15 Useful Google Chrome Tips for Busy People

google chrome logoGoogle Chrome is current 2nd most popular web browser in the world. Here are some Chrome extensions, keyboard shortcuts and tips to help you browse like a Pro and save your time in daily tasks.

Chrome extensions

  1. Online dictionary – install Google Dictionary extension, and simple double click a word to get an instant pop-up definition.
  2. Voice input – you can speak to input text using several Chrome extensions like Oweb Voice Input and Speechify.
  3. Link Chrome to your phone – Install Chrome to Phone extension and the Android app to send links from your computer to your phone.
  4. Make phone calls in browser – with Google Voice extension, it will identify phone numbers on website and place calls and text messsages directly from your browser.
  5. Easily keep browser extensions updated with Secure Browsing extension from Google.
  6. Internet Explorer in Chrome – Visit websites that only work on IE? Use IE Tab extension to open the website in IE emulator inside Chrome.

Chrome keyboard shortcuts

  1. Move the cursor to the omnibox using Ctrl+L (Cmd+L on Mac) without touching your mouse.
  2. Press “Backspace” or “Alt+Left Arrow” to go backward, and “Shift+Backspace” or “Alt+Right Arrow” to go forward. (On Mac, use Cmd key instead of Alt.)
  3. Paste text using “Ctrl+Shift+V” (Cmd+Shift+V) to paste copied content in plain text, without any formatting.
  4. keyboard shortcuts to navigate between tabs:
    • Ctrl+Tab – Cycle to the next tab.
    • Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Cycle to the previous tab.
    • Ctrl+1 through 8 (windows only) – Jump to the tab whose placement on the strip cprresponds with the key, with Ctrl+9 taking you to the last tab.
  5. Open new tabs by dragging links and text to the tab bar to open a new tab.
  6. You can open a new background tab (search or URL) from the omnibox using “Alt+Enter” (Opt+Enter on Mac).
  7. Handle links like a pro.
    • Open link in new tab: hit middle mouse or “Ctrl+Left click”
    • Open link in new window: “Shift+Click”
    • Open link in new tab and swich to that tab immediately: “Shift+Middle Click” (or Shift+Ctrl+Click)
    • Save content of a link: “Alt+Click”
  8. Highlight an address, right click, and select “Search google.com for [address]”, and Chrome will automatically pull up a map to that address.
  9. Easily bookmark a site by clicking on the Star next to the omnibox or press Ctrl+D (Cmd+D on Mac). Ctrl+Shift+B (Cmd+Shift+B on Mac) to toggle bookmarks bar on and off.
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What’s your must have Google Chrome extensions to help in your daily tasks? Any other useful Chrome keyboard shortcuts I missed out here? Please share with us in the comment below.

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