B Infinite Reward Program App with MasterPass Digital Wallet

B Infinite launch event

B Infinite launch event

B Infinite (formerly BCARD) launched with enhanced rewards experience for mobile users.

BCARD has been rebranded as B Infinite. It was launched in 2011, the program’s network has more than 5 million members, 80 merchands and over 4000 stores in Malaysia.

B Infinite is not just another reward program, it also functions as a mobile marketing platform for latest merchant deals, payment gateway and redemption service.

“B Infinite is evolving from a plastic crd to a digital app, and from reward points to mobile payment.”

B Infinite members will be able to pay for in-store merchant purchases by combining reward points and mobile payment. Meaning, you can use your reward points as cash.

“On the enhanced B Infinite rewards program network, there are many opportunities for merchants to communicate directly to consumers, as well as upsell and cross-sell to both consumers and the merchant’s customers. I am delighted to now offer merchants and members this enhanced rewards experience with B Infinite,” said Ms. Yau Su Peng, Director of Retail and Innovation at Berjaya Corporation Berhad.

Technology Partners: MasterPass and Wirecard

The B Infinite app’s payment function is enabled by MasterPass of Mastercard. MasterPass is a digital wallet solution that allows users to pay via mobile app using QR code or NFC technology.

Masterpass is currently accepted by over 300,000 merchants internationally. The feature will roll out in B Infinite app begin in Q1 2017.

B Infinite is powered by Wirecard AG, a global leader in electronic payment technology and infrastructure.

B Infinite app

B Infinite app

B Infinite app

You can join B Infinite rewards program now by installing the B Infinite app for Android or iOS.

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The app has 4 main features: promotions, redemption, cards, and merchants.

  • Check the latest merchant promotions
  • Redeem deals with your reward points
  • Manage one or more B Infinite cards
  • Find nearby B Infinite merchants

For more information, please visit www.binfinite.com.my

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