature makes Yahoo! look like a blog, albeit with the biggest number of user base, ever. One recent article on the Cartoon Issue attracted almost 50,000 comments a mere 90 minutes after posting. And of course it was news article produced by others (it was from AFP). Which blog can beat that?

    Slashdot (with apparently a million registered members) is good for discussions on geekery, but for world headlines, Yahoo! is still it.

  • Malaysia Top 100 Websites

    I am with you…Pinolobu….I already forgot when is my last search with Yahoo.

    I supposed most of the advanced to expert user nowaday use Google instead of Yahoo…..that mean only Newbie use Yahoo….my 2 cents 😀

  • Yup, I also found that most of the newbies prefer Yahoo! Search, and even having a full suite of Yahoo! Toolbar and Add-ons installed in the PC 🙂 I would say Yahoo! web services are great, and I am using quite a number of their services in daily life. But, if Yahoo! Search was to compare with Google, still lacking a step behind. At times, the top 10 results revealed in Yahoo! Search might not be as quality as those listed by Google Search.

  • Dong Fangzhou

    doh…Yahoo! uses the same search engine by Google…remember those Yahoo fellas invested Google…only naive net-users who likes to think they are expert users think Google is the best…doh…Google and Yahoo are just the same…

  • miketee

    Bear in mind that because of Google’s popularity, their search engines are consistently pounded with fake websites that employ dirty tactics to boost their rankings. In cases like these, Yahoo search actually works better since all submission are approved manually (correct me if wrong).

  • Malaysia Top Websites

    True…..Yahoo search result is not so relevant one.

    That’s why most of the people dunno how to become top ranking in Yahoo….their Algo is strange.

    Btw….the reward given by Yahoo is nothing to shout about.

    If they give Car, House (I mean lucky draw style)…I might be interested hehe.

  • disagree…i use yahoo, google and msn uses different algorithm therefore they have their own good search result. Google and Yahoo is good because it is in firefox, but MSN need to do a better job.

    Yahoo needs to offer better, more innovative, and creative service that user would demand. Like google offers 1Gigs mail for starts to steal user from Yahoo and Hotmail.

    Yahoo Maps used to be good, but i think now google earth beats it. Yahoo need to keep up and update itself to be able to race on par with Google.

  • LcF

    Dong Fangzhou: Yahoo! is using own search engine now. It discontinued the contract with Google years ago.

  • i am using 😛

  • Malaysia Top Websites

    Tried is quite nice n interesting……but my website drop ranking in 🙁

  • haha.. lexxe is the third generation search engine. google is only 2nd generaton search engine. lexxe can search more accurate. but google is still better than lexxe. but we don’t know what will happen in the future once lexxe is no more beta.

  • This is a strange marketing strategy, it hints that yahoo search is suffering…

  • Google still the best search engine because of its groups ( and also the image search . But the quality search and results espcially for business and quality consumers who looking to purchase .. Yahoo will be the right choice , and the strong of yahoo is the yahoo directory , it is manually screen by human before accepting into the directory ..

    For money .. google adsense is tops .. but i i will see yahoo adsense will be overcome google once yahoo adsense open to international users ..