This is Your Second Chance to Grab Your Desired Yahoo! Username

Yahoo Username Wish List

Yahoo Username Wish List

Yahoo! is resetting inactive account and releasing them to public. Now you have second chance to register the Yahoo! username you like.

If you feel sad that you did not manage to register a Yahoo! username you like, now you have a second chance!

After Yahoo! has resetting all inactive accounts (no login for over 1 year), they will make the usernames available for public.

You can now start filling out your Yahoo! Username wish list for up to 5 choices, order by preference. If a Yahoo! username you like is available now, you can get it immediately.

By mid-August, you will be notified by email to know which of your Yahoo! Username is available, and a link to claim it within 48 hours. If your first choice isn’t available, Yahoo! will try one of your backups.


“LIEWCF” is my ID on Internet. I use “liewcf” for my online accounts wherever possible, such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook… and my blog’s domain name, of course!

I wish I have “liewcf” for my Yahoo! account, though the only time I would login with my Yahoo! account is accessing Flickr.

I already submit my Yahoo! Wish List, have you?

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  • awesome! Gonna register my desire nickname asap.