Ask LcF: What is the ZTE ZXDSL831 Default Password?

old tiger, a member of free tech support forum asked for the default username and password of the ZTE ZXDSL831 ADSL router modem.

Here is my reply:

try the following default password combinations:

username: ADSL
password: expert03

Note: “03” read “zero three”.


username: ZXDSL
password: ZXDSL

How to login?

Launch your web browser and goto You will be asked for the login information as stated above.

ZXDSL831 is one of the standard ADSL modems given by TM Net when you subscribe to Streamyx packages (with modem).


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  • pinolobu

    i wonder if you can login to it from internet (external interface)???

  • LcF

    @pinolobu: if I remember correctly… Yes, you can remote login if the web remote admin is enabled on the modem.

  • xenomuta

    This passwords do not work.
    I have long-pressed the reset button on my ZTE ZXDSL 831 and still this passwords do not seem to work….

    help please

  • gnamusic

    great… this very helpfull!! user:user works for me, thx guys !