Why I Have Not Upgrade to WordPress 2.3?

WordPressHave you upgraded your blog to WordPress 2.3? I haven’t, even the WordPress 2.3.1 has been released 9 days ago. Why?

There are some reasons:

  • Plugins — I use many wordpress plugins, some are custom hacked. I need to check them for updates or search for similar plugins that support version 2.3.
  • Tags — As you know, WordPress 2.3 supports native tagging. Currently, I do not use any tagging plugin. All the blog tags you see on previous posts are manual HTML codes. I hope to have a script to import the manual tags to WordPress 2.3.
  • Blog editor — I need to check to make sure that my favorite blog editor fully support WordPress 2.3.
  • New theme — I have a new blog theme under development (since long long time ago). I wish to launch the new theme together with WordPress update.

Anyway, I should do the WordPress upgrade soon before the release of version 2.4 in December 2007 (check WP roadmap).

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