Create a Mobile Friendly “Contact Us” Page for Your Business in 5 Minutes [Sponsored]

Yes, we still exchange business cards with each others. But the traditional way to spread little information about your business is not enough. You need a mobile friendly “contact us” page on Internet for smartphone users.

Based on Google research, nearly 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site.

However, most companies still do not have mobile friendly websites. Even they do, accessing contact information are several clicks away. Your business should have a direct and interactive contact information page for smartphone users already. is online “contact us” page optimized for mobile devices with interactive features, such as map navigation, click-to-call, inquiry form, business hours, social network links. is FREE to sign up and you can create up to 10 Conttact Cards.


Conttact Us dashboard

Conttact Us dashboard

Signing up a free account is super easy – all you need to do is fill in email address and set an password.

After activate your account by following the link in the Conttact.Us email, you are ready to create your first Conttact Card. The website design is simple, clean, and clear instructions.

Conttact Card designer

Conttact Card designer

The Conttact Card designer is simple and easy to use. The default template already preload some contact information widgets for you to key in company information.

Drag-and-Drop to re-arrange the widgets. You can add more widgets (photo gallery, contact form, etc) by clicking green plus icon (“+”). designer tool designer tool

The Opening Hour widget allows you to add detail business hours (including break time) and holidays (manage under Admin menu). You can also set your card’s timezone so that your International customers know when it is right time to call/visit – no more timezone conversion!

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When using Google Maps and Waze for map navigation, I often went to the wrong places because of inaccurate crowded sourced locations. Conttact Card designer allows you to plot company’s exact location on Google Maps (or search by coordinates). With the official location, your customers will not lost their way again.

Conttact card themes and backgrounds are also available to match your company’s theme. Advance users can use Custom CSS to design their card.

After saved, you can preview your card in mobile and desktop resolutions without leaving the website.

Easily share Conttact Card

Every saved Conttact Card has a public URL for you to paste in ads or articles. You can send Facebook messages with the URL, as well as publish Card’s URL to Facebook, Twitter, Google+. A QR code is also generated for you to download and print.

Share Conttact card

Share Conttact card

Keywords are automatically added to your Conttact Card to boost search engine traffic. You can customize SEO (keywords and description) under Cards menu.

Works on every device

Your Conttact Card page is using responsive web design, which will magically adapt itself to match different screen sizes. In other word, your card will look great in every device!

Conttact Card on desktop

Conttact Card on desktop

On top of your Conttact Card is the Quick Access Bar for phone call, send email, save contact information and business operation status (close/open).

Send email, website links, and inquiry form are working the same across mobile and desktop. On mobile device, your customers can tap to call and launch Google Maps & Waze for map navigation, straight from your Conttact Card.

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If your customers access your Conttact Card on computer’s web browser, they can download your contact information in vCard file (.vcf) to import into their contacts software.

Premium features

Each FREE account can create up to 10 Conttact Cards with basic URL. e.g. It is not easy for your customers to remember. premium services allow you to upgrade Card’s website address to Custom URL Name ($10/year) or Custom Domain ($20/year) .

Conttact card's Custom URL and Custom Domain

Conttact card’s Custom URL and Custom Domain

Custom URL Name will look like where “my” is your country code and “mycompany” is your company name.

Custom Domain allows you to use your existing website’s domain name for Conttact Card, e.g. (cc stand for “conttact card”, it is fixed.)

The step-by-step order process is simple: personalized the name, enter your billing address, confirm and pay via PayPal, then assign to your card. custom domain custom domain

Custom URL Name works immediately after purchase. For Custom Domain, you will need to access your server’s DNS manager control panel to add a new CNAME record for Custom Domain and point it to “”. Your server may take longer time to resolve Custom Domain to server.

Conttact.Us is a quick and easy way to create a mobile friendly interactive “contact us” page for your business. Sign up for free now!

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