Choosing the Best Wireless Broadband Provider for iPad in Malaysia

Malaysia wireless broadband providers

In this article, you will learn how to choose a wireless broadband service provider for your iPad 3G and the reasons of my pick — Maxis broadband.

Why subscribe wireless broadband plan for iPad?

I own both Apple iPhone and iPad 3G+WiFi. I have iPhone data plan but it is not shareable to iPad. I need a broadband plan for my Apple iPad.

My iPhone and iPad usage:

  • iPhone has limited battery life, not ideal for long time usage. I use iPhone for quick Internet access, e.g., reply Twitter mention, update Facebook status, check-in Foursquare, take & upload photos of my food and, of course, make phone calls.
  • iPad would be ideal for tasks like email checking, news reading, web browsing, which will take more than 5 minutes. iPad’s battery life is amazing that can last for a whole day usage.

How to choose a wireless broadband service provider for iPad?

My ideal wireless broadband service for iPad should be:

  1. Support iPad — the service provider should provides a micro-SIM or SIM card to install in iPad.
  2. Wide network coverage — broadband service without network coverage is equal to “useless”. I want a service provider with network coverage wherever I am.
  3. Fast — speed is important. I don’t want to use a broadband service that’s as slow as a dial-up connection.
  4. Stable — poor network stability make me wanna knock my head against a wall. A broadband connection should be stable, no disconnection.
  5. Cross platforms support — Although the wireless broadband service is for my Apple iPad, but I would also like be able to share the plan across different platforms, such as on my wife’s Windows computer, on my Apple iMac. Better still, shared via WiFi hotspot for several devices at the same time.
  6. Budget — Admit it, we want something that’s Good and Cheap. However, pricing is my last concern when choosing a plan.
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Best wireless broadband provider in Malaysia?

There are several wireless broadband service providers in Malaysia: Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, P1, and Yes4G. The latter two are so called “4G” wireless broadband but both do not provide SIM card and has limited coverage. DiGi is cheap but with limited 3G coverage. Celcom is expensive and slow speed plans.

My winner of “wireless broadband service for iPad” is Maxis.

Maxis is one of the Malaysia telco with the widest network coverage. Maxis 3G network covered the small town I am living in.

As a Maxis postpaid customer, I get the special offer for Maxis broadband. RM48 per month (RM20 cheaper than normal rate) for 3GB data quota. It is a good deal and no other telco could offer the same. The plan also included a free HSDPA USB modem (E1552) that supports both PC and Mac OS X operating systems.

Note: I cut the Maxis broadband SIM card to micro-SIM size for Apple iPad 3G. When use in USB modem, I use a micro SIM adapter to fit the micro-SIM card.

Maxis also has iPad data plans but I don’t think it is a good deal.

The Maxis wireless broadband plans do not set speed limit (up to 7.2 Mbps). The actual speed depends on factors like modem capability, location, distance from the communication tower, and the number of simultaneous users.

In my personal experience, the download speed vary from 1.5Mbps to 3.5Mbps. It is faster and more stable than my Streamyx 1Mbps home broadband at anytime.

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Maxis broadband speed test results

Info: If you have exceeded the allowed monthly quota, Maxis wireless broadband would still be active at a much slower speed. The speed I got is around 100kbps (12.5 KB/s). That’s very slow…

MyLaunchPad – Maxis broadband self-help online panel

Maxis Broadband Self Care Portal

After subscribing to Maxis broadband, you are recommended to register a free account at MyLaunchPad for self-help services. From the online panel, you could view invoice, make payment, check your data usage, purchase extra quota…

My two cents

Although I stay at home most of the time using unmetered quota home fixed line broadband (Streamyx), Maxis wireless broadband serves as my backup connection when the home broadband connection is down.

When I am traveling, I don’t need to find a free WiFi network. The SIM card in my iPad provides Internet access, regardless I am in the bus, taking mass transits, or sitting at the corner in a shopping mall.

Maxis wireless broadband service gives the best balance for network coverage, connection speed, and cost among other Malaysian wireless broadband providers. I am a happy paying customer.

Who is your wireless broadband service provider? Why?

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  • I am owning an iPhone 2G for years and not signing up any data plan. The Wifi is just enough for me. I want to have peace in mind when going out with my family. Else I will be busying checking my phone and browse website anytime and anywhere just not to waste up the monthly subscription fee.

    • Agree. I try my best not to watch my iPhone when I am with my family and friends. :)

  • Lai HC

    I didn’t bought IPad 3G. When need to use internet for my ipad, I will made my Android phone as a Wifi Access Point, and my ipad connect to it … working good for me so far :)

    • ya, Android WiFi hotspot is great.. but it reduces battery juice.

      • Lai HC

        Agreed …

  • wesleychong

    If Maxis really can provide download speed up to 1.5Mbps to 3.5Mbps. It is great! but normally 3GB data quota can last how many day for you?

    • If it is the only connection I have, I would used up 3GB in a few days. As a backup connection, I haven’t exceed the quota yet.

  • Jeremy

    Maxis do provide wide coverage compare to other provider but the 3G reliability and stability is not up to par. It is good for commercial area in Penang. thats why i dont use 3G for my ipad. 3GB quota is too limited since we are talking about ipad usage for video streaming, ebook download and purchase and so on.

  • Chansherly212

    you mean you buy wireless broadband that’s actually meant for laptops and you take the chip and cut it down to size? is it hard to make sure the edged aren’t jagged, or to get the right size and make sure that you don’t accidentally cut the chip it self?

    • It is a bit scary at the 1st time. I took 30 mins to do the 1st one but 5 mins for my 2nd cut. A bit jagged edge is fine. Cut a bit of the chip is fine, too. You can download and print the micro SIM template to help you cut in the right size. Here is the link: (PDF)

  • Nic531

    Malaysia’s Broadband is bad. We are 20 years behind Singapore in the matter of Internet speed. Singaporean are talking about downloading speed 25m/s while we still stuck with 125Kb/s . What a joke!

  • SuperDude

    Why is Celcom slow? Your article is more to promote Maxis and therefore very subjective. I would love to see a benchmark between different providers that provide a data-plan or pre-paid in combination with a micro SIM card.

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

  • JunL

    So conclusion which data plan best for ipad wi fi?
    I need those have wi fi modem for outdoor use…

    • You need to check out the telco that provide MiFi device. Maxis, Celcom, DiGi have it.

      • JunL

        Can check on their website?

        • Yes, the information are on their website :)

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