BlogRush, the widget brings traffic to your blog?

BlogRush logoYou probably read about BlogRush on other sites, it is a free widget that claims to be the “fastest and easiest way to instantly drive a flood or targeted readers to your blog”. That’s very attractive but how truth it is?

What is BlogRush widget?

BlogRush widget
After sign up BlogRush, you will be asked to insert a widget code to your blog then a BlogRush widget will be shown on your blog with links to other blog posts of other BlogRush members in the same category of your blog.

The blog links will be opened in new window when clicked. They are re-direct links, therefore, no SEO benefit.

Like the BlogRush links you see, your blog post will be linked in BlogRush widget on other member’s blogs.

How to get traffic from BlogRush?

BlogRush is using a credit system, the more credits you have the higher chance your blog post be displayed on BlogRush widget on other member blogs.

How to earn credits? The higher traffic is your blog (with BlogRush widget) the more credits you will earned. The other way is your referral network. The more referrals, the more credits you will earn. You earn credits from your referrals’ blogs traffic on certain ratios.

Does BlogRush work?

No, I don’t think so. It helps to give exposure to your blog (through widget link) but not on incoming traffic. I joined BlogRush for 2 days and got 2 referrals. I had 3,127 impressions but only 1 click. That’s very very low CTR!

BlogRush widget only display your post title, a good title will increase the click-rate. Here are some tips recommended by BlogRush and I personally recommend copyblogger’s “How to write headlines that work” too.

The widget placement will greatly affect the click-rate too. The more critical placement, the higher click-rate. “Why should I promote for other blogs?” A blogger will probably put the BlogRush widget below the fold (bad placement) to leave space for other blog content, but the blogger still earning the same BlogRush credits.

For a blog reader, he/she comes to a blog to read its content and probably ignores the BlogRush widget links. Furthermore, the widget has been placed on below fold of a web page, which hardly get noticed.

Is BlogRush useless?

Not sure. I will give it a try for a couple days more and tell you the result. If you want to try BlogRush, please sign up via my referral link.

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