Adsense-Deluxe – the advance google adsense wordpress plugin

If you are using Google Adsense WordPress plugin then I am sure you will like to switch to Adsense-Deluxe. In the post, I said I want a adsense plugin that allow me to insert different ads blocks. wkw said he will release it one month ago.

Now, the waiting is over! Adsense-Deluxe has all the features I wished!

Why do I switched to Adsense-Deluxe?

  • It support multiple ad blocks.
  • It has options to set where to display the inline ads.
    adsense deluxe plugin options


The installation is easy, in fact, easier than previous adsense plugin. Just dump the “adsense-deluxe.php” into your WordPress plugin and activate it. Then, goto Options -> Adsense to add your Google Adsense codes.

Don’t be scare off by the long Adsense option page. Normal user only need to concentrate on “New AdSense Block” part.

  1. Give your adsense block a name, example: banner
  2. Copy and paste the adsense code into “AdSense Code
  3. Though optional, I recommend you to enter description about the ads block in “Description” box.
  4. Click “Add Adsense Block” button and you are done. You will see the newly added adsense block listed in “AdSense Blocks“, the default block will be highlighed with green color.

How to use it?

I am glad that Adsense-deluxe is compatible with Google Adsense WordPress plugin, it use <!–adsense–> to add adsense block(default block) into the wordpress post, too.

Since Adsense-Deluxe support multiple blocks, to add non-default block you add the block name in the tag. Example: <!–adsense#banner–> to add a adsense block named “banner”. Or, you can refer to the “AdSense Blocks” list in “Adsense Option” for the tag code.

Support Author?

In Adsense-Deluxe, there is an option to reward the author by allowing 5% of your inline Google Adsense block use author’s ID.

It may be a good idea to reward the author, but the recent updated Google Adsense TOS disallowed a page display more than one user’s Google Adsense ads. That means, if you have other adsense block in template(other than the inline ad blocks), you are against Google Adsense TOS!

I would suggest the author put a donation link in the Adsense option page that we can make donation directly to him.

No Adsense button?

I found that Adsense-Deluxe does not add a button to WordPress quicktags, probably due to the button code in adsense inline plugin is not working for WP1.5(I fixed it).

I added the “adsense code” button into Adsense-Deluxe plugin. Here is the modified version(with Adsense button in Quicktags) of Adsense-Deluxe.

My two cents

Note that ads that blended into content often get high CTR. Adsense-Deluxe is a very good wordpress plugin for the purpose. I recommend it to every WP blogger running Google Adsense !

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