Donation: Hair For Hospice

The monthly charity donation for September 2005 goes to PeterTan’s “Hair for Hospice” charity campaign.

The Campaign
I am pledging to shave my head to raise RM5,000.00 for the Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme. This is removing forty two months worth of uncut hair from my scalp. I have invariably grown attached to them after so many years. It has become part of me, a distinct identity that I have come to be associated with. However, this is all for a cause that I strongly believe in. It is worth the sacrifice.

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Yes. I want to see Peter bald! I think Peter is more handsome after he shaved his hair. :P

Make donation via Maybank2U

I seldom go out, I prefer to do everything with Internet if possible. I wrote a few emails to the Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme in order to get the information required to do online fund transfer using Maybank2U.

Donation: Hair For Hospice

In order to save your trouble, here are the information you will needed to make donation to Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme via Maybank2U.

Payment Type : Funds Transfer
To Open Beneficiary Account : 1606006358
Beneficiary Name : National Cancer Societ
Beneficiary ID : 120

Please take note on the “Beneficiary Name” field. It is “Societ” because the Maybank2U form field length is not long enough to enter the whole word. It is all right. For further information, please proceed to


I found that it is not easy to make donation via online banking. I was almost give up. Yeah, want to make donation also not easy… Thanks to the helpful guys from Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme, I finally managed to transfer the fund.

Please make your pledge to “Hair for Hospice“.

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