Blogging Tips, the book every blogger should have

Yesterday, I received my copy of the Blogging Tips book. The book is printed on letter size paper and only with 98 pages. Blue text on white paper. Pure text, no screenshot. Whole book is stuffed with valuable information that every blogger should know.

Blogging Tips by Lorelle VanFossen
Image: Blogging Tips by Lorelle VanFossen

What do you get from “Blogging Tips”?

  • Learn how to define your blog’s purpose.
  • Learn how to build your blog’s plan.
  • Explore the pros and cons of blog design.
  • Learn more about writing interesting and attention-getting content.
  • Develop your blog writing voice and style.
  • Tips on writing with keywords and search terms.
  • Learn how to encourage your readers to respond.
  • Deal with comment spam and other nasty comments.
  • Explore the new PageRank, TrustRank, and SEO techniques.
  • Learn how to improve SEO with podcasts, video, and other multimedia.
  • Tips to prevent blog burnout.
  • Tips on developing a blog plan of action in response to disasters, emergencies or accusations.
  • Tips on administrating and maintaining your blog.
  • Tips on online social networking and interaction.
  • Learn how to respond to copyright violations.
  • Learn about your rights as a blogger.

Who is Lorelle VanFossen?

Lorelle VanFossen is a professional writer and the author of Lorelle on WordPress, a popular technical blog on WordPress and blogging. She is also a columnist for the Blog Herald and guest blogs and writes for many blogs, ezines, websites, and print publications.

My so-call book review

Frankly speaking, I was surprised by the book. The book is thin and has not a single picture, and printed with blue ink. Being spoiled by fancy media content, I was a bit disappointed.

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But, I was wrong. I can’t stop after reading it. “Hey, it is full of useful information!” I have been blogging “like a pro” for years but still found tons of useful tips from the book!

You do not need to be a geek to read the book. It is not a technical book. The whole book is written in easy English and point form.

I highly recommend “Blogging Tips” to all bloggers. You should have one if you want to blog like a Pro.

Blogging Tips, signed by Lorelle VanFossen
Image: Blogging Tips, signed by Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle is so kind to have signed my book personally! But I can’t read the handwriting… can you help? Thank you.

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