Apple iPad Malaysia Price is CHEAP! Wait for iPad 2 Price in Malaysia!

Update: Click here for the latest iPad 1 price list!

Update (Mar 3, 2011): iPad 2 has been released! Click here for iPad 2 Release Date, Specs, Features, Prices.

Update: iPad Malaysia has been released! Check out the official iPad Malaysia price list (cheap!) and the iPad 2 rumor features.

Apple iPad (WiFi+3G)

At last, iPad Malaysia is finally released before the end of 2010. iPad Malaysia is selling much cheaper than Singapore iPad. Good timing for X’mas gift.

Malaysia iPad price list

Check out the iPad Malaysia price list below. Yes, This is official! Not the grey market price as reported previously.

iPad WiFi
16GB RM1549
32GB RM1849
64GB RM2149

iPad WiFi+3G
16GB RM1999
32GB RM2299
64GB RM2599

iPad Malaysia is CHEAP!

As a comparison, I bought my 32GB iPad WiFi+3G from Singapore for about RM2500 in August 2010. That’s two hundred bucks different! Cheaper than in the U.S.!

Where to buy Malaysia iPad?

You can buy iPad from Apple authorized resellers in Malaysia, but not yet and on Apple Malaysia online store. Also, no educational pricing revealed (yet?).

Wait! iPad 2 is coming (very) soon!

According to Apple products’ lifecycle, the iPad 2 will be announced in early 2011 (probably January 2011) and become available few months later.

The coming iPad2 would definitely better than the 1st generation iPad. Rumor has it that iPad2 will include camera and support FaceTime video call (current iPad has no camera), lighter weight, USB port, Retina display (like in iPhone 4), and new 3-axis gyroscopes.

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My two cents

If you are buying iPad as a X’mas gift, then go ahead! It would be one of the best gift to your love!

However, if you are buying iPad for yourselves, you might want to reconsider. After all, you have waited for so long time (almost 1 year) for iPad Malaysia, I bet you wouldn’t mind to wait a few more months to get the next generation and better iPad 2.

If you cannot wait anymore and you want an iPad NOW then BUY it!

The latest iOS 4.2.1 update gave iPad a new life and make it a better iPad with new features such as multitasking, folders, etc.

I am a happy iPad owner. Welcome to the club. :)

Update: Along with Malaysia, there are 10 other countries launch iPad same day too: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, and Taiwan.

Update: iPad Malaysia has been released! Check out the official iPad Malaysia price list (cheap!) and the iPad 2 rumor features.

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