Windows Vista and Office 2007 Price List in Malaysia

This post is part of the blogging series “Windows Vista Launch in Malaysia

Microsoft Windows VistaMicrosoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 have been launched in Malaysia. Are you tempting to get them? Here are the different Windows Vista and Office 2007 price lists I collected in Malaysia.

Windows Vista and Office 2007 Full Version

I got the price list from the official Microsoft outlet at Low Yat Plaza. It is correct to the date I got them.

Windows Vista Home PremiumRM 899
Windows Vista BusinessRM 1,199
Windows Vista UltimateRM 1,499
MS Office 2007 Home and Student*RM 599
MS Office 2007 StandardRM 1,299
MS Office 2007 Small BusinessRM 1,499
MS Office 2007 ProfessionalRM 1,599

Windows Vista and Office 2007 OEM Full Version

Here is the price list I got from a computer shop in Low Yat Plaza for OEM version of Windows Vista and Office 2007. OEM version software is only available with new computer purchase.

Windows Vista Home Premium (OEM)RM 395
Windows Vista Business (OEM)RM 485
Windows Vista Ultimate (OEM)RM 680
MS Office 2007 Home and Student* (OEM)RM 410
MS Office 2007 Standard (OEM)RM 555
MS Office 2007 Small Business (OEM)RM 765
MS Office 2007 Professional (OEM)RM 1,040

*Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student edition is limited to home users and schools. Each license can be installed on up to three (3) computers.

Should I buy original full version or OEM version?

I am sure you have noticed the big price (over 50%) different between the original full version (FPP) and OEM. Which one should we choose, OEM or FPP? Let’s take a look of the differences between licenses (they have NO difference in software wise).

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OEM License FPP License

From the table, we know that although OEM is cheaper but it is only available with a NEW PC, CANNOT be transfered to another PC, and NO technical support from Microsoft.

My two cents

Overall, the prices of Windows Vista and Office 2007 (OEM version) are lower than I expected. I am delighted by MS Office 2007 Home and Student edition that can be installed on 3 PC with one license (Anyone please confirm?).

If you gonna get a new PC, I recommend cheap OEM version. The money saved is enough get you a big LCD monitor! Afterall, how often do you transfer license to another PC and call Microsoft for support? :)

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium FULL VERSION [DVD]

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

This post is part of the blogging series “Windows Vista Launch in Malaysia

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  • alang

    I purchased vista ultimate OEM version without new pc. Just go to the vendor and ask for Win Vista, most of them sell OEM version not BOX.

  • I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium on a Core 2 Duo processor and NVIDIA GeForce 7400, with 1GB RAM… and the speed still feels like I’m using Windows XP on an old Pentium III processor. Both booting and logging-off takes like 5 minutes. It sure is a resource-eater. I might probably add another additional 1GB RAM to experience the full potential of Core 2 duo.. :(

  • I think 1GB is a little bit on the low side to experience all its bells and whistle. I would personally go for 2GB at least.

    I am using XP now but will upgrade to Vista later.

  • LcF

    ya, I will prepare 2GB RAM for Vista.

  • Wahlau.NET

    wow….I also got c2d with 1gb ram only…going to get another stick then

  • Tan

    I think I will not upgrade to Windows Vista until I get a new PC/laptop. Maybe a few more years.

  • Puspanathan

    I tried Vista home basic. I really regretted cos almost all my stuff would run on it. Palm lifedrive was running without the lifedrive manager. My PC-168 webcame wouldn’t work without a vista driver, my macafee security suite 2007 could install,my konica minolta’s kodak software would install properly, my daughter mp4 player couldn’t be reconised by vista. that’s it. I gave up and reisntalled my trusty XP pro. I used to take a ver conservative approach to new os. i only moved to XP in 2004 from 98. I certainly paid for my folly.

  • Wahlau.NET

    Anyway windows vista is very unstable. My brother has it and sometimes he can’t even start his computer

  • billyC

    for me, this is not a suitable time to upgrade my XP to Vista. Vista is new and not look pretty completed yet. I will use it maybe 1 or 2 years later. Now I’m still use my trusty WinXP Pro SP2.

  • Gin

    Hi, need advise. I have a daughter going to Singapore for college. If I get an Original XP pro. how much will it cost? Also please advise if Windows XP pro would be the right thing to get for her. Is it better to buy in Singapore or here in Malaysia?

  • LcF

    @Gin: I am not sure the software price in Singapore. Are you buying a new computer or windows upgrde? I don’t think a home user need Windows XP PRO version. XP Home edition is enough. Most new computer now bundled with Windows Vista.

  • noeluap

    @Gin: if your daughter is going to college and buying a laptop from the university there, it would most likely come installed with windows XP pro. it’s easier to get online and so on so forth.

    if you’re talking about buying a desktop and getting windows. again, it might be cheaper to get together with the computer.. an OEM version…

  • Pete

    I got my laptop recently and it came with only Vista Basic :( May I know how much will it cost to upgrade to Vista Ultimate?

  • LcF

    @Peter: since yours is new laptop, I am not sure if you could buy the OEM version. If I remember correctly, you can buy OEM windows version in 90days after purchase date of new computer.

  • Pete

    Thks. I’ve checked Micro$oft site and the upgrade cost 259.00 USD
    (=885.085 MYR). Wow! that’s expensive for me. Do you happen to know where I can get info on if ppl like me can upgrade to the OEM version? Thks for any help.

    To check the upgrade info.

  • LcF

    @Pete: if you are in KL, you can get OEM version at LowYat Plaza

  • Feeling that the price is pretty high if only buy the OS itself!! What to do?? Ringgit is not strong!!

  • Chiq

    Hi there. u’re right. the Ms Office 2007 Home n Student edition lets u install it 3 times with only 1 license.
    am working for pc fair this august, promoting Win Vista and Ms Off. Home and Student 2007 :)
    I find Vista better than XP, cos i’m a person who loves beautiful design and interface, esp with its new features 3D Flip, and Windows Aero functions. Has done a great job hadn’t it? Apart from all the insignificant downside of it, which isn’t much. Enjoy Vista people! :)

  • Lukelnx

    Just my opinion about my personal experience with Vista…

    I am not much of MS products fan because the price is a bit on the down side for me. But I do like almost all the features, interfaces, and neat looking designs from MS.

    Anyway got my new PC from company recently and I think I like Vista far better compares to XP. I’ve read many comments about Vista being unstable. But what in the world these people would want to do, I’m not too sure. Cause I have had my Vista for about 2 months now, no crash & no hussle at all. And of course, I am no ‘power user’. I just keep my Vista for work purpose, mainly word processor, spreadsheet, browser and email client. Nothing fancy; just that I’m a heavy traveller so bluethooth for ActiveSync with PDA Phone, 3G access via 3G phone wherever Wifi access not available and WiFi for network, wherever available; are significantly crucial for me. So far, all of that works just fine!

    Most of the USB printers in the office; when it was with XP I would be running around/surfing around for drivers, are nicely auto-detect by the Vista.

    And no — I am not working for MS and this is not about selling MS Vista, but just plain simple appreciation note to what they have accomplished. And yet, I do agree that Vista has a lot of MAC OS feels and UBUNTU Linux flavor. :)


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