Claim Maxis iPhone Warranty? I’m Expert!

YES! I finally got back my Apple iPhone from Maxis Malaysia. This is my 3rd iPhone since since August 2009.

Maxis iPhone 3GS photo
AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone

The 1st iPhone was bricked. The 2nd iPhone’s screen glass was cracked. I pray that the 3rd iPhone will have a longer lifespan than the previous two…

Based on my experiences, no problem to claim warranty for Maxis iPhone. As long as the problem is covered by warranty, then they will fix iPhone for you.

Tip: Visit Maxis Centre with less customers to shorten your waiting time in queue. For iPhone problems, usually take 10-20 minutes to serve customer!

The waiting period is at least 4 weeks! And, you still need to pay for the monthly fee of Maxis iPhone package during the period.

Got brand new iPhone

Did I just say “fix”? No, Maxis does not fix iPhone but give you a new replacement unit (body only)!

I claimed iPhone warranty for 2 times and got back new iPhone each time! Each comes with own warranty card!

Extended iPhone warranty?

Since the iPhone is new, does it mean the warranty period got extended? Yes and No. I claimed warranty 2 times but got 2 different answer…

One said warranty period will be recalculated (read: extended); another told me that it is still only 1 year warranty from the date of my 1st iPhone purchase.

The only way to confirm it is to claim warranty after August 2010.. *touch wood* I don’t want to leave my iPhone again!

Non-Malaysian: You may buy the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone to extend iPhone warranty period.

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Have you ever claimed iPhone warranty before?

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