Warning: Easter Spam Messages with Bogus Offers

Easter Spam Sample

Easter Spam Sample

Easter Sunday fall on 31st March in 2013. Symantec Probe Network detected spam messages related to Easter that offer bogus offers.

Users are adviced to be cautious when handling unsolicited or unexpected emails. Here are some of the email headers observed for Easter related spam:

  • Subject: XXX, Get your Easter savings on all vehicles
  • Subject: Shop Easter toys, baskets, plush and more
  • Subject: HappyEasterInAdvance,
  • Subject: Fun and Unique Easter Gifts
  • Subject: Celebrate Easter with a Personalized Gift
  • Subject: Easter eCard
  • Subject: Easter flowers at exceptional savings – shop now
  • Subject: Make the Easter bunny jealous! Easter flowers – from $19.99
  • Subject: Challenge Ends Easter weekend
  • Subject: Easter is hopping your way…and so are $19.99 bouquets!
  • Subject: 25-free spins on xxx this-Easter
  • Subject: Letter From Easter Bunny For Your Child


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